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CBD Oil or CBD Treats for Your Dog

We all want the best for our dogs. From the number of hours we take them out for a walk to the formula of dog food we feed them, we always try to choose the option that has the best effect to them. Our love for our dogs is the ultimate driving force that lets us invest in the things we choose for them. This includes the new type of treats we give them – CBD treats or CBD oil. These two contain a substance derived from a cannabis plant – Cannabidiol (CBD). This substance is known to provide positive effects on pets. But which among the two is truly the best for your dog?

Effects of CBD to Dogs

People have been choosing CBD oils and CBD treats over regular ones because of its known health benefits. It is known to be effective in soothing inflammation, reducing chronic stress, relieving joint pain, soothing arthritis, and decreases separation anxiety. This also falls as a natural supplement that is free of the risk of overdose or organ damage. Studies across the globe have proven that it is effective in relieving pain, decreasing seizures, and more. If you want to know more about CBD treats and its effects on your furry buddies, you can check out Holistic Watch for more details.

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The Good in CBD Oil

People who want a more potent and a purer source of CBD for their pets should always go for CBD oil instead of CBD treats. This is because CBD oil has a more accurate measure of how much CBD content is there in one drop as compared to the approximate measurement that is found in treats. This delivers a purer and more potent effect because it does not undergo heat which can damage the potency of the Cannabinoids. Since CBD oil is in a purer form, there is a lesser risk for allergies as it does not come with calories and other content that may be an allergen to some dogs.

The Downside of CBD Oil

As we have mentioned, CBD oil is more potent. Hence, prolonged and too much intake of CBD oil may have your pet suffering from side effects such as being drowsy, lethargic, and less energetic because of lowered blood pressure. Their mood may not be as pleasant as how it was during the early phase of intake. They may also suffer from physical side effects like vomiting, trembling, drooling, or easy agitation.

Who Is It For?

The use of CBD oil is a method that requires precision and accuracy in administering doses. If you are someone who is not confident in giving precise measures, then this is not for you. This is ideal for pets that are suffering from chronic to severe symptoms and health conditions and are in need of a more potent source of CBD.

The Good in CBD Treats

CBD treats work like magic as it makes your pets feel giddy and excited while getting the benefits from its CBD content. It offers the same effects of CBD oil but since these are baked and cooked, there is an option to add other components such as organic ingredients and vitamins. This is a good option if you want to keep your pet happy, nourished, and benefited by CBD effects.

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The Downside of CBD Treats

Unlike CBD oil, treats are often cooked. The preparation it goes through involves heat which affects or lowers the potency of the item’s CBD content. Having the item go through the process also lessens the accuracy of the estimated content per serving. Ingredients added to the formula may also be an allergen to dogs and have them experience uncomfortable physical symptoms.

Who Is It For?

CBD treats are ideal for dogs that need their CBD dose while getting additional nourishment from their treats. This is also a good choice for dogs that are not easy to give CBD oil doses to. Since these are seemingly regular treats, dogs will be more excited to have their dose of CBD for the day.


Technology and brilliant minds have revolutionized the quality and capability of the products we use. Dog treats and oils are not exempt from that. Hence, CBD treats and oils are definitely one to try especially if your pets are suffering from unpleasant health conditions. However, we should know how to determine which type is suitable for your pet. Let the guide mentioned above help you pick one among the wide variety of options in the market.


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