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Dog Pulls On Leash Tried Everything! 3 Expert Tips To Regain Control

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Taking a walk with your dog is not only healthy for the dog but also you. Some alone time with your pet will give you two time to bond. But there are some unprecedented issues some dog owners face during this. The most common query is usually, the dog pulls on leash tried everything, what to do?

The minute your dog starts pulling on the leash, the whole walk becomes annoying for you and even painful for the dog. So, why do dogs pull on leash? And what is the answer to this?  

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Why do dogs pull on leash? 

  1. Excessive energy and lock of control – some dogs have too much energy such that they want to stay outdoors playing and running around, something you cannot match. Such a dog might obey your commands to stop pulling the leash, but this might not last for long.

  2. Your dog does not know they are pulling – some dogs do not know whether they are pulling on the leash. Maybe you are yet to train your dog, so he knows when he is pulling, or it’s the first time your dog is wearing a leash. In such a situation, you can train your dog how to walk when on a leash.

  3. Your dog wants something – there could be a chance that your dog sees something he wants and the only way to get is to pull on the leash. It could be a toy, some prey or the dog has seen someone they love, and they want to get close. These are excitement triggers, but you can train your dog to have self-control in such situations.

  4. Fear and anxiety – if your dog is in a new environment or anywhere that triggers fear and anxiety, he will start pulling on the leash. He is only trying to get away from an uncomfortable situation. Training might not help with this, but you can try learning what triggers the fear or anxiety. It is the best way to ensure you avoid taking your dog to such areas.

  5. Type of leash – if the leash you use on your dog is always tight, your dog probably thinks that this is how it should always be. 

Dog Pulls On Leash Tried Everything! (Do This Instead)

1. The right equipment

Avoid any equipment that causes discomfort or pain like a choke chain, or prong collars. Even if you are training your dog to stop pulling on the leash, these types of equipment will only encourage your dog to ignore any discomfort or pain, and he will keep pulling the leash. 

According to studies, the kind of harness you use will influence your dog’s behavior. The best harness to use is a standard back clip and a pair of martingale collar. The harness is good at distributing pressure in case your dog pulls on the leash. The martingale collar will ensure that your dog does not slip out of the harness. 

2. Exercise 

It might feel like the dog too strong to walk every time he pulls on the leash, or he has no self-control. What you can do is ensure that your dog gets plenty of exercises before you take him for a walk. It gets him all worked up, making him less energetic during the exercise.

3. Be patient 

You need a lot of patience, especially if your dog is not used to being on a leash. Even with training, your dog will need some time to learn self-control. You can keep him away from any anxiety or fear triggers and let him work through the training on how to have self-control.

The problem of dog pulls on leash tried everything is common. While it is frustrating, it will need you to be a bit patient with your dog. You can try leash training, especially if he is not used to be on a leash. Other solutions to your problem are getting your dog worked up before the walk and getting the right harness.   

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