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Does Irish Spring Keep Mice Away? | How Do You Keep Mice Away?

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Does Irish Spring Keep Mice Away? Why not? Mice can make living a nightmare. Once they get inside your home, they can get into everything – food, clothes, and even spaces in your house. While they are more likely to stay somewhere dirty, sometimes it may not matter how clean your home is. 

Apart from pest repellers and other harmful chemicals, there are little tricks that can repel mice from your home naturally. However, you can use soap to get rid of mice. That is Irish Spring soap, which also repels other pests like rats. 

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Does Irish Spring Keep Mice Away?

So why this soap in particular? Like many rodents, mice have very heightened senses. When it comes to smell, mice tend to prefer mild scents in their surroundings. The strong smell of Irish Spring soap is quite harsh for them, however, and mice will stay away from a place that smells like that. 

When near such a scent, mice get very irritated and cannot function properly. However, the smell of Irish Spring soap is also overpowering for humans, so you may need to use it to repel mice in limited doses.

Irish Spring Mice
Irish Spring Mice

How Do You Use Irish Spring Soap To Keep Mice Away?

Besides having a very clean house, Irish Spring soap is an excellent mice repellent. You can also use it to get other pests to leave your home alone. It is inexpensive and readily available. This humane way of getting rid of mice is much safer than using poisonous pesticides. 

Not only can you use this soap in your home, but you can also put pieces of it in your garden and protect your crops from common pests.

How Do You Use Irish Spring Soap To Keep Mice Away?

While this may seem like a great and cost-effective way to get rid of mice, it is not sustainable. This is because mice get used to the smell of the Spring soap after some time. Once that happens, it will no longer be able to keep the mice away, which may lead to an infestation. In extreme cases, you’ll find that the soap packaging has been torn and bite marks left on the soap.

The mice will even eat the Irish Spring soap when no other sources of food are readily available in your home. However, experts suggest using soap shavings instead of all of the soap. You can get these by running the soap over a carrot grater. After some time, you should have enough soap shavings to scare away any mice.  

You can spread them all around the areas that mice are active or entry points into your home. If you have other pets, you need to be careful that they don’t eat the Irish Spring soap, as this will make them sick. If there is a risk of that happening, you can use a cheesecloth to hang up shavings of the soap out of reach. Don’t worry, the soap will still repel the mice.

Frequently asked questions

What scent will keep mice away?

Here are the top household items that will keep mice away.

  1. Peppermint oil
  2. Cayenne pepper
  3. Cloves.
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Mice do not like the smell of any of these household items and it’s very effective as a mice deterrent. Here’s what you need to do. Slowly soak a piece of cotton in the oils from all of just one of the above list. Then put the cotton in common areas that you would usually find mice. This should serve as a mild to moderate deterrent.

What will keep mice away?

Usually, a small whiff of strong peppermint oil will work. There are 2 main ways to include the smell of your home. You can either grow it and have the plants in your house laid out strategically in problem areas. Or, you can use the peppermint oils and swap problem areas instead. The strong smell will act as a deterrence and discourage mice from entering your home.

Do dryer sheets repel mice?

Recent research has shown a link between dryer sheets and mouse deterrent. It has been proved to show that mice do dislike the smell. But the only issues are dryer sheets will eventually lose their smell and therefore you will need to routinely replace them for them to be effective.

Does Pine Sol repel mice?

Yes, but it is a small repellant and won’t work for long periods. You can use a spray bottle of half Pinesol/half water in your house. Wherever you have a pest problem you can spray the area and you should see a difference. Rodents like rats, mice, possums etc. hate like the smell.

 Do mice hate vinegar?

Yes, but this should be used in conjunction with other repellents.

White vinegar is the most hostile vinegar available and should be able to repel mice if used in large quantities. Mice avoid heavy scents, so it’s advisable to use vinegar in problem areas repeatedly until you notice a difference.  

What is the best mouse repellent?

The Top 5 Best ​Mouse Repellents are

  1. MaxMoxie Pest Repeller 
  2. Peppermint Essential Oil
  3. Rodent Repellent 4 Scent Pouches.
  4. Mice Defense – Natural Spray.
  5. Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller.

Do mice like coffee grounds?

No, but coffee should be used to cover smells as instead of a mice repellant. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to use it in the walls or ceilings and floorboards where mice naturally live. Instead, try sprinkling grounded coffee over problem areas or near exits and entries points in your home.  

Do onions kill rats?

No, but rats and mice dislike the smell. To use it as a deterrent place a fresh onion around a problem area once every two days for most effectiveness. Onion powder can kill rats as it swells within their stomach and can eventually kill them.

What food kills mice?

Heavy fatty foods or heavy salt foods will eventually kill mice, but only if mixed with chocolate. Mice live naturally on seeds, grains, and foods high in fat or sugar. To try to kill mice with chocolate bait them with high fatty or salty food first. Once they have started eating and get used to the source of food, replace it with chocolate-covered peanut candy. This will eventually kill mice. Chocolate comprises a chemical called Theobromine- which attacks the nervous and circulatory systems of mice.

How to keep mice out of your house?

If you want to keep mice out permanently then try these 7 things: 

  1. Block all entrance points
  2. Don’t serve the birds with food
  3. Don’t save pet food in containers
  4. Keep trash bins sealed.
  5. Keep foundation plantings in check.
  6. Keep dry food in sealed boxes.
  7. Keep floors and countertops bacteria-free.

Does bleach keep mice away?

Yes, bleach is a great deterrent for mice and is has a strong smell that should keep mice away. Plus bleach has the added bonus of killing bacteria which is perfect for floors and surfaces that mice have been on. Spray it around all problem areas for a quick resolution.

Will sleeping with lights on keep mice away?

No, sleeping with the lights on or off will not deter mice. Mice have biological clocks that make them rely on light for eating, sleeping and foraging purposes. Therefore, having the light on or off won’t change how often you see them, as they are still active in the dark.

Can mice eat through steel wool?

No, but they can pull and bite around it which will damage the steel wool. A good deterrent is mixing steel wool and caulking compound together. You can use this to secure small breaks. Copper wool is produced in a way that makes it easier to get stuck in the teeth of rodents. This makes it ineffective as a plug by itself. 

Do Mice know to avoid traps?

No, but mice have incredible senses for many smells. If they start to evade traps, it could be that they can smell a human scent around or even worse the smell of a dead mouse. This will be enough of a deterrent to keep them away from any traps you set.  

Does cinnamon keep mice away?

Yes, Cinnamon is a great deterrent for mice. It is a powerful pungent aroma that mice do not like. We suggest making cinnamon sachets and putting them into walls, cupboards and small openings. Try to use cinnamon oil on a cotton ball and rub it on the surface that comes in contact with mice for the best results. 

How do I get rid of mice ASAP?

  1. Reduce entry points.
  2. Use rodent traps.
  3. Choose the correct lure for traps.
  4. Place mouse traps in the right locations.  
  5. Create Bait stations.
  6. Keep surfaces, areas, floors and walls clean and bacteria-free. 
  7. Think about getting a cat.
  8. Will mice bite you in your sleep?

No, it’s very rare for mice to bite anyone in their sleep. Although a rat bite is more common. If you see them dive across your bed at night it’s usually because the bed is a shortcut across the room and they are trying to be efficient.  

So Does Irish Spring Keep Mice Away? Yes,  but you have to be diligent in your efforts and always use more than enough.

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