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Blue And Gold Macaw Lifespan | How Long Do Macaws Live As Pets

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The Blue And Gold Macaw Lifespan is a popular question amongst bird lovers. The Blue and gold macaws (Ara ararauna) are the most common macaw’s. With their bright gold and blue flamboyant color, they are very hard to miss.

Overview: The most common names are: Blue and gold macaw, blue and yellow macaw

Scientific (correct) name: Ara ararauna

Size (Adult): Around 33 inches from their beak all the way to their tail. Their wingspan can get to above 40 inches across and usually they weigh over 2 pounds.

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Blue And Gold Macaw Lifespan

blue and gold macaw life span

Blue and Gold Macaws usually live around 30 to 35 years when they are in the wild. However, macaw lifespans increase if looked after as pets or kept in a zoo. This enhanced care can increase their lifespan to above 50 years. In 2011 a blue and gold macaw was announced to live to over 112 years!

Learning the exact Blue And Gold Macaw LifeSpan can be a bit trickier as these types of macaws tend to live longer in captivity (pets or in a zoo) as they revive better care. In the wild, there are many more threats and they don’t have the added fear of being eaten!

Origin and History

Blue and gold macaws are native to South and Native America. They extend a wide range all across Central America too. Blue and gold macaws, like macaw ara birds, usually live in a forest in the heat near water supplies like rivers and swaps. They travel in flocks and you’ll see them more in the early morning or late evening coming out in flocks to find food.   


The Blue and gold macaws have a very relaxed and social temperament. It’s smart and proactive. This is the reason that many pet owners opt to have them as part of their family. Although they aren’t the easiest pets’ to take care of they are certainly eye-catching and will stand out in a crowd due to their beautiful colors.

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Caution should be taken in small environments like apartments and with very young children as they can be rather loud especially at the crack of dawn!

Blue and gold macaws are friendly and interactive. They routinely crave attention and affection. They know how to make themselves heard and consequently can find constructive ways to get what they want.


Buying a Macaw can be difficult with such a range in price This can be anywhere from $1000 – $4o000 depending on the temperament, age and species. Figuring out how much is a macaw bird is not straightforward and it will depend on your budget and personal preference.

How To Care For A Blue And Gold Macaw

Caring for a blue and gold macaw can be very rewarding. As pets, they make great vocal companions and each has their own personalities.

They do require special care and attention and although they are beautiful to look at and interact with extra special treatment is recommend to ensure they stay happy and healthier for longer.

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They thrive on attention and will form bonds based on who gives them the most attention in any household. Keeping in mind their impressive size and wingspan it’s important to keep your macaw in a large cage. This will maximize their comfort and help them feel more relaxed consequently keeping them happier for longer.

Having large cages will also help them to stay in physical shape and you will need to routinely take them out of their cage and put them into an enclosed environment as part of an active lifestyle.

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Screaming, shouting and excessive cage biting are all signs of boredom so if you see them you know they need to interact with your macaw more often.

How Long Do Macaws Live As Pets? Average Macaw Lifespan

Most blue and gold macaws can live around 30 – 35 years when they are in the wild. When they are kept as pets or at a zoo they can live up to 50 years. There have even been reports of 1 blue and gold macaw living up to 112 years in 2011! While that is an extreme example most macaws have a long happy lifespan.

Red And Green Macaw Lifespan

red and green macaw lifespan

The red and green macaw can live around 30 years+. The red and green macaw is one of the largest macaw species with an intimidating beak but is generally quite gentle and friendly. They are around 35 inches and weighs around 2 – 3 pounds.

Hahns Macaw Lifespan

Hahns Macaw Lifespan

The Hans macaw lifespan is around 30+ years. Being moderately green in color it is a lot smaller then it’s other macaw friends. It’s social and prefers to communicate with high pitched whistling. This mini macaw has as much personality as it’s cousins but just in a more manageable proportion.

Scarlet Macaw Lifespan

Scarlet Macaw lifespan

The Scarlet Macaw lifespan is around 30+ years. It’s commonly associated with its bright red distinctive color but the scarlet macaw does have patches of yellow and blue. The scarlet macaw is the most intelligent of his cousins and is very social and filled with personality. This is why the scarlet macaw is usually the first choice for new pet owners.

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