7 Best Cat Toy Reviews| 2019 Interactive Cat Toy Buying Guide

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Cats should spend about 10-15 minutes a few times a day actively playing. Engagement with cat toys a great way for your cat to get their daily exercise.

Daily exercise is important to prevent your cats from weight gain. Unlike having to walk a dog, engaging with a cat can take little to no effort, especially if you have the right toys.

It is important to note that certain cats prefer certain toys. Meaning that just because many cats love a toy doesn’t mean your cat will love it too. Presenting your feline with a variety of options is a great way to figure out what they enjoy. If you are willing to buy more of what they like, they will be even happier.

Top 3 Cat Toys


  • Self monitored
  • Multi-Cat
  • Amazon best seller
  • Durable construction, no need to replace
  • 4000+ Positive reviews


2. Cat Dancer Products Rainbow Cat Charm


  • Great aerobic exercise
  • Low cost
  • Tested by ultimatepethub for quality
  • Extremely durable wand
  • Made in the USA


3. Yeowww! Catnip Toy Yellow Banana


  • Loaded with Catnip
  • Durable compared to other catnip toys
  • Great for leaving your cat for a long period
  • 2000+ Positive reviews
  • Cats drool and beg for this toy

For the toys we picked as some of the best, read on!

7 Best Cat Toy Reviews

1. [TOP RATED] PetStages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy


This simple tower of tracks is one of the most popular cat toys on Amazon. It may look flimsy but its weighted rubber base keeps it from toppling over. It has 3 level that allow multiple cats to play at once, hitting the balls around and around the track.

The initial design of this product allowed for a cat’s head to get stuck in the top hole. Luckily the company has fixed this issue with a cross bar, and now is one of the safest cat toys you can buy. Unlike most cat toys that don’t need humans, this toy requires no batteries.

The thousands of positive reviews speak for themselves, as to why this is a great investment for your cat’s mental stimulation.

A few buyers found that their cats were unamused by this toy. Again, cats will not be amused by all toys and it is important to figure out which toys your cat favorites along with giving them options.

This is a great hands-off product that will captivate your cats for as long as they have energy. The product is intended to, and does, last as long as your cats nine lives, unlike some other less durable products.

Things We Liked

  • No batteries needed
  • Lasted buyers many years
  • Multi-cat
  • check
    Thousands of happy reviews
  • check
    Quick delivery

Things We Didn't Like

  • Extra large cats may knock over

Price: $$

2. [BEST VALUE] Cat Dancer Products Rainbow Cat Charm


If you are looking for a cat toy that entertains both you and your feline than look no further. Cats love to jump up at the twirling colorful ribbon you wield. This is one of the most durable cat products on the market, and will surely entertain your cat’s playful needs.

The main difference between this wand and other feather or mouse type wands is that there is nothing to make a mess of. It has even lasted some buyers over a decade of play. The flexible rod and secure attachment to the fabric allow even the largest of cats to enjoy this toy.

A team member actually bought this toy a year ago for their 20-pound Siamese cat and it still remains her favorite. It is still in similar condition to when it was delivered.

One problem that occurred for a few buyers was their cats would rip off and then consume fabric from the wand. Although this was a serious problem, causing visits to the vet’s office and surgery, this problem could have been easily been prevented.

Like other wand toys, this rainbow charmer should NOT be left alone with your cats, especially if they are known for destroying things. Store this wand in a high, safe place or in a toy bin, as cats love it so much they will come looking for it.

This toy is a great option for you to bond with your cat through play, and give it lots of exercise. Its ultra durability makes it perfect for kittens to claw at along with larger adult cats to tug and pull.

Things We Liked

  • Extreme durability
  • Attractive colors to cats
  • PetHub team favorite
  • check
    Non-toxic; made in USA

Things We Didn't Like

  • Choking hazard(keep in safe place)

Price: $

3. [BEST CATNIP TOY] Yeoww! Catnip Toy Yellow Banana


Yeowww! Cats go absolutely crazy over this organic catnip packed toy. They gnaw and drool for hours on end without letting go of it for even a second.

For concerned customers, although catnip induces a drug-like effect it is neither harmful nor addictive for your felines.

This product comes in multiple funny textures such as bananas, apples, and rainbows.

Buyers found the toys to last months before finally tearing open. My favorite part about this toy is that no human interaction is needed. If you are going on a vacation or out to work just throw your cat a Yeowww banana and they won’t even know you were gone.

One problem that would occur as the result of constant play and affection, is that the toy would become dirty very quickly. Some would solve this problem by scrubbing it with a brush, as you cannot wash catnip toys. Although cats would tear and puncture the outside fabric, the inside still holds up and prevents catnip from spilling.

This toy is a great addition to your collection and will quickly become one of your cat’s favorites. The quality of this product along with the cat’s obsession with it is why many owners become recurring buyers.

Things We Liked

  • Filled with tons of catnip
  • More durable than competitors
  • Safe to leave with kitty
  • check
    Cat all time favorite

Things We Didn't Like

  • Gets dirty pretty easily

Price: $

4.  EcoCity Cat Toys Cat Feather Wand


Cats love birds. Most cat owners have had the experience of finding a dead bird on their doorstep…YUCK! Whether we like it or not, it’s in a cats instincts to hunt for birds.

EcoCity’s cat wand takes advantage of this instinct with its multiple styles of colorful bird feathers. Watch your cat leap all around the room trying to get its claws on this nuisance, and once the toy finally captured it be pulled out of reach again and again.

This specific feather toy comes with three refills, and if you go through all of those(which should take you a while) then you can even buy separate refill packs.

The wand is made of a hard, flexible material that won’t snap when pulled. It is also retractable for simple storage when you are not playing.

One thing brought to our attention is that a few buyers found that the two parts of the pole would slip out when cats would tug really hard. We figure this is a defect that happens in only a few as most buyers found this product to be very sturdy and forgiving.

This toy is great for all cat ages and sizes, keeping them engaged for as long as it is in sight.

Things We Liked

  • Flexible/Durable Rod
  • Comes with replaceable feathers
  • Safe, Eco-friendly materials
  • check
    Attached bell to grab attention
  • Can make cat do fun flips

Things We Didn't Like

  • Feathers come off over time

Price: $$

5.  Friends Forever Interactive Cat Laser Toy


Don’t have the time to play with your kittens? This interactive cat toy will entertain without any effort. With the click of a button, this device will send random laser movements for your cat to hunt down and prey on. It even automatically shuts off after 15 minutes.

This device is not just for cats, it also will entertain dogs, ferrets, even children. 

This product is best stored in a high, secure location so objects won’t block the laser and so cats won’t be able to knock it down. It takes three AA batteries, and its speed can be adjusted to the level of your cats activity.

This product is best for the owner of any pet, though younger pets such as kittens seem to adore this product the most. You can finally relax by the tv or read a book without being bothered by your feline, as they will be occupied chasing the magic red dot.

Things We Liked

  • Different speed/ area controls
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Easy to change batteries
  • check
    Bright laser light
  • Random movement for stimulation

Things We Didn't Like

  • Cats can easily knock over

Price: $$$

6.  Youngever 24 Cat Toys Assortment


Some owners don’t know what types of toys their cats prefer. Luckily, Youngever offers a larger variety of toys all for one low price. Your cat is bound to find something they can’t resist among the many crinkle balls, mice, feather balls, tunnel, and teaser wand.

These toys are made for kittens who don’t know what they like to play with, however, they seem to hold up with grown cats too. One can rotate which toys they give to the cat each playtime to keep them from getting bored. Some of buyers favorites would be the teaser wand and crinkle balls; of course, every cat has its own preference.

Some of the toys may render untouched by your cat considering the large amount. But for the low price point, I would say this assortment is worth the money.

Since this is an assortment, the toys are likely lower quality than if you were to buy each toy individually. The smaller mice and balls seem to hold up, however, the cheetah wand is much less durable than the rainbow wand reviewed above.

Overall, this assortment is great for cats and kittens who want lots to play with. For someone not looking to spend too much money to amuse their cat, then this is the product to buy.

Things We Liked

  • Many different types of toys
  • Great starter set for kitties
  • 100% Refund with return
  • check
    #1 Amazon best seller

Things We Didn't Like

  • Cheaper wand compared to Cat Dancers'
  • Quantity over quality

Price: $$

7.  SmartyKat Concealed Motion Toy Hot Pursuit


Another great toy that stimulates your cat’s hunter instincts is Smartykat’s concealed motion toy. The random movements of the feather wand keep cats entertained for hours. Some cats prefer to sit back and watch the toy, others attack and pounce at the feather any chance they get.

It runs on three AA batteries and even has an option to buy replacements wands.

Replacements wands shouldn’t be needed as the feathers on the end are more durable than most feather wands.

One reoccurring problem that some buyers had was the motors would die after a few months of use. One can assume these the exceptions in the batch as most would last for a long time. Cats loved this toy so much that previous buyers would just buy a replacement.

This is another great product that will entertain your cats for a long time without any effort. It will quickly become one of their favorites and cause a flurry of begging for you to turn it on again and again.

Things We Liked

  • Great exercise
  • Stimulates hunter instincts
  • Durable wand/feathers
  • check
    No human needed

Things We Didn't Like

  • No auto turnoff

Price: $$$


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