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Can Guinea Pigs Live Outside? 3 Things To Avoid!

Can Guinea Pigs Live Outside? 

Yes, but they will require more work compared to keeping a rabbit outside. The climate you live in will dictate if they can live outsidet. This means if your area is known for heatwaves in summer or freeze warnings in winter, it will not be safe for your guinea pigs to live outside, at least for the entire year.  

Warning: If you decide you are going to keep them outside all year, or a season of the year, only interact with them outside. The guinea pigs will not get climatized if you bring them inside.  

If you still want them to get fresh grass and air, an outside guinea pig playpen is a great idea.  

You can keep your guinea pigs in a large hutch, or are housing a herd of guinea pigs, you can have them free roam in a well-insulated shed.  

It is recommended to keep them in a shed or place a fence around an outside hutch. A shed is more ideal, as not only will it stop animals from getting in, but will also help keep them warm. 

Whichever housing option you chose, you need to weatherproof the outside to prevent rain and breezes from getting in, along with making sure it is waterproofed.  

If you choose to build a fence, make sure it runs a foot or two under the lawn, to prevent animals from being able to dig under. Not only will predators be interested in getting to your fur babies, but the guinea pig’s food will draw other animals, who can spread illness or harm the guinea pigs 

The guinea pig basic care will be the same as when kept inside.  

Guinea Pig Winter Care 

Warning: Do not keep your guinea pigs outside if their habitat can not maintain a minimum temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit/ 18 degrees Celsius 

To help regulate themselves, you should provide a small animal safe heating pad.  

Guinea Pig Summer Care  

Warning: The highest temperature a guinea pig can live in without a high chance of heatstroke is 75 degrees Fahrenheit/24 degrees Celsius. 

To help regulate their temperature, provide small animal cooling stones, or other ways to help cool themselves down, such as a frozen water bottle inside a sock. Make sure to air out their habitat to help prevent respiratory problems.  

You should provide plenty of water to the guinea pigs, with owning a water bottle per guinea pig, and providing them vegetables with higher water content, such as cucumbers. 

Additional Guinea Pig Care 

Keep a spare cage within your house in case of emergency. If a guinea pig becomes sick, they will need to be kept inside, to keep the others from getting sick and so you can provide the proper health care to them. The cage should also be big enough to fit all of the guinea pigs, in case the outside habitat becomes damaged. 

So, Can guinea pigs live outside? Yes, but be prepared for extra expenses and challenges, on top of regular costs for caring for guinea pigs.  


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