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Does Mice Eat Roaches? Do Mice And Roaches Coexist?

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Does mice eat roaches? This is probably a question you never thought you’d find yourself asking. However, for the curious mind and the homeowner who wants to know more, the answer to this question is yes.

Does Mice Eat Roaches? 

Mice are naturally curious and will eat almost anything. You can see evidence of this when they nibble on electrical wires or leftover food. But, do mice eat roaches? Mice don’t spare roaches either when foraging for food. In fact, mice are one of the top three killers of cockroaches, with humans as number two and the roaches themselves as number one.

Mice eat all types of roaches, whether big or small.

Do Mice And Roaches Coexist?

Do mice and roaches coexistRoaches are fast, active, and very difficult to catch. This means that mice will rarely chase after them if there are more readily available sources of food. This makes roaches an occasional treat in a mouse’s diet. However, mice will readily eat roaches that in sticky traps. 

After setting a trap, most homeowners are likely to find just the roach legs sticking to it, without the body attached. This is usually the first indication that another pest is in the area, as well as a few hairs that get stuck as the rodent feeds.

The feeding process is quite simple – a mouse will first approach a trap where a roach is stuck and sniff it for a while. It will then start striking the insect with its front paws, which causes the roach to start making rapid movements. 

This behavior is exciting for the mouse, which then kills the roach by biting its head off. It then bites off the wing covers, wings and legs, and usually eats just the soft viscera of the roaches’ abdomen.

Mice eat roaches because they contain the essential nutrients that they need to survive. This includes protein, fat, and minerals. Also, the exoskeleton of a roach contains chitin, which is beneficial to the digestive processes of mice.

How To Get Rid Of Roaches?

For many people, one of the key benefits of having mice is that they can use it as cockroach pest control. However, this is not actually what happens. Because roaches are not easy to catch, mice usually opt for an easier target when it comes to food.

how to get rid of roaches The only time that roaches can become the primary source of a mouse’s diet is when the infestation runs into the thousands, such that the mice don’t have to work so hard to get food.

In typical cases, signs that mice have eaten roaches caught in sticky traps are not a good thing. Mice breed very quickly and can become a nuisance if not immediately controlled. Once these signs become apparent, then you’ll know that it’s time to take immediate action. 

Since mice can evade those typical traps, this serves as a warning to set a different trap for them as well before you find yourself dealing with two pests – mice and roaches.

Does mice eat roaches? Yes. in case your place is infested with roaches, maybe consider getting mice. They will not only be a pest control helpers but also be an excellent pet to parent. 


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