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Can A Guinea Pig Eat Hamster Food? What Foods Are Toxic To Guinea Pigs?

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You probably have a guinea pig and a hamster as pets, but you are wondering, can a guinea pig eat hamster food? It is a valid question, even if you do not have a pet guinea pig but are planning on getting one.

For starters, guinea pigs and hamsters are two different animals. In fact, they are rivals, and you cannot place them under the same cage roof if you had both as pets.

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Can A Guinea Pig Eat Hamster Food?

The answer to this is yes. However, the hamster food you feed your guinea pig needs to be regulated. Also, while there are particular foods in the hamster’s diet that you can feed a guinea pig, not all of the hamster’s food qualify. 

Most of the hamster’s food comprises crunchy foods like seeds, nuts, and corn. But you cannot feed your guinea pig these as it could result in choking.  

Hamster Nutrition Percentages

Hamster food is rich in the below nutrients, which can go a long way in helping your guinea pig’s health.

  • Fiber – most hamster foods are rich in fiber, which helps in digestion and enhances bowel movement.
  • Vitamin A – vitamin A helps in boosting the body’s immunity and eyesight 
  • Minerals – these help in reducing heart problems  
  • Antioxidants – help reduce oxidation 

Is hamster food OK for guinea pigs? 6 Benefits of hamster food

There are some health benefits that your guinea pig will gain from hamster’s food. These include:

  1. Controlling weight– hamster’s food has fewer calories compared to guinea pig’s food. By feeding your precious cavy hamster’s food, you are giving him/her fewer calories, thus helping in controlling their weight  
  2. Enhancing digestion– hamster’s diet is rich in fiber, which helps improve digestion and bowel movements. Naturally, guinea pigs have a fragile digestive system. If you feed your cavy hamster’s food that is rich in fiber, then you will be doing him/her a great favor of enhancing their digestive system and bowel movements 
  3. Reducing cholesterol – the high presence of cholesterol causes damages to organs like the heart. The result of this is severe, and sometimes, it can be fatal. Hamster’s food will help reduce the levels of cholesterol in your cavy’s body, and this can save its life    
  4. Controlling blood sugar– hamster’s food has less sugar, a very nice way to control blood sugar. Since the hamster food is rich in fiber, this fiber also helps in controlling your cavy’s blood sugar levels  
  5. Boosting immunity– hamster’s diet has nutrients that help boost a guinea pig weak immune system
  6. Eliminating free radicalsfree radicals form when molecules or atoms lose or gain electrons. Although free radicals will mostly occur from normal metabolic processes in the body, they are harmful. Hamster food can help deal with this since it is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help reduce free radicals in the body.   

Is hamster food OK for guinea pigs? Any Risks?

There are risks involved in feeding your guinea pig hamster food. These include:

  1. Choking – crunchy hamster food like seeds and nuts are a choking hazard for guinea pigs. In case your guinea pig chokes on these, give it lots of water. If they are not able to swallow, then see a vet immediately 
  2. No vitamin Cmost hamster diets lack vitamin C. Since guinea pigs do not produce their own vitamin C, it is best to have it in the diet to prevent contracting scurvy. 

So, can a guinea pig eat hamster food? Yes. However, not all hamster foods are suitable for guinea pigs, especially the crunchy ones. The rest will offer significant benefits to your guinea pig’s health. 

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