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Dog Holding Urine Too Long – 3 Serious Signs Of Bladder Infection (UTI)

It is a fact of life that you can not be there for every moment of your dog’s life. Between work and other life responsibilities, your dog may have long periods alone in the house.

As part of this, you may have also taught them to hold in their urine until you return to take them outside. Is it healthy to have your dog holding urine too long? Or are there alternatives?

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Effects of Your Dog Holding Urine Too Long

Dogs that hold in their urine for long periods are predisposed to a host of health problems. Chief amongst these are urinary tract infections, which are a result of harmful bacteria collecting in your dog’s urine.

Signs that your dog has a UTI include the inability to pee, bloody urine, your dog crying out in pain while peeing, and lack of appetite. Your dog’s pee may also have a powerful odor, and they may be drinking more water than usual. 

While antibiotics can easily treat UTIs, untreated infections can lead to urinary stones. If the UTI keeps recurring, your dog also runs the risk of getting certain types of urinary cancer, which can be deadly.

Another risk factor for dogs holding in their urine for too long is incontinence. It happens after years of the bladder becoming very distended from staying in their urine. 

How Often Should A Dog Urinate?

Ideally, your dog should be taken out to pee at least three times a day. However, the frequency of needing to relieve themselves depends on certain factors, such as age, sex, breed, size, and underlying medical conditions. 

Younger dogs have smaller, underdeveloped bladders which mean that they’ll need to pee more frequently. Certain dog breeds are also known to need to relieve themselves more often. 

Some illnesses, such as kidney disease in dogs, may make it impossible for your pet to hold in their urine for more than 3 hours at a time. However, your vet should be able to tell you more about your dog’s requirements and needs. 

Puppy Bladder Control Tips

While it might be easy for your dog to hold in their pee for long periods, this behavior should not be encouraged. You should make sure that you give your dog at least five opportunities to go outside and relieve themselves daily, especially when they are younger. 

If you have to be away during the day, you can get a pet sitter to let them out at various intervals. Alternatively, you can train your dog to use the doggy door to go outside and pee, so that they can stay in the yard. Give your dog ample time to get everything out of their bladder even if it takes a while and treats them when done.

No matter how busy life gets, it would help if you did everything possible to prevent dealing with your dog holding urine too long. It is the best way to ensure that your dog is healthy.

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