6 Best Ferret Cages For The Buck

Ferrets (Mustela putorius furo) are small members of the weasel family. They have been widely domesticated for centuries. These energetic, fast and curious little pets of are a considerable responsibility, often requiring as much affection and care as a cat or a dog, if not even more.

Their lifespan is 6 to 13 years and they require regular veterinary check-ups and vaccinations to be healthy and safe to keep. Ferrets are at risk of fleas and heartworm, so monthly preventative treatments should be used.

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1. Ferret Nation Ferret Cage
2. Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage
3. Critter Nation / Small Animal Cage with Stand
4. Kaytee My First Home Deluxe Multi-Level Pet Home with Casters
5. Kaytee Ferret Home Plus
6. Kaytee Habitat Defined Ferret

Best Ferret Cages Buying Guide

How much does a ferret cage cost?

Depending on the size, number of levels and the material used, the cages cost between $100 and $250. Considering the fact that ferrets are very active, vigorous and need a lot of space to play you shouldn’t save on the cage. After all, the cage is the only single initial expense, apart from the ferrets, of course. You need a solid and ferret-proof cage as they are renowned escape artists so you want quality doors, safety latches and all the added features to keep the ferrets inside their home.

How big should a ferret cage be?

When considering which size cage you will buy, you need to bear in mind that ferrets are highly intelligent and social pets that do best in small groups. It is highly recommended you consider adopting a pair of ferrets so they will always have a companion to socialize with.

The size of the cage depends on the number of ferrets you plan to keep. A single ferret needs a cage that will allow space for one bed, a litter box, one food dish, and enough room to play. More ferrets will need room for more beds, food dishes, and play space, so the bigger the better goes without saying.

A good cage should be at least 30 to 60 inches long, 18 to 24 inches wide and a minimum of 20 inches high. You can also buy multi-level cages which can house more ferrets. They are sometimes modular and additional levels can be bought.

Wire bar cages are the preferable choice, but floors should be solid to prevent injury of your ferrets' feet. Wire floors can be covered with linoleum, but not with foam or rubber. Ferrets eat those materials and may develop intestinal problems. Wood is a bad option as it absorbs odors too well and is difficult to disinfect. As for the bedding, a soft piece of carpet or rug can be used as well as towels, blankets, or clothing for your ferret to sleep on.

A few more notes on ferrets

The odor and health

Ferrets naturally have a strong body odor caused by hormone production and anal scent glands. The strong smell from the scent glands is used as a defense mechanism.

Unless you plan on breeding your ferrets, it’s important that you have them de-sexed prior to reaching sexual maturity (between 6 to 12 months old). This will reduce the smell associated with ferrets’ reproductive glands and it is also essential for the health of female ferrets who, once in heat, remain so until they are mated.

Pet ferrets do not have these unpleasant odors when they have been spayed or neutered and the scent glands removed. Any lingering odor can be taken care of with regular baths. Most ferrets sold in the US have already been de-scented, so no worries there.

If you notice any health issues or have concerns, you should consult a veterinarian as soon as you can. Although ferrets are hunters, they themselves can become prey to other animals so they hide their illness as a weakness. Do observe them regularly to look for any signs of illnesses.

Handling ferrets

Ferrets make good pets and are happy living with another ferret as they are social animals. They also like meeting new people, playing outside the cage, hiding in bags, shoes and baskets but also going for walks, just as dogs.

Get a ferret leash for the walks and warn people who want to pat your ferret that they bite. And when they bite, they do have quite a strong and sharp set of teeth and the bite wounds and cuts can be deep, so be careful when handling them and warn the other pet lovers.

They are fun, playful, and active but they are not suitable for very small children because of the sharp teeth and possible biting. Ferrets nibble and bite as a way of exploring their environment, to get attention, sometimes out of fear or to let you know that they want to play. They do not realize those sharp little teeth of theirs are no fun for human hands so you need to gently teach them out of the biting habits.

Best Ferret Cages Reviews

Editor Rating:


Ferret Nation Ferret Cage

Ferret Nation comes with two levels equipped with three ramps, two resting shelves, and two easy-to-remove base pans for convenient cleaning.

The wide shelf and full-width plastic pan floor provide a spacious play area for your ferret and help to prevent accidental falls. The dual-locking door latches create a secure environment and allow easy handling with one hand.

The shelf has a removable plastic tray for easy cleaning and is height-adjustable. You can easily adapt the Ferret Nation cage to your ferret’s needs. This unit has multiple attaching points for adding play toys and other accessories.

Full-width double doors provide maximum access for cleaning, feeding, or furnishing this ferret cage. Ferret-proof latches will keep your pets secure and make it an easy one-handed operation to open and close the cage.

The stand is easily maneuverable thanks to wheels with locking casters for security. This cage can be easily raised to any height you want to create additional convenient storage area.

Ferret Nation is really sturdy and durable due to metal construction and excellent design and build. Measuring 36"L x 25"W x 62.5"H, it can be a home for one or two ferrets.

This is the ultimate habitat for your ferrets and works great for a variety of other small animals as well. Ferret Nation provides a cozy and spacious living area which ferrets require to thrive and have a happy life.

Things We Liked

  • ​Appropriately angled ramps designed for ferret safety
  • Sturdy square tube frame construction
  • Provides secure environment
  • Full width double doors for convenient access
  • Less-mess and easily removable height adjustable shelves
  • Removable plastic tray for super easy cleaning

Things We Didn't Like

  • Deeper trays would be an improvement



Editor Rating:


Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage

Feisty Ferret Cage offers plenty of space for even the most energetic ferrets to run, explore and play. This 31-Inch long, 20-inch wide, 54-inch high (when on the stand) unit comes complete with ramps, shelves, and even a hammock to keep your inquisitive pet entertained and happy.

Featuring two large doors, you are able to easily access your pet while ferrets can’t open these "escape-proof" doors. Platforms, grille and bottom tray are all easily removed for convenient cleaning.

Mid-level floor separates cage into two halves. The floor opening can be closed off to create two separate spaces or be left open for full cage access. Debris tray is held in place by wind-bell lock and can be pulled out for easy cleaning. Platforms and bottom tray can all easily removed for convenient cleaning

The wrought iron construction with powder-coated Hammertone finish gives the cage a classy look and the wheels provide portability from room to room. The bottom space saver shelf enables you to store supplies of food, toys and cleaning tools.

A minor con is that in rare cases the screw holes don't always line up properly. You’ll have to push a little hard to get them in. The other slight con is the latches which might occasionally jiggle even though the screws are in tight, which can be a bit annoying. Other than that, this is a great ferret cage for the price.

Things We Liked

  • ​Spacious cage provides enough room for even the liveliest ferrets
  • 3 platforms, 3 ramps and 1 hammock included
  • The large, hinged doors are escape-proof
  • Space saving shelf can be used for storing ferret supplies and cage accessories

Things We Didn't Like

  • When assembling the cage, a few cases reported of screw holes not aligning properly



3. Critter Nation / Small Animal Cage with Stand

Editor Rating:


 Critter Nation / Small Animal Cage with Stand

Critter Nation by MidWest provides a great habitat for your ferrets. Each double unit Critter Nation cage comes with three ramps and ramp covers, two resting shelves and two easy to remove base pans for convenient cleaning.

Designed with ferret owners in mind, MidWest has included dual-locking door latches which provide a secure, easy one-handed operation. The full-width double doors also provide maximum accessibility for easy cleaning and feeding.

The wide shelf and full-width plastic pan floor provide a generous play area for your furry pet and help prevent injuries and falls.

This unit can easily be moved around the home if needed thanks to wheels which can be locked for safety. The area below the cage provides convenient storage, which is both functional and looks nice at the same time.

The happy feet ramp covers protect your pets' feet and provide traction for safe, no-slip exploring adventures of your ferrets. The 1/2" horizontal wire spacing allows your pets to climb and explore in a safe and secure environment.

Less-Mess and easily removable height adjustable shelves with removable plastic tray are provided for convenient cleaning. All great features and the build quality considered, Critter Nation by MidWest truly is a bang for your buck!

Things We Liked

  • ​Full width double doors for maximum access
  • 1/2 " horizontal wire spacing provides secure environment
  • Removable plastic tray for convenient cleaning
  • Happy feet ramp covers to protect critter feet
  • Less-mess and easily removable height adjustable shelves

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not that easy cage to assemble for some pet owners



Editor Rating:


Kaytee My First Home Deluxe Multi-Level Pet Home with Casters

My First Home Deluxe by Kaytee comes with multi-level living space with 4 levels, 1 ramp, 1 hammock, 1 slide and 1 tube slide for your ferrets to have fun and enjoy their home.

This multi-floor activity home is the perfect place for frisky ferrets to play. Quality construction with chew proof coated wire and stain resistant plastic parts makes this unit a great buy for the price.

Easy clean deep scatterless base can be removed for cleaning and replaced easily. The assembly with snap together setup and no tools required is welcomed. This unit features a deep plastic base, solid safety ramps, extreme spiral slide, crazy critter hammock, fluorescent FerreTrail Fun-nel, and three Comfort Shelves.

The cage also comes with an easy roll stand with deluxe caster wheels which make it super easy to move the cage around the home so that your ferret always has a great view of what’s going on. Ferrets get bored easily so sometimes just moving the cage will make them more cheerful and active. And you can enjoy watching their frantic fooling around, as well.

My First Home Deluxe is very sturdy and the doors shut very well which makes it almost impossible for your ferret to escape. As for the hammock, we recommend that you don't put it on the top as your ferret might fall off the side all the way to the bottom. You can move it down one story until the pet gets used to it and then move it back up or simply leave it below.

Things We Liked

  • ​Sturdy built and solid quality 1” frame
  • Easy to remove and clean deep scatterless base
  • Safe, creative multi-level environment for your ferret to play
  • Includes safety ramps, spiral slide, hammock, FerreTrail Fun-nel, and 3 comfort shelves

Things We Didn't Like

  • Accessories included could be better quality



Editor Rating:


Kaytee Ferret Home Plus

Kaytee Ferret Home Plus is another Multi-Level Ferret Home featuring brand new base and wire construction for added security and durability. This unit cage comes with 4 shelves, 3 ramps, and one spiral slide to provide ferrets with multiple-level for climbing and playing.

You can have easy access to your pet through the top door or through the two front access doors. 1” cage bars spacing and adjustable tab locks and chew proof latches ensure safety and security for your ferret.

This product assembles easily with no tools required. You will like the variety the design provides as you are allowed to do whatever you like with the platforms or you can simply follow the intended instructions.

The cage design leaves enough room for a waste-tray, food bowl, water bowl or water bottle and hammock for the ferrets. This cage does have adequate room for more than one ferret. Bear in mind that you are supposed to allow your ferrets some play time out side of their cages every day or every other day at the least. In that way, you should make up for the lack of space if you intend to purchase this cage.

Things We Liked

  • ​Easy access to your pet through the top or two front access doors
  • Adjustable tab locks and chew proof latches
  • The habitat includes wheels for mobility
  • 4 shelves, 3 ramps and one spiral slide

Things We Didn't Like

  • The connectors that attach ramps to the levels are a little flimsy



Editor Rating:


Kaytee Habitat Defined Ferret

Kaytee Habitat Defined belongs to the next generation of small animal habitats. Habitat defined homes make interacting with your pet safe and effortless. Multiple levels of play offer your ferret a fun-filled climbing and exploring experience.

Built-in super protect antimicrobial technology ensures a healthier, cleaner habitat for your lovely curious and lively fuzzball. Rounded corners and an extra-deep base design allow for easy cleaning.

Fully opening top door provides easy interaction with your pet while spring loaded door locks provide a secure environment for ferrets. 1-inch wire spacing is the ideal size for keeping your pet safe and secure.

This habitat includes 4 extra fun wavy ramps, 4 elite comfort shelves, sturdy bottom and top side latches, plus a locking food dish. Tubular metal stand with locking casters allows for easy transport from room to room.

They bottom pan is just the right height that no litter or fluff is pushed out by your pets playing down there, the ramps fit tightly, as well as the stands. Your ferrets will love their new homes and you will be very pleased with the purchase.

Things We Liked

  • ​Multiple levels of play for fun-filled climbing
  • All-plastic interior surfaces with Super Protect antimicrobial technology
  • Spring-loaded top and front doors for security and easy access
  • Includes 4 Extra Fun Wavy Ramps, 4 Elite Comfort Shelves
  • Sturdy latches and locking food dish

Things We Didn't Like

  • The ramps are VERY slippery so we suggest padding them with safe, non slippery fabric or similar




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