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Guinea Pig Sounds And Meaning! 5 Ways To Understand Your Cavy!

It’s easy to see why so many people get confused with guinea pig sounds and meaning. Guinea Pigs can display a wide variety of sounds, squeaks, purrs and chirps and putting that all together into a framework that we can understand can sometimes be overwhelming.

However, with a little bit of help, it’s very possible to figure out what the guinea pig sounds and meaning convey and how to respond to them

Remember when in doubt always ask your local vet for a second opinion. Most guinea pig sounds and meaning are straight forward and can be interpreted quite very easily.

However, other times strange noises made over and over again could be linked to a health issue or disease so it’s important you get your guinea pig to a vet as soon as you spot it.

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Now let’s get into the most popular guinea pig sounds. Whether it’s a friendly purr or alarming shriek we’ll cover the most popular sounds your Guinea Pig make.

What Do Guinea Pig Noises Mean?

The majority of Guinea Pig sounds are vocal and are recognisable. Squeaks, chortles, grunts, and purrs are the most popular expressions.

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The best way to “learn how to speak guinea pig” is to spend as much time with your Guinea Pig as possible. Once you do you’ll start to see patterns of behaviour and then sounds that accompany it.

Sometimes it is more obvious that your Guinea Pig is happy and wants to play (when they bounce up and down) and other times it is clear that they are stressed and need some time alone (when they show their teeth)

But what about all those guinea pig sounds and meaning in between?

Let’s explore the most common guinea pig sounds and meaning

1. What does it mean when a guinea pig squeaks?

This is a very usual and common sound that Guinea Pig’s make and is associated with excitement and anticipation usually around feeding time. It usually sounds like a long and loud squeal and sometimes is associated with a high pitched whistle.

A very common time that this will occur is when your Guinea Pig is anticipating a healthy treat and they can see you preparing it.

2. What does it mean when a guinea pig purrs?

Purrs are a little bit more complicated and can mean different things at different times. It depends on the pitch of the purr and whatever body language it comes with.

For example, if a Guinea Pig is happy, contented and relaxed then you will hear a purring sound. But if they are upset or frustrated then you may hear a purr that is higher pitched.

The basic rule is the shorter and shallower the purr the more frustrated they may be showing. A short purr, commonly is known as a ‘durr’ could show signs of fear and uncertainty.

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A good example is holding your Guinea Pig yourself and hearing them do a deep long purr and then putting them in the hands of a stranger for the first time. You may hear a distinctive difference in purring.

3. Why does my Guinea Pig rumble?

A Guinea Pig will rumble or make a deep purring noise when they are courting or trying to mate. Think of it as the language of flirting with the opposite sex. You’ll know that this is the case as you’ll see a mating dance in your Guinea Pig body language.

4. Teeth chattering & Hissing

This is usually attributed to being anger and upset. Teeth chattering is used when your Guinea Pig is angry and wants to be alone. It’s a sign to say back off or I’ll use these teeth on you! You’ll know they mean business if they trow in a few hisses as well.

5. Shrieking

This is a very obvious distress call or alarm call. If you hear this it’s wise to go and check up on your Guinea Pig. They may be caught up on something or generally in pain. if it continues to happen to take your GUINEA PIG to the vet asap.

6. What does it mean when a guinea pig chirps?

When a guinea pig chirps it can sound like a bird chirping. It’s actually not very well understood and holds the most mystery out of all the Guinea Pig sounds. Some people say it’s a Guinea Pig song but it’s not very well research area as of yet.

Cooing – this is a common sign of affection and is widespread amongst the piggy family.

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Guinea Pig Noises Meaning

1. Sneezing

This common Guinea Pig sound is very clear and actually sounds like they are sneezing. Most of the time its nothing to worry about, but sometimes it can be a cause for concern if they are ill or sick.

Look out for runny nose and sore eyes. Heavey breathing and some coughing sounds are also good indicators that your Guinea Pig has picked up a virus and needs some extra care and attention.

2. Fast breathing

Some Guinea Pigs go through a round of rapid breathing and it can seem very peculiar. Usually, its nothing to worry about and may just mean that your Guinea Pig has been very active or is very very excited.

If it happens too often and you can signs of trauma then get your Guinea Pig to your local vet fast. It could be a sign of a respiratory infection.

3. Do Guinea Pigs Snore?

Yes, your Guinea Pig does snore and yes it can get loud. This usually happens if there is slight congestion of the nose, but is usually nothing to be worried about.


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