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Do Mice Hate Aluminum Foil? | Can Mice Chew Through Aluminum Foil?

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Do mice hate aluminum foil? First, it is very easy to get a mice infestation in your home. Once a male and female mouse mate, the gestation period is concise. Also, they can get at least six babies at once, which can have numerous mice running around your home. One way of avoiding this is by setting humane traps using aluminum foil, which mice hate. 

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Do Mice Hate Aluminum Foil?

Mice will basically eat through anything to get to food or water. Their naturally curious nature makes them fearless and very hard to control once in your home. You will probably see the signs in nibbled on food, shredded clothing, and even chewed up electrical wires. 

Most ways of getting rid of mice involve a lot of money and take some time to be effective. They may also use harmful chemicals and substances that can hurt pets or small children in your home.

However, mice will usually stay away from aluminum foil. This is because they hate the smell of it and the feeling of chewing on aluminum foil.

Using aluminum foil to keep mice away

Can Mice Chew Through AluminumWith this knowledge, you can get rid of mice in your home without having to use harmful chemicals. One way is by blocking all the holes to the inside of your home with pieces of aluminum foil. This will prevent mice from even trying to get inside your house.

If the mice are already inside, then cover the surface where you see the mouse droppings with aluminum foil. Mice usually come out at night, so make sure to include your countertops with the foil. You can remove and fold it during the day and repeat the process until all the mice are gone.

The best part of using aluminum foil to keep mice away is that you can reuse it several times. It is also 100% recyclable, which makes it suitable for the environment.

Effectiveness of aluminum foil in keeping mice away

While aluminum foil is an everyday product that you can use to keep mice away, it’s effectiveness in getting rid of mice is not yet defined. For one, the curious nature of mice may work against you, and they can get used to the aluminum foil after a while. When you use aluminum to cover up cracks, mice can simply avoid nibbling on it and remove it with their feet.

Other humane ways of getting rid of mice in your home include:

  • Get a cat. Cats are natural enemies of mice and will hunt and kill them on sight. Also, mice will usually not go near a home that has a cat.
  • Copper wool and mesh. In the same way that mice hate aluminum foil, you can also use copper wool to keep them away. You can use it to fill up any cracks that mice can go through to get into your home.
  • Cloves. The pleasant smell of cloves is unbearable for mice and will definitely keep them away. All you need to do is have a few whole cloves, or cotton balls dipped in clove essential oil. Then, lay them around the hot zones will they will definitely get rid of your problem.

So, do mice hate aluminum foil? Yes, they do. And if you are looking for a way to get rid of mice without using chemicals, then get aluminum fil to do the job for you. 

Can mice chew through aluminum foil? 

Yo can cover large holes in your walls with wire mesh or aluminum foil. Crush it up and place into any small hole or area that mice travel through. Mice are unable to chew through aluminum foil as they cannot chew through metal.

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