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Can You Own A Hedgehog In Arizona? | Hedgehog Permit

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Can you own a Hedgehog in Arizona? Hedgehogs are small, spiny mammals that eat insects can mostly be found in Africa, Europe, New Zealand, and Asia. While the spikes on their skin may look dangerous, hedgehogs are pretty tame and make great pets.

However, not every state allows ownership of hedgehogs as pets. If you live in Pennsylvania, Hawaii, California, Georgia, and Maine you are not legally allowed to own a hedgehog as a pet

Luckily, the people of Arizona can now legally own a hedgehog.

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Can You Own A Hedgehog In Arizona?

Why were hedgehogs illegal in Arizona

The state of Arizona passed a law that allows people to own hedgehogs as pets in December 2015. However, you have to get a permit from the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

The requirements for this can be very strict because of the fear that domesticated hedgehogs may escape and set up a wild population. 

To prevent that, here are some of the things you should consider when getting a hedgehog for a pet:

Hedgehog Housing

While owning a hedgehog may look and sound amazing, you need to make sure that their habitat is perfect for them. The first thing you need to get is a cage that needs to be a minimum of 2-3 feet. 

This should be a flat bottom cage that is well ventilated and has a lot of room for the hedgehog to move around freely. In addition, add a small litter bowl that should be cleaned daily and the cage scrubbed weekly. You should also make sure that the spaces on the wire side of the cage are small enough that your pet cannot slip through. 

The cage should have an enclosure or a cardboard box for a hedgehog hiding or sleeping space. For bedding, you can use recycled paper, pieces of fabric or wood shavings.

Hedgehog Food

Since hedgehogs love to eat insects so much, their diet is supplemented with crickets and mealworms. These, and other nutrients that your pet needs can be found in hedgehog food in your local pet store. 

For treats, you can feed your pet hedgehog small pieces of fruit, hard-boiled eggs or baby food.

You should also make sure that your pet always has water, which they can drink from a small bowl or from a water bottle with a metal tip. You may need to hold this for your pet before they get used to it.

Hedgehog Healthcare

A common health problem that hedgehogs face is that they are prone to obesity. This is why your hedgehog’s cage should have a running wheel for exercise. Your pet may also get skin mites if they are not properly cleaned. It is important to get a vet who knows how to take care of hedgehogs so that your pet can enjoy its lifespan of four to six years.

Hedgehog Care 

Due to the prickly quills, hedgehogs can be very painful if you don’t know what to do. So if you want to own a hedgehog in Arizona, the best way of handling them is by using gloves or towels. Hedgehogs are usually very fearful creatures so they may take some time to get used to you.

They are also nocturnal so it may be better to try and bond with your pet hedgehog at night.


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