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Can A Rabbit And Guinea Pig Live Together? 3 Practical Cage Rules

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You have a pet rabbit and a guinea pig pet. You also have a million-dollar question, Can a rabbit and guinea pig live together

Well, it does make sense that these two lovely pets live together. For starters, they do look a lot like close cousins. They seem to have the same dietary needs- the word here seems. The answer to keeping both of these animals together depends. 

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Can A Rabbit And Guinea Pig Live Together?

Can bunnies and guinea pigs live together? The ideal situation is no. Your guinea pig and rabbit should not live together. Here are three main reasons why:

1. Different diet needs 

Rabbits and guinea pigs have different dietary needs. Although both species are herbivorous, rabbits make their vitamin C while guinea pigs do not. Lack of vitamin C causes scurviness, which leads to diarrhea, loss of fur, and internal bleeding. 

2 Personalities 

As much as bunnies and cavies look similar, they are very different in many ways. For starters, rabbits are bigger and stronger than guinea pigs. A little playtime might lead to severe and fatal injuries for the guinea pig. 

Also, different species communicate differently. Every species has own language, meaning guinea pigs and rabbits communication methods are different. Lack of proper communication and understanding will lead to frustration, which can lead to aggression. It is a fight that your guinea pig will not win.  

And, when it comes to mating, rabbits will try to get intimate with guinea pigs, whether it is a male or a female guinea pig. Remember that the guinea pig is much smaller and weaker than the rabbit. A rabbit mounting on him/her will end up with a broken back or a dead guinea pig.

3. Illness 

Unfortunately, both bunnies and cavies suffer from the same diseases. However, a disease like a Bordetella bronchiseptica will be worse for the guinea pig than it will be for the rabbit. Also, keeping both the rabbit and the guinea pig together raises the chances of transmission diseases. 

Can rabbits and guinea pigs live in the same room?

Is your guinea pig and your rabbit are already living together? Then confirm if they are already getting along well. If they have already made a connection, then it is not wise to isolate them. 

If they are already living together, here are a few adjustments to make:

  • Feed them separately
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Remember that rabbits and guinea pigs have different dietary needs. Feeding them separately ensures that each of your pets gets the nutritious needs they require, which will keep them healthy. 

  • Hideout 

Provide your guinea pig with a sanctuary in case the rabbit bullies him/her. While at it, ensure that the entrance to the lair is large and comfortable enough for the guinea pig but small for the rabbit to access. 

  • Neutering 

Ensure that the rabbit is neutered to avoid occasions where the rabbit tries to mount and mate with the guinea pig. 

Can a rabbit and guinea pig live together? Ideally no. But, if they are already living together, there is no need to separate them. However, you can work toward ensuring the guinea pig is more protected and catered to. 

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