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Can A Guinea Pig Live Alone? 5 Challenges Of A Lone Guinea Pig   

Are you considering getting a guinea pig as a pet, but wondering, can a guinea pig live alone? It’s a very common question among new pet owners and is very important to figure out.  

In this short article, we’ll uncover the truth and reveal once and for all whether or not a guinea pig can live by itself.

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Can A Guinea Pig Live Alone?

Guinea pigs are social creatures, and usually enjoy living their lives with others of their species. In rare conditions, though, a guinea pig will live alone. The most common one is when a boar, which is a male guinea pig, is the lone male of a litter or will not get along with other boars (as you should not keep opposite sexed guinea pigs together).

Another reason a guinea pig may live alone, is because its partner has already passed away, and if your guinea pig is older in years you may not want to try to rehome them or get another. 

If you are planning on adopting a new guinea pig and wish for them to be solo, please look for others trying to rehome a more difficult pig that should be alone, or at a shelter, instead of separating one from a current partner. 

The good news is that a guinea pig can live happily alone, especially if they do not get along with others. When caring for a singular guinea pig, you should make sure you give them a minimum of at least an hour a day of attention, and have their habitat somewhere in your house that is more trafficked to prevent loneliness.

Do not force yourself upon them when giving attention, but give them wide areas and the ability to come to you, and keep treats on hand to keep them interested in doing so. 

You will need to provide more stimulating activities to make up for this absence, so you should always try to have ideas on hand, both for when you are around to give them attention and for when you are gone.

How To Keep A Single Guinea Pig Happy

Keeping a single guinea pig happy isn’t always straight forward. Guinea pig parents do find that a lone guinea pig will be happier when a plush animal is available for them. When doing this, make sure it is not one that you care deeply for, as it will become soaked with pee and sometimes other dirt.

Having a plush animal around can keep them from feeling alone, as they will be able to show dominance towards it, cuddle it, or fight when hurt. In cases where a partner passes, they may help the guinea pig handle their grief better. There are even plushies available in the shape of guinea pigs for this exact case, though this may startle them if too realistic. 

When keeping a guinea pig alone, do not try to make up for the missing guinea pigs by keeping them with other animals. A guinea pig can seriously hurt a smaller animal, such as a hamster, and sharing the territory will cause stress upon both animals and prevent them both from receiving the ultimate amount of care.

A larger animal may harm a guinea pig, and should not have access to them without strict supervision. If both animals are kept in their own cages or habits in the same room, and cannot cause harm to one another – or themselves in an attempt to get at the other, the animals will live happily.  

 So, can a guinea pig live alone? Well yes, a guinea pig can live alone, but they are social animals and will be happier when they have company. If you are unable to house another guinea pig then make sure you give them lots of care and attention.

Guinea pigs are lovely pets to have, and you should always think about how you can make them happier and healthier, so both of you can enjoy their lives.

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