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Can Hedgehog Eat Cat Food? (Purina Cat Foods For Hedgehogs)

Most exotic pet owners have a fuzzy idea of what to feed their pets. Take hedgehog owners, for example. What foods are ideal for hedgehogs? Can hedgehog eat cat food? What are their nutritional needs?

The domestication of hedgehogs only started not long ago. In fact, some states in the US are yet to allow citizens to have hedgehogs as pets. It is not hard to see why not everyone has a hang on the nutritional needs of hedgehogs. 

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Can Hedgehog Eat Cat Food?

When hedgehogs were allowed as exotic pets, there was no much information on their dietary needs or their foods in pet stores. As such, many people opted to feed their hedgehogs the readily available food, cat food

Many people still choose to feed their hedgehogs cat food because it has proteins. It also has small kibbles compared to dog food, which makes it safer for hedgehogs. 

Cat Foods for Hedgehogs Benefits 

Hedgehogs are omnivores. They eat plants and small animals, including insects. A hedgehog’s diet needs to be high in proteins and low in fats. Cat food has proteins and will provide your hedgehog with all the proteins they need. 

Another nutritious component in a cat’s food is fiber. Insects have chitin, the exoskeleton bit of their body. The fiber in the cat’s food substitutes the chitin component that your hedgehog might be lacking when you do not feed them insects. 

The benefit of using a cat’s food for your hedgehog’s dietary needs is not only convenient for your pet but also for you as an owner. Not many pet stores have exotic pet food, like food for hedgehogs. 

On most occasions, you will have to order for hedgehog kibble online if your local stores do not have the food. You might also waste a lot of time running from one shop to the other, trying to get the right food for your hedgehog. So, substituting with cat food will also be saving you some hustle. 

However, be careful to read the nutritional labels on the foods you pick to avoid picking foods with high levels of carbohydrates instead of proteins.

What Can Hedgehogs Eat List

You can also feed your hedgehog some cooked human food, but moderate these foods due to the high-fat level. These include:

  • Beef
  • Turkey 
  • Pork
  • Lean chicken   

Apart from these, include veggies in your hedgehog’s diet. Vegetables like green beans, fresh tomatoes, and mushrooms are ideal. 

Treat fruits like treats, and should be in moderation. Fruits like bananas, berries, watermelons, and apples will be excellent choices. Avoid feeding your pet any processed sugars, stick to fruits only. Insects are also lovely treats, but avoid insects caught in the wild. These may have pesticides contaminations, which will harm your pet. 

Milk is not recommended for hedgehogs since they are lactose intolerant. Any dairy products in their diet will cause diarrhea and other stomach complications. However, low-fat plain yogurt is okay once in a while since it has a natural lactose processing bacteria. 

Can hedgehog eat cat food? Yes, you can substitute cat food for hedgehog kibble. It is rich in proteins and fiber and has low-fat levels. 



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