Best Dog Crate For Separation Anxiety 2017

Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate - Large (Desert Tan)

Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate - Large (Desert Tan)






      • It’s set up and collapse simply
      • Can contain and most destructive or escape-artist dogs, separation anxiety dog
      • Don’t have to worry about your dog breaks the crate to get out anymore.
      • It’s approved for traveling by airline - if your dog is familiar with this crate, flying with him will be easier


      • Not cheap but it worth buying (If you think hundreds dollar is a lot, think about your loss when your dog ruin several other material of crates)
      • Not quite attractive but it provide fully function of a crate for your needs. You will not regret.

      Your buddy suddenly gets separation anxiety and you don’t know what to do with him anymore, you’ve tried many ways and you found out that a crate for separation anxiety dog is one of your saviors but you’re so confused about choosing what the best dog crate for separation anxiety is, let me help you.

      What is Separation Anxiety?

      • Separation anxiety is a common serious problem for many dogs and dog owners. It becomes one of the most common phrases used by the dog owners when they describe a dog appearing stressed when they leave home or just leave the dog alone.

      Best dog crate for separation anxiety

      • Separation anxiety is clearly one of the most challenging problems you are facing. It’s about 11 million in the United States and 120 million dogs over the world that suffer from separation anxiety so-called SA.
      • Veterinarians have estimated that there are at least 60% of our dogs get separation anxiety easily despite the fact that they are manageable and treatable.

      What Are Dog Anxiety Symptoms?

      You can diagnose Separation Anxiety by noting its signs and symptoms happened to your dog. It’s a behavior that your dog shows itself through symptoms such as

      dog separation anxiety at night

      • Excessive salivation
      • Whining in crate
      • Destroying items in the home, anything in his path to find his way get out of the crate, or room and he might kill himself to do it
      • Scratching at walls, doors, and floors
      • He breaks through his wire/metal crate
      • Cuts his gums up some and broke some teeth
      • Some eat too much and some doesn’t eat at all

      What Cause A Dog Separation Anxiety?

      There is no exact definition for the reason why some dogs get separation anxiety and we do not entirely understand the causes. The cause might include the following points:

      • Perhaps, your dog might be changed his routine such as a move or a family member gets lost.
      • Because of the owner passed away or was sick that the dog cannot adapt to the new environment or his new family.
      • Some researchers indicate that the motherly rejection and the owner’s personality are also causing to this disease.

      What To Do To A Dog With Separation Anxiety

      Dog separation anxiety at night

      Imagine one day you leave your buddy in the crate to go to the market or have a date with girlfriend or boyfriend, he will start having severe anxiety. When you come home, your dog has broken out of his crate and is whining somewhere under the table. He chews everything he sees includes his toy or even your shoes. He makes your wire or plastic or cute, fashion crate break down.

      Then you would like to have a new crate for special crate training.
      Here are some dog separation anxiety solutions

      • Firstly, one thing you will not believe but it’s true. You should leave your dog with clothes or blankets with your scent on them.
      • Secondly, you should try to spend some time with your buddy such as doing exercise with him,  playing with him/her, going for a walk with him whenever you have spare time.
      • And last but not least, As I mentioned above Crate training to avoid dog separation anxiety. You should choose the best crate for separation anxiety. It not only help you reduce your dog stress but you also have more time to enjoy life.
      • Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate – Large (Desert Tan ) is a must-have.
        This crate for separation anxiety is made by an American factory with high-quality aluminum.
        It’s time to say goodbye to your old crates. You should note that the Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate heavy-duty aluminum crate conveniently collapses to less than eight inches tall. Read the review and comparison table with other crates 

      What Benefits Does Best Dog Crate For Separation Anxiety Bring To you?

      Best dog crate for separation anxiety

      • Firstly, It’s set up and collapse simply. You won’t believe this but this best dog crate for separation anxiety can be set up or taken down in seconds. You can set up it whenever you want or take it down when you don’t need it or want to move it to somewhere. If you move often with a crate inside your car, a collapsible model is essential.

      Secondly, It’s also constructed of sturdy which makes this crate light, especially 20% lighter than other comparable crates. Moreover, It’s corrosion resistant.

      With this crate, you will not have to worry about dog broke metal crate or dog broke through the crate.Since it’s made by indestructible materials so it’s secure for your buddy.Latch automatically locks into place for a no hassle close

      • As you can see in the picture, this crate contain a lot of airflow with larger vent holes  and rounded square vents and an illusion of the direct line of site help increase air and space for your dog, decrease stress as well.
      • Available in 2 color Choice of Colors include Tan and Gray. Because it comes in a tan or gray powder coated  that helps reflect heat away from your buddy.
      • More interesting part is it’s approved in traveling by Airline. This means you can travel with your dog, he will not be left alone so that he/she will not get separation anxiety easily. I strongly recommend you this crate.

      Buying the wrong crate can make your dog stress and mess up your training program, You should bear in mind to choose the right crate for you buddy. Hope you will get the best dog crate for separation anxiety soon.


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