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Dog Restless At Night Not Sleeping – 3 Powerful Ways To Help

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You might come home all spent up and ready to hit the sack for some good rest. Your dog, on the other hand, might have something else in mind. It is not the playful bit such that he wants you up so you can play. If you are wondering why your dog restless at night not sleeping, there could be other underlying issues. 

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Reasons For Dog Restless At Night Not Sleeping

1. Anxiety

Stress in dogs also leads to anxiety, which can cause restlessness at night. Your dog will keep changing positions. All these could be a result of changing the environment, new people, or pets in the dog’s life, or the dog is undergoing some treatment. Senior dog anxiety at night is prevalent where older dogs pace a lot, get anxious, and do not sleep. Anxiety is treatable, but your dog’s vet can advise

2. Aging

As dog’s age, a lot of the body functionalities decline, and some get dementia. The memory, awareness, sight, hearing, and learning abilities might deteriorate. If this happens, the relationship your dog shares with people around, including other pets, will change. All these can lead to restlessness and possibly sleepless nights.

3. Inactivity

Dogs are more active than humans. If your dog is not getting enough exercise, he will have a lot of unused energy building up inside, which can cause anxiousness. The result of this will be restlessness at night, and the dog will stay awake.s

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What if my dog has separation anxiety at night?

Separation anxiety in dogs occurs when a dog becomes overly attached to its owner. Some dogs will only exhibit separation anxiety at night. It could be the darkness that sets them off and make them think you are away. Or maybe your dog is used to sleeping in your bedroom and cannot stand being alone in his crate.  

Such emotions are distress to the dog. Instead of sleeping, your dog will be pacing around and whining, hoping you will pamper him with affection.

What can I give my dog to sleep at night?

Calming aids

Your dog’s vet might recommend some calming aids to help with the anxiety. Although calming aids are easy to find, it is best if a vet gives you the recommendation of the dosage. 


Your dog needs to get as much exercise as possible. The same way humans are encouraged to stretch at night for a good night of sleep. A lot of exercises will have your dog using up all its energy, so there we ill be non left in the evening to pace around. If you are busy, you can have a loved one or a neighbor, walk your dog. There are also dog walking services like Wag Walking and Rover.

If your dog has separation anxiety, you can train him to spend time on his own in the crate or bed. Some dogs with separation anxiety might also have triggers like thunderstorms, lightning, or noise. In this case, take the dog to the vet for treatment. 

Dog restless at night not sleeping is not a new phenomenon. Most of the dogs that exhibit this behavior are either suffering from anxiety or lack of enough exercise.

Ensure that your dog gets to exercise enough during the day, so he does not have any energy to run around at night. In case of anxiety, your vet can recommend some calming aids.

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