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Dog Bonded To Wrong Person – 5 Ways To Win Back Their Love

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If your dog bonded to wrong person it can feel like a headache at best and a complete heartbreak at worst!

It is the hope of every dog owner that their dog will grow and bond with them and loved ones. As you go about daily life with your pet dog playing, learning and enjoying each other’s company, a bond between you makes things easier.

What many don’t anticipate is that the dog may sometimes bond with the wrong person. So how can you fix that relationship with your dog?

In this short article, we’ll reveal the ideal dog bond test and how to tell if your dog loves you the most!

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Dog Bond Test 

There are various dog bond test techniques you can use to show that they have bonded with their owner or someone else. These include:

  1. A dog will really enjoy some physical interaction from the person that they have bonded with, even if it is someone you do not want in your dog’s life.

  2. Dogs want to know where the person they’ve bonded with is at all times, and will even start looking around for you if they can’t see you.

  3. If your dog has bonded with someone, they will be ready to follow all the person’s commands. This means that the person will be able to teach the dog some tricks and have the dog performing with no hesitation. The dog will also be able to maintain eye contact and remain calm around the person.

  4. You’ll know that your dog has bonded with someone if they are very comfortable going through the person’s stuff. A dog will also often bring shoes and slippers to the person.

  5. A dog will be more than willing to protect the person that they’ve bonded with, even when it may be harmful to them. 

Your Dog Bonded To Wrong Person – 5 Ways To Win Back Their Love

Do you want to fix the bond with your dog? Some of the key reasons why your dog may be overlooking you are:

1. Physical touch

Contrary to popular belief, dogs don’t like hugs and might get aggressive if you try it. If you want a dog to love you and want to bond with you, keep the touching to a minimum and let the dog come to you whenever possible. Also, make sure to approach your dog from the side while speaking in a calm voice as this will make them comfortable in your presence.

2. Rules and commands

Dogs love rules and a structured way of life. Knowing when and where to eat, play, sleep and do other things makes a dog’s life much more comfortable. You should make sure that you enforce these rules daily and try not to make exceptions so that your dog can look up to you as the leader.

3. Holding on too tight

Choking is not a pleasant sensation, and doing that to your dog will make you very unlikeable. Make sure that your dog’s leash is not too tight when you go for walks, and try not to drag them somewhere the dog doesn’t want to be.

4. No play

Dogs love exploring their surroundings and can stay outside for hours. Be sure to give your dog some time to run around when you go on walks. You can also carry a ball or a stick and play fetch.

5. Strong odours

Dogs experience most of the world through their sense of smell, which is extremely strong. What may seem like just a whiff of sweat or perfume to you is likely amplified more than 1,000 times for your dog. Surrounding your dog with mild smells will be better for your bond in the long run.

Dog Bonded To Wrong Person, what next? Your dog may have bonded with the wrong person now, but it is never too late to turn the tables!

Learning how to tell if your dog loves you the most takes a little effort and lots of patience. Once you figure out why your dog is not bonding with you, you have a chance to rectify and improve your relationship.

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