7 Best Cages For Your Chinchilla – Ultimate Buying Guide

Native to Chile and Peru, these small, cute rodents have plush, soft coats of fur. These beautiful rodents can live as long as 20 years and if you provide the best chinchilla cages for these inquisitive and lovable creatures, they can be long time companions.

In the wild they live in groups and make their home in burrows and natural outcroppings and crevices. In the house or apartment, they can make wonderful pets for you or your family. They need a lot of attention, love, care and the best cages for chinchillas to play in, explore and feel safe.

Buying Guide

These adorable creatures are social animals and need a lot of interaction. A lone chinchilla requires a great deal of attention so if you are unable to devote that much time to your pet, it is better to have two of them than one lonely unhappy pet. Two of them can play and interact and not be completely dependent on their owner as long as they have enough space in a good chinchilla cage.

Chinchilla cage setup

These lovely rodents are nocturnal animals which live high up in the Andes Mountains in South America where the temperature and humidity are relatively low, and things are pretty quiet.

This is why the best cage for chinchilla setup should aim to replicate these conditions. When kept s home pets, they do best at temperatures between 55 and 70ºF. They are susceptible to heat stroke, which can occur when temperatures are 82º or above so keep the temperature within the recommended range.

They do best in low humidity (40-50%), so the room they are in should be well-ventilated and NOT damp.

As for the location, keep the cage in a moderately-lit area and away from direct sunlight. Draft is not good for them, either. You want to be able to see your chinchillas and have them near you but if your home is very lively, keep them in the room which is not super noisy and full of things going on.

When it comes to cage size, the bigger the better! Rodents are very active, have a lot of energy, and love to climb. The more room they have, both horizontally and vertically, the happier they will be.

What do chinchillas need in their cage?


Pelleted or shredded paper bedding is a great choice. It is safe if your pet nibbles on the bedding and absorbs liquids and odors well.

Water Bottle

A stoppered water bottle that attaches to the cage provides a steady supply of water. It also prevents water from being spilled and helps keep the bedding dry.

Food Bowl & Hay Rack

A food bowl or feeder that will not spill is a good option to prevent spillage and contamination of food. A hay rack is a great way to provide hay to your Pet.

Hide Areas

Hide areas are very important for your pet’s well being. They are safe, cozy areas where he can rest and feel safe and secure. Hide areas can be nest boxes, tunnels, or any other chew proof place.

Exercise Wheel

These adorable rodents are very active and should have an exercise wheel in the cage. The wheel should have a solid floor to prevent foot injury.

Dust Bath

Chinchillas are very clean and have almost no body odor. They maintain their soft, plush fur by taking dust baths. Commercial dusting powders and bins are available for their baths.


Pet toys are important to keep your pet from getting bored and to help keep his teeth worn down.

How much is a chinchilla cage?

Depending on the size and interior setup, cages range from about $40 for smaller models to about $200 for much larger ones.

7 Best Chinchilla Cages

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NEW 3 Levels Ferret Chinchilla Sugar Glider Rats Animal Cage 24"Length x 16"Depth x 24"Height

3 Levels Chinchilla Cage is 24" x 16" x 24"H and has two front doors, with removable wire grated floor. It features slide out bottom pan for easy cleaning and animal-safe epoxy coated finish in black color.

This cage has 3 levels and it is made of chew-free wire cage body with 1/2 bar spacing. It comes with 1/2 cross bar spacing wire shelves and ladders.

This product is easy to install and very roomy. The size of it is large enough for one or two pets but it is still small enough to fit nicely in a room without being an eye sore.

If you notice that the cage doesn't line up very well once you set it up and if there are some gaps large enough for your pet to escape, you can reinforce the mesh with additional ties.

The doors are safe and the little nosy rascals won’t be able to open them. The size, however, makes it a tad difficult to put in larger play items. If you have two larger and more active rodents, the cage might be just barely large enough for them, but this is just about the perfect starter cage for them.

Cleaning the cage is very easy with the pull out tray. You simply remove the tray, vacuum up the litter, give it a quick wipe down and you’re good to go. You change out their toys every time you clean the cage so you make a little different area for them to explore each time.

Overall, you’ll be pleased with this purchase and we think this is a great cage for the price. The materials themselves could be better and you’ll have to make some adjustments but this is easily your best chinchilla cage for the price.

Things We Liked

  • Chew-free wire cage body
  • Large enough for one bigger or two smaller rodents
  • Wide expanse shelf and full width plastic pan
  • Easy to assemble and clean

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not the best quality materials



Editor Rating:


Critter Nation / Small Animal Cage with Stand

Critter Nation provides the ultimate habitat for your small animals – chinchillas, rats, ferrets, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, and more.

Each double unit Critter Nation cage comes equipped with three ramps and ramp covers, two resting shelves and two easy to remove base pans for easy cleaning.

The full-width double doors provide maximum accessibility for easy cleaning and feeding. The wide shelf and full-width plastic pan floor provide a generous play area for your pet and help prevent dangerous falls.

Designed with pet owners in mind, the manufacturer has included dual-locking door latches that provide a secure, easy one-handed operation.

This stand is easily maneuverable with locking casters to keep it in place, and it raises the cage to a comfortable height while providing a convenient area for storage. This concept has proven to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The happy feet ramp covers protect your pets' feet and provide traction and no-slip exploring and playing between levels.

The 1/2" horizontal wire spacing allows your pets to climb and explore in a safe and secure environment. Less-Mess and easily removable height adjustable shelves with removable plastic tray for easy cleaning are great features.

This cage is also fun and easy to accessorize. Since the shelves have three height adjustments, it gives you a lot of control over where things can fit. You can attach hammocks and other things to the bottom of the trays. You can also add additional lava ledges and perches for more vertical climbing.

Overall, this is the best cage for chinchilla in the upper price range.

Things We Liked

  • ​Full width double doors for maximum accessibility
  • 1/2 " horizontal wire spacing provides secure environment
  • Wide expanse shelf and full width plastic pan
  • Less-mess and easily removable height adjustable shelves
  • Removable plastic tray for easy cleaning

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not the easiest assembly



Editor Rating:


Homey Pet-3 or 1 Tiers Chinchilla Ferret Rabbit Small Animals Crate with Pull Out Tray, Urine Guard

Homey Pet features a guard on the bottom which definitely helps keep most things in the cage instead of being thrown out onto your hardwood floor. Your rodent will enjoy it because there is large enough space for him to run around.

It is a space saver for you as well with the dimensions of L25"xW17"xH38" and with wire bar spacing 0.8" but it can be home for one pet only. The lockable casters will allow you to move your pet anywhere you want easily.

The plastic bottom mesh will keep your pet healthy and the pull out tray will provide convenient cleaning and the plastic separate base will keep your pet clean and healthy.

Easy assemble and no any tools needed are welcomed features, too. Non-Toxic Powder Coating surface finish will keep your pet healthy while also providing excellent anti rust or corrosion protection.

The access doors are large and they allow for putting in different accessories and play toys to keep your rodent occupied. The cage is well made and great design overall.

You will love the fact that the ramps from shelf to shelf click on underneath the shelf. The shelves are very wide, which is a plus. This is not a big chinchilla cage but it’s certainly a quality and practical solution.

Things We Liked

  • ​Large doors for easy access
  • Non-Toxic Powder Coating surface finish
  • The Plastic Bottom Mesh will keep your pet healthy
  • Urine Guard will keep your home clean

Things We Didn't Like

  • The bottom of the plastic tray is also the bottom of the cage. No metal wiring down there



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Dreamhome Heavy Duty Chinchilla Cage with Urine Guard - 3-story - 24x17x38" – Brown

Dreamhome is another three-storey cozy home for your rodent.

It features a spacious multi tier design with lockable caster wheels for easy relocation.

The cage has wiring with a non-toxic lead-free powder coat to prevent against rust and corrosion.

It has 0.8" wire spacing for safety and security as well as easy squeeze front access doors. Another cool feature is a chew-resistant plastic with urine guard to keep waste from flying around the cage.

The metal grate base plate is there to prevent pets from chewing through base and to separate waste with the main purpose to keep pets healthy and clean. You will also appreciate the pull out tray for convenient cleaning.

This is a cute cage. If you need something a little smaller for the space you intended to allocate to your pet’s home, this is it. It’ll make you a happy customer and your pet a happy tenant. Having the levels for the pet to jump around is a huge deal for its wellbeing.

Things We Liked

  • ​Spacious multi tier design
  • Metal grate base plates to prevent pets from chewing through
  • Pull out tray for convenient cleaning
  • Non-toxic lead free powder coat to prevent against rust and corrosion

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not large enough for two pets or one large but sufficient space for a smaller rodent



Editor Rating:


Ferret Nation Ferret Cage

Ferret Nation comes equipped with three ramps and 'happy feet' ramp covers, two resting shelves, and two easy-to-remove base pans for easy cleaning.

Full-width double doors provide maximum accessibility for cleaning, feeding, or decorating this large chinchilla cage.

The wide shelf and full-width plastic pan floor provide a spacious play area for your pet and help to prevent accidental falls. The dual-locking door latches create a secure environment and allow easy handling with one hand.

The shelf includes a removable plastic tray for easy cleaning and is height adjustable so you can tailor your Ferret Nation cage to your pet's needs. This product has multiple attaching points for adding hammocks, tubes, toys and other accessories.

The stand is maneuverable with locking casters for security and the cage can be easily raised to your desired height to create additional convenient storage area.

This extremely sturdy and durable metal cage can be a home even for a huge chinchilla.

Things We Liked

  • ​Full width double doors for maximum accessibility
  • Wide expanse shelf and full width plastic pan
  • Easily removable height adjustable shelves
  • Removable plastic tray for quick and easy cleaning
  • The stand is easily maneuverable with 4 locking wheel casters

Things We Didn't Like

  • Deeper trays would be appreciated



Editor Rating:


New Medium 3 Levels Ferret Chinchilla Sugar Glider Cage 24"Length x 16"Depth x 24"Height

New Medium has two levels and the bottom level is the bottom grid. It measures 24" x 16" x 24"H and has 7/16" bar spacing, two front doors and grated floor.

The slide out bottom pan is a convenient feature for easy cleaning and the wiring has animal-safe epoxy coated finish.

The clips on top might need to be bent slightly to tighten the hold on the top. Overall, it should be easy to pop together and make minor adjustments to tighten things up.

If you don’t like the ledges being a grate, you can put some cardboard down and blankets over that and it’ll be fine. You can also to clip the bottom of the tray and the bottom rail to prevent the tray from sliding out.

Also, this cage is a bit small to put in a large wheel but a medium size wheel should fit. A decent product altogether and if you are looking for a less expensive cage, this is worth it for the price.

Things We Liked

  • ​Decent unit for the price
  • Slide out bottom Pan for easy cleaning
  • Animal-safe epoxy coated finish

Things We Didn't Like

  • You might need to reshape some of the sides to be sure everything is tight



Editor Rating:


WARE Chew Proof Four Story Hamster Cage

WARE is a cheap chinchilla cage which can fit one smaller rodent. It is 12-3/4 inches long, 17 inches wide, 25 inches high.

It features a durable all metal chew proof design. The powder coated wire easily attaches to metal drop pan.

There are 2 front opening doorways with safety lock and the cage has a well ventilated, fresh-air design. The 4-Floor design includes ramps and shelves for your pet to play and there is enough space for your pet to roam.

This is the probably the biggest cage to comfortably fit in any car, so it’s great if you travel a lot and like to take your pet with you.

If you want more room for the rodent to play and roam around, with the help of a hanging hide-out form the top of cage or a hammock hanging centered in the cage your pet will still have plenty of space to play.

Things We Liked

  • ​Cheap starter cage
  • 2 front opening doorways with safety lock
  • 4-Floor design includes ramps and shelves

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not much space and a flimsy construction



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