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Dog Hit By Car Survival Rate – 3 Essential Factors 

Figuring out the Dog Hit By Car Survival Rate isn’t easy. As a pet owner, your dog will usually go everywhere with you and this comes with risks. There is a significant risk that your dog can be hit by a car while on walks, while in the front garden or if they like to escape the home. 

This usually happens, more often than not,  when you’re just walking or when the dog is in the car with you. In fact, according to the dog hit by car statistics, about 1.2 million dogs are hit by cars every year in the US. 

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Dog Hit By Car Survival Rate – 3 Essential Factors

The dog hit by car recovery rate will depend on the impact on the dog. Also, the recovery period will depend on the type and impact of the injury. Some of the injuries range from broken bones to mere scratches and trauma.

Should the worst happen, a dog harness greatly increases your dog’s survival rate.

Are Harnesses Bad For Dogs?  

You should make sure that your dog is in a harness in the same way that humans must wear a seat belt at all times when inside a car. It will keep the dog in one place should an accident occur. The force of the crash will likely make any loose objects move around inside the car.

If your dog is unrestrained at that moment, they may be thrown out of the window and seriously injured. Not only that, but the dog may also bump into you and cause you further injuries. It is best to have the dog restraint on the backseat and have the dog secured before you start your car journey.

If you are going for a walk, make sure that your dog’s leash is securely tied and cannot escape. You can also teach your pet some simple commands that will prevent them from running into oncoming traffic.

Dog Hit By Car Recovery (Common Injuries & Treatment)

When a dog is hit by a car, the dog hit by car recovery rate will greatly depend on the kind of injury received and the immediate care that follows. The dog will likely be in pain and confused. Due to this, it may not recognize you and can become aggressive when you try to help.

The first thing you need to do is use some dog harness to restrain the dog. It would be best if you also put a muzzle on its mouth to prevent any biting as you take care of the injuries or take it to the vet. You can use gauze, a sock or even a tie to create a muzzle.

Hold the ends of the cloth in each hand and lay it across the dog’s nose. Ensure it is close to the dog’s eyes as possible. Then wrap the cloth around the dog’s nose while firmly tying it below the jaw. Finally, pull the ends of the cloth back and tie them behind the neck.

Common injuries for a dog hit by a car

  • Bleeding
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It’s easy to control external bleeding at the scene of the car crash before going to see the vet. Just put a piece of sterile gauze over the wound and apply steady pressure until the bleeding trickles down. While you may not be able to tell if there is any internal bleeding or not, try to keep the dog warm and the breathing passages clear before getting to the vet.

  • Broken bones

A dog with broken bones must be handled with care so as not to make the break worse. You should pick the dog up carefully and take them to the vet with as little movement as possible.

  • Shock

This happens when the injuries are too severe, and the dog’s circulatory system starts failing. Shock requires immediate veterinary attention, and you should get the dog to a vet as soon as possible. Make sure that you limit your movements and keep the dog warm.

It might be hard to tell what dog hit by car survival rate is. However, the impact of the accident as well, and the type of injury will play a big role. These injuries include broken bones, shock, or internal bleeding. If you can advocate some first aid, you might buy your dog some time to live while you get to the vet.   


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