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Dog Wakes Up Too Early And Whines – 5 Ways To Avoid Unwanted Dog Alarm

If your Dog Wakes Up Too Early And Whines then you know you have a problem on your hands.

Whether you have been a dog owner for a long time or it’s a new thing, it is not an easy thing; from the day-to-day care involved to money spent buying items like a dog harness, it may seem like you cannot catch a break sometimes.

It is even worse when you want to sleep in, and your dog keeps waking you early and whining.

So what can you do to save your sleep-in Saturdays and lazy Sunday mornings?

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Dog Wakes Up Too Early And Whines – 5 Ways To Avoid Unwanted Dog Alarm

Many times an unwanted dog alarm can be solved by using some practical tips. However there are more challenging situations, like puppies and older dogs.

If you have old dog waking up too early problems then this can be a bit more challenging. Alternatively, if you’re constantly thinking “my puppy wakes up at 4am – what do i do!“, then you are certainly in for a hard road ahead. 

There are several reasons why your dog may be an early riser, such as:

1. Built-in alarm clock

Believe it or not, dogs are more reliable than alarm clocks if you need to wake up early. Your dog’s internal body clock usually aligns with your daily schedule. That means that your dog will wake you up every day at the same time with whines and licks, even on the days when you want to sleep in.

2. Hunger

As a dog owner, it is important to have a regular feeding schedule to teach your dog some discipline when it comes to food. However, your dog is likely to be quite hungry in the morning if you usually feed them a bit earlier the previous day. A hungry dog will not let you rest and sleep in.

3. Potty break

For younger dogs, especially, it is almost impossible for them to go the whole night and morning without needing to relieve themselves. That means that your dog is likely to wake you up with a lot of whining very early for you to take them outside to pee.

4. Excitement

The world is a great big, exciting place to explore for dogs. This is likely to have your dog awake very early and excited to start the day. 

How do I stop my dog from whining early in the morning?

Some of the ways you can train your dog for a behaviour change include:

  1. Try not to sleep in the same room or bed as your dog. Instead, get them their crate and ensure that it has some dog harness that can be securely tied till you’re ready to let them go. Remove all your dog’s toys and make the room as dark as possible so that your dog is more likely to sleep through the night. 
  2. You can try to ensure that your dog is not so hungry very early in the morning by feeding them a bit later at night. Make sure that you also give your dog a snack right before bedtime to tide them over. Also, take your dog for a bathroom break right before their bedtime. 
  3. Make sure that your dog has plenty of exercise during the day so that they are too tired to wake you up early. You can also use an alarm clock that will allow your dog to associate the sound with when you usually wake up. 
  4. Your dog’s whines may become very irritating early in the morning, but make sure you ignore them as much as possible. This will hopefully teach your dog to stop disturbing your sleep after some time.

There are many ways to handle a Dog Wakes Up Too Early And Whines problem. Having your dog wake you up very early is not something to look forward to. With these tricks, you can be able to teach your dog a morning routine that works for both of you.

Don’t worry if they don’t work at first and keep trying out different combinations until you find what makes your early hours bearable.


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