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Best Harness For Husky

What is the Best Harness For Husky? Siberian huskies are quick, skilful and very strong so it’s vital you use the correct harness for safety.

The best option is one that keeps both you and your dog safe.

So how do you choose the right harnesses for your husky and what do you need to look for to make sure it’s the right fit and size?

We’ve compiled the list of the best harnesses for husky that are both reliable, strong and affordable.

best harness for husky

1. Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness

The Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness is this best harness for husky.

The Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness is made travelling in mind. It’s a great at make and comes highly rated, but importantly it’s been modified for everyday use making it practical and dynamic

The great thing about this harness is it’s compatibility with any car seat belt and importantly it’s been throughly safety tested. (Up to 75lbs)

Furthermore it comes with powerful and useful essentials, like a steel buckle system, which is durable and custom built with the same standards as those that do rocking cliblimg

It’s adjustable with five adjustments areas and is a very strong and reliable top rated harness.

Remember, most adult huskies weigh around 45lbs-60lbs, so they will need a large and robust harness. This harness s provides the safety that you need and comes with useful accessories that will make it more comfortable for your dog.



1. Car seat belt protection highlight
2. 5 adjustment positions
3. Steel clamp system
4. Front D-Ring
5. Large padding to shield neck and throat


1. More expensive than others

2. Chai’s Choice 3M Reflective Dog Harness

Chai’s Choice is one of the most talked-about harnesses on Amazon, receiving an eye-watering 5550+ positive reviews. It is rivalled to be the Best Harness For Husky.

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Chai’s Choice uses superior 3M reflective material that’s not just remarkably strong but will keep your husky safe at night.

It has a soft padded mesh that extends around your dog’s belly area and makes the harness very luxurious.

It’s a very popular dog harness and you can tell instantly from the reviews why. It’s affordable, safe and comfortable and we recommend you take a look.


1. Tough, long-lasting 3M material
2. Made from Reflective elements
3. Back handle
4. Metal ring at the front.

1. Plastic buckles are a little on the weak side

3. ICEFANG Tactical K9 No Pull Dog Harness

The ICEFANG harness is a soldier-style choice that is unique and very distinctive in look and strength. The material utilised is 1000D Nylon throughout, and it’s has a Water-Resistant Coating keeping it practical and durable.

It includes smart plastic buckles on the side that are tested to hold up to 250lbs but they usually don’t hold that much weight as they are positioned very smartly.

It’s affordable and a top-rated harness that your husky will love.


1. Load tested clips and fasteners
2. Water Resistant Coated Nylon
3. Wide oxygenated padding
4. Smart No pull plan
5. Includes additional Velcro patches for equipment


1. A little on the pricey side
2. the stitches can ravel if overused.

4. Rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness

The Rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness is a solid choice for your husky. It has 4 adjustable straps which can be used for the neck or the chest.

It’s the most adjustable harness available and will guarantee to fit your husky whatever their size.

It has broad support for the chest and neck and is very safe and secure.

It also boosts luminous reflective bands to increase clarity when it’s dark in the evening or night.

1. Smart No pull design
2. Practical Metal clips
3. Versatile adjustment features
4. Extra Padding
5. Reflective bands

2. The plastic buckle can be fragile

5. Baby Ltrl Big Dog Harness

The most affordable of the bunch is the Baby Ltrl Big Dog Harness. However, with 2000+ positive it’s a very practical option.

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It is made with high-quality oxford nylon and has a firm metal D ring in the front. It has powerful reflective bands that are adjustable and fits correctly around your dog, with extra back support.

The only difference between this buckle and the ones above is it’s plastic buckle, which can be flexible, but maybe not as durable as others.

1. Cost effective
2. High-quality Oxford Nylon
3. Metal D-Ring
4. Great back support with durable handle.
5. Enough adjustability

1. The plastic clip may not be strong enough for big dogs.

6. Winsee No Pull Dog Harness

This Winsee No Pull Dog Harness has 2 metal D-rings on the back and front with a variety of attachment options. This gives you the option to change the leash settings when its attached to the harness. It’s an alternative to the Best Harness For Husky options above.

Using military-grade nylon fabric (1680D Oxford Fabric) it’s robust, well made and strong

With multiple adjustable bands and straps, it’s been created with dogs of all sizes in mind.

It houses soft padding that is breathable and should keep your husky cool, relaxed and comfortable.

1. Military-grade Oxford nylon (1680D)
2. Metal D-rings (back and front)
3. Various adjustment straps
4. Big reflectors
5. Breathable materials

1. Can be a little tricky to put on the first time


What makes a good harness for a husky?

To help you choose the most relevant harness you need to look at a few key factors to determine whether or not it is for you:

1. Size

The Siberian Husky will vary in size. This will depend on their age and gender but most usually average out a similar size.

Most huskies will measure around Neck 16″ – 22″ – Chest 26″ – 32″, but it’s important you take the measuerments yourself so you can cross check them with your dog harness.

Remember to choose a harness that is at least 1 inch thick. Anything thinner and when your dogs pulls it could cause them injury.

2. Material

Most dog harnesses use Nylon. If your husky has an allergy or skin proiblem then you can use leather instead.

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It’s important to remember that any plastic buckles can wear out over time and may be chewed. We recommend going for stronger more durable metal buckles as they will last longer.

3. Padding

Military-grade padding is the best for all dog harnesses and your husky will love you for picking this option. It’s strong, supportive and is very comfortable.

4. Features
Smart features like strong buckles, reflector bands and as velcro straps are good to keep an eye on.

The best feature is the adjustability of your harness as getting the right fit is important. You need to adjust the harness to fit around your husky that is both safe and comfortable.

Other factors to consider:

Other things to think about when thinking about the Best Harness For Husky are:

  • Correct Size: Huskies have dense double coats and a dog harness fitted too tight can cause discomfort. Aim for a dog harness that has various adjustment points.
  • Low Chest. All Harnesses should guard your dog’s sensitive trachea when he pulls. Try to avoid harnesses with chest straps that are too high, as these could cause problems.
  • Leash Attachment. Look for some front attachments as this can deter pulling. Rear attachments can inspire pulling if your dog isn’t correctly trained, but a well trained dog should be fine.
  • Reliable and Durable. A harness is your dogs last stand of defence between danger. A Husky’s who see prey can very quickly pull off out of sight if off-leash.
  • Therefore a Husky harness must have reliable and durable harnesses that have leash attachments
  • Easy to Clean. A Husky’s abundant and white hair can instantly cover a dog harness. Try to find a harness that doesn’t hold too much hair and is relatively easy to wash

We think the 1st option is best!

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