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Managing your cat’s diet is one of the most important things needed to keep your cat healthy. Providing your cat with the right food will not only keep your cat happy but most importantly prevent or reduce veterinary expense for various medical conditions.

Cat food doesn't just effect your cats weight. The nutrients your dry cat food does or does not provide effects their mood, development, softness, and hygiene. 

If you are not available to feed your cat at certain times of the day, consider investing in an automatic cat feeder. Having a loose feeding schedule can result digestive issues and feline diarrhea.

Top 3 Dry Cat Foods


  • Protein rich deboned chicken as #1 ingredient
  • Natural source of fiber
  • Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for coat health
  • LifeSourceBits™ contain necessary vitamins/ minerals
  • No by product or fillers


2. Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Cat Food


  • Chicken/Salmon as #1 ingredient
  • Added vitamins, minerals, and taurine
  • All natural ingredients
  • Contains beet pulp for easy digestion


  • Turkey as #1 ingredient
  • Omega 6 for healthy skin
  • Added vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients
  • Minimizes hairballs and helps healthy weight maintenence

Things to consider when buying dry cat food

Before we dive into some of the best dry cat foods Amazon has to offer, it is important to understand what makes a certain dry food the best fit for your cat. This is meant to cover the basic information needed to pick out the right cat food.


Some of the key nutrients your cat food should provide are amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Any dry cat food that doesn’t meet the minimum daily nutritional requirements would not be a smart purchase.

Some cat food producers use fillers to make their food cost less while still satisfying your cat’s hunger. It is best to avoid food with fillers as they provide no extra nutritional value, and usually contain carbohydrates that your cat doesn’t need. Only about 5 percent of your cat’s diet should be carbohydrates, an excess could result in medical problems such as diabetes or obesity.

If your cat gets a lot of exercise then it may not matter if they have a few extra carbs.  However, if you are trying to help your cat lose weight or prevent an older cat from gaining weight than a higher protein formula is the way to go.

Cat Age:

This may seem obvious but it is important that if your cat is an adult, to buy cat food made for adult cats or vice versa. Certain life stages, especially kittens, have special nutritional needs that help them develop and grow.

 As cats become older, a simpler diet can be put in place that still gives cats the nutrients they need to be energetic and happy. Elder cats also have different diets as they become more sedentary with age. It is important to pick a formula that is made for your cat’s age range.


Although it may not seem important, you should really consider the flavor of cat you purchase. This is especially important if your cat is transitioning to a new formula.

If you have always bought a chicken or salmon flavored food for your cat than you should stay with that flavor. This makes it easier for them to adjust to their new food.

Those who don’t know what their cat prefers can experiment with different flavors by buying smaller amounts of food. Once you find a formula that your cat loves you can transition to buying food in bulk for cheaper and watch them devour it.

For the formulas we picked as some of the best, read on!

8 Best Dry Cat Foods

1. [TOP RATED] Blue Buffalo Wilderness Natural Adult Dry Cat Food


Blue Buffalo’s kibble is one of the best dry foods you can buy for your fur baby. It is composed of primarily raw meat and has no unhealthy fillers or byproducts. It also includes life source bits: little dark pieces of kibble packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

This recipe is inspired by the lynx, a medium sized wild cat. It ensures your cat is getting a high protein, grain free diet like they would in the wild.

Some buyers even stated that after switching to this dry food their cat has no more dandruff and noticeably softer fur. Their cats would also no longer vomit or have diarrhea over a span of years.

Of course, a premium product is going to have a higher price, but I would say it is overall worth the money. Especially when it prevents some of the vet bills others have been paying(over thousands of dollars) after selecting the “cheap” brand.

Things We Liked

  • Gets rid of cat dandruff
  • Give very soft, shiny coat
  • Helps with stomach and vomit issues
  • check
    Includes LifeSourceBits
  • check
    No preservatives or fillers

Things We Didn't Like

  • Pricey

Price: $$

2. [BEST VALUE] Rachael Ray Nutrish natural Dry Cat Food


Rachael Ray's cat food brand provides a simple, natural diet that isn't too pricey.

It uses real chicken, along with brown rice and beets for added nutrients like vitamin B, fiber for digestion, and probiotics.

If you are trying out cat food and can't quite find one that your cat enjoys, give Rays a try. The salmon flavor gives an especially fishy smell to attract your feline. Many cats even prefer this food over the premium brands.

One thing found under research was this formulas containment of corn gluten meal as the 3rd ingredient. While chicken is still the number 1 ingredient, it is important to note that this isn't entirely filler free as advertised.

Rachael Ray even donates a portion of your purchase to her own animal foundation that provides food and medical care to animals in need.

Things We Liked

  • Chicken/Salmon as #1 ingredient
  • All natural formula
  • Contains necessary vitamins, minerals, and taurine
  • check
    No artificial flavors

Things We Didn't Like

  • Corn Gluten meal as 3rd ingredient

Price: $

3. [BEST INDOOR CAT FOOD] Purina One Indoor Advantage Adult Dry Cat Food


Purina One Indoor Advantage is a great bang for you buck cat food.

It provides all of the essential nutrients, proteins, and vitamins that a cat needs. While there are higher quality foods out there, this seems to do trick for most. Cats really love the taste of this formula, shunning other brands when they are presented. 

There are tons of stories on amazon about happy cat owners who switched to this formula and saw a great decrease in hairball frequency.

Being less expensive, this product does have its drawbacks. Some buyers complained that switching to this food made their cat's feces smell worse. Others had cats that would throw this formula up due to their sensitive stomachs. 

Things We Liked

  • Turkey as #1 ingredient
  • Omega 6 fatty acids
  • Added vitamins, minerals, and nutrient
  • check
    Helps maintain a healthy weight
  • Hairball control

Things We Didn't Like

  • Bag not resealable

Price: $

4Iam's Proactive Health Indoor Weight Control Cat Food


Most high protein cat foods can be fairly expensive. As much as we love our cats eating healthy we don’t love the damage it does to our wallet. If you don’t want to compromise the health of your feline but want to pay less than Iams is the right kibble to buy.

Just like all high-quality formulas Iams uses chicken as its number one ingredient. It also has added turkey and garden greens to complete a balanced diet.

This kibble is especially good for indoor cats because of its inclusion of L-carnitine; a compound used to increase metabolism and therefore help cats lose/maintain a healthy weight.

Another set of ingredients it includes are fiber and beats. This help with your cat’s digestion, and also prevent hairballs.

The only downside is since this is a lower priced kibble it contains cornmeal. Although this filler is not necessarily bad it isn’t good either; your cat will likely not feel as satisfied compared to eating a higher quality formula.

Overall, using Iams will surely save you money without being detrimental to your cat’s health. Once you know your cat likes the flavor, it is best to buy the 22-pound bag, which lasts a couple months, for the best cost efficiency.

Things We Liked

  • Very affordable
  • Added vegetables
  • L-carnitine for increased metabolism
  • check
    Hairball prevention
  • Chicken as #1 ingredient

Things We Didn't Like

  • Contains corn

Price: $

5Purina One Healthy Kitten Formula


Kittens grow fast, reaching puberty as quickly as 6 months old. While they are still classified as a kitten (under one year) it is important to feed them special kitten food such as Purina One’s. This is due to its containment of DHA, a nutrient found in mothers milk that stimulates vision and brain development.

Even though the price is fairly low, it doesn’t impact the quality of the kibble. Purina One uses real chicken as the primary ingredient and contains zero fillers like the rest of the high-quality dry cat foods.

It’s small, crunchy pieces help get rid of plaque and maintain health in your kitty’s teeth.

This is one of the many reasons why vets recommend this formula to kitty owners. It covers every aspect of nutrition, health, and development, making sure your baby will grow into a strong, happy adult cat.

Things We Liked

  • Very tasty
  • Contains DHA for development
  • Crunchy kibble for clean teeth
  • check
    Recommended by vets
  • Chicken as #1 ingredient

Things We Didn't Like

  • Bag not resealable

Price: $

6Hill's Science Diet Adult Urinary Hairball Control Chicken Cat Food


If you are looking for the highest quality, premium cat food than Science Diet is the best option. Its formula is composed of all natural, easiest to digest ingredients made to keep your cat healthy.

It includes focused ratios of nutrients for magnesium, antioxidants, and vitamin C and E for immune system health.

Science Diet is recommended by vets for cats with urinary problems due to its high fiber content. This fiber also prevents the messy cleanup of hairballs and vomit.

On a side note, this product is not recommended for kittens due to the large kibble pieces. Some buyer’s cats would avoid or spit out these larger pieces.

Other than the large kibble size there are no downsides to this dry food except for the high cost. You really do get what you pay for; the best food for your cat’s health and happiness.

Things We Liked

  • Best ingredients for your cat
  • Promotes immune system health
  • Added fiber to solve vomit/hairball issues
  • check
    Recommended by vets for cats with urinary issues

Things We Didn't Like

  • Pricey

Price: $$

7Blue Buffalo Indoor Healthy natural Adult Cat Food


Blue Buffalo’s focus on quality, healthy ingredients is why another one of its products ended up in the top seven best dry cat foods. Just like the evolutionary mix, this formula contains chicken as a primary. The difference is its added grains, veggies, and fruits. 

The life source bits in this package are meant for the adult life stage so they contain; immune system support, oxidative balance, and other nutrients meant for adult cats.

The omega 3’s in this package, like other blue products, gives a healthy coat of fur and skin that is soft to the touch.

Although it may seem like the price is higher per pound, the kibble will run out slower due to its high concentration in protein. Your cat will feel full after a couple of bites in contrast to the cheaper kibble filled with unnecessary ingredients that don’t satisfy hunger.

Things We Liked

  • Chicken as #1 ingredient with added veggies
  • Gives very soft skin and fur
  • Cats feel full with smaller amount
  • check
    Recommended by vets for nutrition 

Things We Didn't Like

  • Price changes on Amazon due to high demand

Price: $$

8Instinct raw boost grain Free Formula


Giving your cat an all natural, raw diet has many benefits. For starters, this kibble goes through very minimal processing and contains zero grain, corn, soy, and other fillers.

Cats go crazy over the rich flavor of the freeze-dried chicken pieces. These high protein chicken pieces are the closest you can get to feeding your cat raw chicken from the store.

For cats with patchy fur or diarrhea problems this formula solves both of them with probiotics for digestion, and omegas for fur health.

If you have an especially finicky cat who won’t eat anything then I would try giving them this. Buyers found it to be irresistible to even the most stubborn cats.

Things We Liked

  • Minimal processing
  • Real raw chicken pieces
  • Promotes fur and digestive health
  • check
    Flavor enjoyed by even stubborn cats 

Things We Didn't Like

  • No option for larger bag(pricey)

Price: $$$


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