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How Fast Can A Rat Run? How Fast Can Rats Run Mph?

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Are you thinking of giving the rats in your home a race, but you do not know how fast can a rat run? Or are the rats running around your house in the middle of the night and causing you sleepless nights? Since rats are nocturnal animals, you might be lucky to hear them rummage through items in your house. The problem is that you will not know how fast they are moving.  

We understand the need to get rid of rats in your home. The need to eliminate rats in your homes comes with many options, absurd ones even. A rodent infestation is not only harmful to your household, and it is dangerous for your health. Rats are carriers of a load of diseases that affect humans. 

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How Fast Can A Rat Run?

How Fast Can Rats Run Mph

When you see a rat run or hear it move around your house, you can tell that they really do run fast. Rats can run for up to 8 mph (miles per hour) or 13 kph (kilometers per hour). 

However, how fast a run runs depends on a few factors, according to research.

These are:

  • Hungerthe hungrier the rat, the faster it will probably run. Also, a hungry rat will run for a more extended period than a full rat.
  • Ageyounger rats run for more extended periods compared to the older ones. The speed is also higher with short pauses for younger rats, while older rats have a lower speed and pause for more extended periods. Older rats have lower metabolism and higher levels of fatty acids. These contribute to their lower duration and frequency of running. 

Rats can run fast thanks to:

  • A flexible spine

  • Long limbs

  • Powerful legs

  • A deep chest

  • The slim body

Facts About Rats As Pets

How Fast Can A Rat Run

  • Rats live in burrows as deep as 3 meters 
  • A rat can run up to 4 miles from its captivity if released 
  • Black rats, also roof rats, are better at climbing any rough surface compared to brown rats 
  • Brown rats, also Norway rats, are excellent jumpers. They can jump up to 120 cm and 77 cm horizontally and vertically 
  • Brown rats favor moving downwards than moving upwards (negative geotaxis) 
  • Female rats use the smell of their offsprings to tell apart the sex 
  • Rats are used to patterns such that introducing a new item on their paths does not work when trying to trap a rat. This is why one should set an unset trap along a rat’s way until it is used to that item being there. Then you can use a set trap. 
  • Rats are nocturnal animals. You will, therefore, hear signs of a rat infestation in your home at night when they move around. 
  • It is easier to tell if there are rats in your home by looking for signs like poop and gnawing on items than trying to see the rat itself. 

How fast can a rat run will depend on its age and hunger. But rats are generally fast runners and can run up to 8 miles per hour. Norway rats are better jumpers, while roof rats are better climbers.

Whichever rat breed is terrorizing your home, the best measure is to get rid of them using professional services or pesticides. Rats are carriers of many diseases that might affect you or your loved ones. 

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