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Dog Behavior After Being Attacked – 4 Ways To Get Back To Normal

Can one modify a dog Behavior After Being Attacked? Here is a theoretical back story to help visualize the situation;

You and your dog are taking a walk in the park, and everything is going great. Suddenly an unleashed dog attacks leashed dog. The leashed dog, in this case, happens to be yours. After the incident, you will take your dog to the vet for treatment.

Maybe you have tried some training to keep him calm. Weeks have gone by since the incident, but it appears your dog is not over the experience. So how can you help your dog and regulate dog behavior after being attacked? Keep reading to find out!

Dog behavior after being attacked

An attack on your dog will have short term and long term consequences on your dog’s behavior and how they see the world around them. Even after the wounds inflicted have long healed, your dog may still not be acting like themselves. 

They may be quieter and less playful around other dogs. They may also become aggressive around dogs that look similar to or are the same breed as the dogs that attacked them. 

In addition, your dog may also not want to return to the park as it has a negative emotional response for them. There is a need to fix these behavioral issues as soon as possible. It is the only way to help your dog get past the trauma. 

How to help your dog feel safe after being attacked

After being attacked, your dog may be shocked, and it is up to you to reinforce the right behavior to help them move forward. Some of the ways to do this include:


Your dog may be scared of or even aggressive towards other dogs after being attacked. This is why you should come up with a resocialization plan that will get them playing with other dogs like before. By being around other dogs, even when not interacting at first, your dog will become more comfortable by the day. Go slow with this and use treats to mark every small milestone towards this goal.

Keeping things normal

You might feel the need to cuddle your dog all the time after other dogs have attacked them. However, your dog will need the predictability of ordinary things to get through this uncertain time. Try to keep everything as normal as possible as this will help your dog move on with their life. However, you could skip going to the dog park for a few days just until your dog calms down and gets past the trauma of being attacked.

Getting a behavior specialist

If you see your dog acting differently, especially around other dogs, it may be time to call in a dog behavior specialist. Dog psychology after attack needs a specialist. The specialist will use positive reinforcement techniques to help your dog get over the stress of being attacked.0o000000000000000000000

Spending time with known dogs in a familiar environment

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Another way to help your dog to move on is by reintroducing them to the dogs they knew before the attack. It should be done gradually over time in a controlled, familiar environment. Spending time with these dogs will help your dog to remember that not all dogs are bad, and they will slowly start to trust others. 

Dog behavior after being attacked is likely to change as a response to the trauma experienced. However, with a little time and behavior modification, your dog will go back to normal soon.



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