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Does Mice Eat Clothes? | Do Mice Hide In Clothes?

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Have you ever woken up one day ready to wear your favorite outfit only to find it shredded beyond all recognition? If you’re wondering where those bite-sized holes came from, then you probably have mice in your home.

So does mice eat clothes? Well, not actually.

The diet of mice is quite diverse, and these omnivorous rodents will eat almost anything readily available. However, your clothes are a different matter altogether. They are only useful for one thing – nesting material.

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Does Mice Eat Clothes?

Mice will get into anything that they can use for food or shelter. Popular items like bags, boxes and cardboard are fair game to mice. They will try to chew through anything that they can. Sometimes this isn’t for feeding purposes but for nesting reasons. Your clothes usually make fantastic nesting material for them to use.

How to find a nest in your home

If you are tired of having mice destroy your clothes, there are several ways of flushing them out of their nests. The first thing you need to do is find it. Mice usually build their nests in a warm place near food and water. That means that you will find most nests in kitchens or the rooms near it.

Nests can also be in cupboards or drawers all over the house. However, mice hide some of their nests in the walls, and within small empty spaces in your home, so you may need to do a more thorough search.

How to keep mice out of your closet

There are three main ways to keep mice out of your home and make sure that they can’t eat your clothes:

  1. Seal any openings and gaps in the exterior of your house. Mice can fit through a ½ inch or smaller wide gap, so make sure that you do a thorough job of sealing all the holes. You should also make sure that you use durable material that the mice can’t chew through, like concrete mortar or sheet metal. It would help if you did this mostly in the cold months, as mice are looking for warm spaces to nest.
  2. Make sure that you clean up your closet. Remove any dirty clothes and get rid of any food crumbs that may attract mice. Also, seal any holes leading to your closet and get rid of clutter. This is where mice are likely to nest.
  3. If you suspect that mice are already in your closet, use baited traps to get rid of them. The bait can be peanut butter or chocolate, and the trap should be placed near walls as these mice usually travel against them.

If your biggest worry is if do mice eat clothes, then it is okay to worry a little. Mice will not eat your clothes, but they will nibble at them and use them as nests. 


Do mice damage clothes?

Yes, they can damage clothes by digging through them, using them for a nest or generally soiling them. Other things like newspapers, cardboard and fabric can also be used. Anything they can chew through will be used for nesting or playing purposes. (Some mouse can bite through your insulation and wiring)

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Where do mice nest?

The main job for pregnant mice is to make sure that they create suitable nests, which will keep the newborn mice safe and warm. Mice will, therefore, go for the softest fabric like cotton and yarn. Once found, she will chew and cut up strips of it for her nest material. This is what leaves the holes that make it look like mice eat clothes. Just like cat hunt out mice, mice hunt out clothes to eat!.

How do mice nests look?

A nest is basically made of anything that a mouse can chew through. It includes clothes, pieces of cardboard, and plastic, as well as pillows stuffing, tissues, and leaves. You’re also likely to find pieces of dried food that the mice hoards.

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