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Do Guinea Pigs Stink? Do Guinea Pigs Smell Up Room Badly?

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Do guinea pigs stink? Every new guinea pig pet owner is allowed to question if guinea pigs stink. It is the best way to know how much care is needed to keep the guinea pigs cage and your home clean. 

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Do Guinea Pigs Stink?

Yes, guinea pigs stink. However, this hinges on your care for the little furry friend you are keeping. 

Your house and space will be as clean as you want, depending on the energy and the effort you put towards that. The same applies to your guinea pig. The cleaner you keep your guinea pig, the better the smell they will have. 

In fact, according to studies, guinea pigs love clean environments. They clean themselves as much as possible. However, they cannot clean up space around their cage. If you clean out their dirty beddings, scoop the poop, and wash the guinea pig regularly, then your guinea pug will never stink.

Guinea Pig Care Guide For Beginners: 3 Advanced Tips

1. Scoop the poop 

Even if your guinea pig cleans itself, he/she will not clean the poop inside the cage. And, if the poop is left there for long and it accumulates, it will start to stink. Also, it might get in the guinea pig’s fur. The best way to deal with this is by scooping the poop from the cage every day. 

2. Clean up the cage often 

Scooping out the poop is not enough. You also have to scrub the entire cage clean at least once a week. Use some warm water and detergent while at it. At this time, you can transfer your guinea pig to another cage or a safe enclosed location where they still have the freedom to move around and play. Once you are done cleaning, replace the beddings with clean ones. 

While at it, remove any food remnant from the cage. Leftover veggies and plants will start to decay, and this will bring a foul smell.  

3. Bath your guinea pig and some grooming

Your guinea pig also needs constant bathing if you do not want him or her to stink. Groom their hair and nails often. If your guinea pig has a lot of hair, he or she will have a hard time self-cleaning. Also, by grooming their hair, you will be getting rid of dead and broken hairs, which sometimes build up and bring about foul smells. A little help will go a long way.

Apart from the grooming, it would be best if you bath your guinea pig as often as possible. All you need to do is fill the sink with water up to two or three inches. Ensure the bottom of the sink has a piece of cloth lined there, so the guinea pig has traction when standing up. Use soap or shampoo from the pet store to avoid allergic reactions and health problems.  

Once you are done washing your guinea pig, use a nice and clean towel to dry them. Your guinea pig will smell heavenly after this, and you can keep it like this. 

The answer to do guinea pigs stink is yes. But, your effort to keep your pet clean will determine whether they stink or not. Clean their cage often, clean and groom your pet, too, and you will not have foul smells.  

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