6 Best Horse Saddles

A quality and comfortable horse saddle is the single most important piece of gear for horse riders and deserves a lot of attention and careful consideration before purchase.

Today’s saddles are they are made of genuine or synthetic leather and suede materials and look like traditional saddles. Notable advantages of synthetic saddles are that they are lightweight and easy to clean. Saddles are available in a wide choice of styles, general purpose, jumping and Western.

Those of you who enjoy riding your horses around the trails may either go for a general purpose saddle or a western saddle. If you like to feel the exhilaration of jumping over fallen logs you come across while riding, you might decide to choose a general purpose saddle.

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1. Kincade Redi-Ride Western Saddle
2. Crystal Turquoise Western Saddle Set
3. Tahoe Custom Horse Bareback Pads with Reinforced Stirrups & Girth
4. Tahoe Turquoise Tough Western Barrel Saddle
5. Tahoe Night Synthetic Western Saddle

Horse Saddles Buying Guide

Make sure the saddle fits your horse and you

A saddle that doesn't fit your horse properly can give rise to all sorts of training and health problems. A saddle that doesn't fit the rider will be uncomfortable to ride in and will throw you out of position. Measuring and fitting the saddle are, therefore, extremely important.

The main feature of the saddle which makes the saddle fit your horse is the width of the gullet. If the saddle you choose has a gullet that is too wide, the saddle will press down on the withers. If the gullet is too narrow, the saddle will pinch.

Other points to consider are the balance of the saddle when it is on the horse. The pommel and cantle need to level and the saddle should not tip backward or forward making it difficult for you to maintain your position.

The saddle must also fit the rider. A saddle that is too small will cause discomfort as you bump against the pommel at every stride. A saddle that is too large will have you wobbling around trying to maintain your position. Ideally, you should be able to place your flat hand between you and the cantle when seated in the lowest part of the seat.

Jumping saddles

Jumping saddles aim to achieve a perfect performance and sensation over fences, as well as comfort and a very close contact with the horse. This is achieved by providing a flatter seat than dressage saddles which looks more like a mellow C-shaped curve when viewed from the side.

The saddle flaps are much bigger, which gives the leg more support and there is padding at the front of the flaps to provide stability and protection for the lower leg during jumps.

Some jumping saddles have introduced improvements such as saddle trees lateral flexion feature. As the horse moves, the tree twists from side to side to allow freedom of movement.

Certain models have integrated knee rolls and thigh blocks for rider support and girthing systems for the mono flap design which allows the saddle to be fitted to a wide range of horses.

Western saddles

Western saddles are used for western riding and are the saddles used on working horses on cattle ranches throughout the United States, especially in the west. These are the famous cowboy saddles you’ve seen in many movies but also on rodeos and they are the saddles of choice for trail rides at guest ranches. Western saddle is designed to provide security and comfort to the riders who spend long hours on a horse, riding over rugged terrain.

Western saddles are built on either wooden trees covered in fiberglass or rawhide, or a polyethylene material called ralide. Most western models covered with leather, although there are lighter weight synthetic saddles available. The seat is often covered with split leather, or suede. The lining, or underneath of the saddle can be sheepskin, wool or acrylic.

Custom saddles

Horse saddles can be custom made to the horse and rider’s requirements, including bigger knee blocks, different girth strap positions, airbag attachments on the pommel and refined panel shapes with no pressure points.

Based on the rider’s personal preferences, custom made saddles are designed to uniquely fit the horse and the rider. After the right tree is chosen for you and your horse, the right pommel is picked for your needs. Custom saddles can be made with or without a horn.

Cantles are also fitted in different sizes and finish. Seats come standard but can be equipped with extra padding using foam and are covered with the desired material. You can choose a regular skirt or one with a cutback which keeps your horse cooler and weighs less.

Rigging also comes in various designs which can be custom made to fit both the rider and the horse. Basically, all the parts of a saddle can be customized according to your preferences.

Horse Saddles Reviews

Editor Rating:


Kincade Redi-Ride Western Saddle

Kincade Redi-Ride is a lightweight synthetic western saddle that provides extreme comfort for horse and rider while needing low maintenance. Soft synthetic material is comfortable for even the smallest riders.

Synthetic suede seat adds security for beginners and long billets allow you to fit a larger horse with ease. This saddle from Kincade is lightweight and easy to maintain. The fully synthetic saddle can simply be wiped clean and cannot be damaged by water.

Western saddles are an iconic symbol of the American frontier and are still widely used. Kincade Redi-Ride western saddle not only looks great, but is also dependable and designed for the comfort of the horse and the safety of the rider.

Kincade’s comfortable western saddle features 7/8 position rigging and a square fleece lined skirt. Stirrup straps with roller buckle adjustment and girth are also included as well as semi-quarter bars.

This saddle will be great for beginner riding lessons for younger riders. It is light enough for most riders to carry and decently built. The saddle should last through a few years of riding. It’s convenient to have a somewhat sticky seat material to keep kids in the saddle.

It is certainly a great saddle at an affordable price considering the fact that it’s well made and comes with all the usual features

Things We Liked

  • ​Perfect for beginners
  • Solid build and elegant appearance
  • Synthetic material is easy to maintain
  • Includes rigging, a square fleece lined skirt and girth
  • Stirrup straps with roller buckle adjustment

Things We Didn't Like

  • A different girth straps needed for a standards size horse



Editor Rating:


 Crystal Turquoise Western Saddle Set

Crystal Turquoise Western Saddle comes with double reinforced fiberglass tree

teal and silver Texas star Conchos. Teal crystal trimmings and soft padded teal suede seat are also included in the set, as well as headstall, reins, and breast collar as a limited time offer.

The presently fashionable teal color of the nylon binding, crystals, Conchos, and synthetic suede seat is contrasted with black cordura that keeps the saddle lightweight and easy to clean and maintain.

This saddle is perfect for riding lessons and for trail riding. Another selling point is that the set is weather proof and tear proof. The underside features a soft synthetic fleece padding that will keep your horse comfortable throughout the ride.

The saddle and head stall are good quality, just what you want for you and your horse. This saddle is very comfortable lightweight and very pretty. The set doesn’t include a chin strap so you will need to buy one separately put it on.

Overall, this is a decent, lightweight and elegant saddle. The breast-collar is nylon with soft silicon on the back so it is smooth and easy to wash off. The only con is that the light color on the seat gets dusty after riding and might lose appeal over time.

Things We Liked

  • ​Well built and lightweight
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Double reinforced fiberglass tree
  • Teal & silver Texas star conchos
  • Teal crystal trimmings
  • Soft padded teal suede seat

Things We Didn't Like

  • Teal gets dirty easily



Editor Rating:


Tahoe Custom Horse Bareback Pads with Reinforced Stirrups & Girth

Tahoe Custom Horse Bareback Pad comes with reinforced stirrups and a girth for comfortable and safe riding. Suede leather reinforced fenders and fleece lined with wool felt inside padding are great additions for the price.

Tahoe bareback pad with a nice girth and solid buckles has 4 padded layers on the seat to provide maximum comfort and the grab strap attached to front allows for safe riding experience.

This bareback pad has a 2 billet design to attach the girth, similar to an English saddle. If the included girth does not fit your horse, we suggest using a standard 2 buckle English girth without elastic in its place.

The girth, which is approximately 32", might slip when trying to mount from the ground, even when it is tightened as much as the buckles allowed, so you might need to use a stool.

You will love the comfortable pad of exceptional quality and cool design. If it gets dirty, just brush it off or take a damp rag to it. You can also hose it off and dry in sun. It has a nice girth and durable stirrups.

The pad is a great option if you love bareback riding but need to protect your clothes and the extra addition of stirrups helps with mounting.

Things We Liked

  • ​Perfect if you like bareback riding Quality girth and durable stirrups Soft 4 padded seat for comfort Super easy to clean

Things We Didn't Like

  • The stitching could be better



Editor Rating:


Tahoe Turquoise Tough Western Barrel Saddle

Tahoe Turquoise Tough Western Barrel Saddle comes from the company which has grown into a trendsetter in the equine industry, competing with some of the biggest names around for over thirty years.

This barrel has the perfect contrast between the light and dark leather, and the turquoise conchos and accents give it just enough flash. The basket weave tooling on the pommel and skirt give it a unique look and the fenders are roughed out and the leather is drum dyed for durability.

This barrel saddle will look great on your horse wherever you ride and you will feel safe and comfortable and enjoy your ride. This saddle has Full QH bars and 7 inch gullet

And a blanket is recommended to protect the hair from rubbing off the seat while being used.

Some riders would prefer softer the billet and off billet as they are very tough. Also, compared to the usual standard, the seat runs a tad smaller so take that into account when considering the size. Apart from this, Tahoe saddle is quality enough for the price

Things We Liked

  • ​Basket tooling on skirt and pommel
  • Suede saddle seat
  • Roughed out leather on flaps and fenders
  • 2 Year Limited Tree Warranty

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not the best quality as regards the craftsmanship



Editor Rating:


Tahoe Night Synthetic Western Saddle

Tahoe Night is a western trail synthetic saddle with suede seat, stainless steel D and surrounded by decorative Silver plated conchos.

This simple and yet sturdy and elegant black saddle is perfect for beginners. It’s synthetic and lightweight to make it easier on your horse while you venture on those long trail rides.

The black color makes it fashionably slick and the stainless steel conchos give it a bit of flash. Most importantly, this saddle is comfortable and very light weight. It is also very quiet, which will be appreciated by those of you who can’t stand the squeaky noise the leather saddles make.

It’s easy to clean and maintain and the price is certainly affordable for beginner riders so that they can get used to a saddle and realize what they needs are before investing a lot more money into their next saddle.

Things We Liked

  • ​Full Quarter Horse Bars
  • Elegant design with a few flashes
  • Solid make at a decent price
  • Synthetic material is easy to clean

Things We Didn't Like

  • The materials cannot keep up with the hardware on the saddle



Editor Rating:



TURQUOISE INLAY WESTERN SADDLE by AceRugs features a beautiful hand tooled basket weave and floral design which is wonderfully accented on medium oil leather.

The cantle is trimmed with a 100% Cow Hide Leather braided finish and the horn features a rawhide trim around the cap for optimum durability. The saddle has a comfortable, padded smooth leather seat and stirrups.

The well-padded fleece underside ensures a comfortable ride for your horse as well. For a limited time, the manufacturer includes free matching crystal headstall, reins, and breast collar

You will absolutely love the seat as it’s very comfortable, and will allow you to have great posture. Over time, the leather will be holding up nicely, and so will the color and conchos.

The saddle looks amazing and you will certainly get compliments all the time. The bridle and breast collar are also of decent quality, not the best but if you’re on a budget, this is a good leather saddle to start enjoying horse riding.

Things We Liked

  • ​100% cow hide leather
  • Well balanced double reinforced fiberglass tree
  • Shiny silver conchos a nice touch
  • Well padded fleece underside

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not the best paint when inspected from up close




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