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How Long After Spaying Can My Dog Play? Practical Spaying Aftercare Tips

Are you thinking of spaying your dog? We understand if your biggest worry is how long after spaying can my dog play?

Spaying is a necessary evil when it comes to owning dogs. It will take some time for the body to heal and for your dog to go back to normal. However, that may not be so clear for your dog, and it is up to you to enforce some measures to ensure that your dog doesn’t reinjure themselves.

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What Is Spaying?

Spaying is a surgical procedure done on female dogs that involves creating an incision on the abdomen and removing the uterus and both ovaries. 

Some of the benefits of this procedure include being beneficial to your dog’s health in the long run. It also reduces the number of stray dogs running around and prevents some unwanted behavior in your pet

How Long After Spaying Can My Dog Play?

Your dog’s movements should be limited and closely monitored for the first 7 to 10 days after spaying. It will ensure that your dog does not accidentally reopen their healing stitches and reinjure themselves.

During this time, it is up to you to closely monitor your dog’s activity and restrict as much movement as possible. Apart from supervised visits outside to go poop, make sure that you put your dog in a crate that limits how far they can go when you’re not around.

Your dog also shouldn’t be climbing stairs, playing rough with others, or going on walks without a leash. If your dog seems energetic, you can have them wear a cone over the wound so that it can heal properly.

how long should my dog wear the cone after spay? 

The cone must stay on until your dog has fully healed, and after the sutures are taking off. Most staples are left in for around 2 weeks. But remember, Other lesions may take shorter or longer depending on your dog and how long they need to heal fully.

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How To Comfort Dog After Spaying?

Once you come back from the vet’s office, your pet is likely to be very quiet for the first 24 hours. It is normal, and you should make sure that your pet is left alone at this time. Place them in a quiet, comfortable spot in your house with dim lighting during the healing process.

Your dog may still be under the anesthesia’s effects for the first 24 hours, so it is not uncommon for them to be very disoriented. Make sure you give your dog some water when you get home and feed half the food you usually do for the first day.

If there are no complications, such as vomiting, you can go ahead with feeding them their regular diet. If you were given pain medication for your dog by the vet, make sure you follow the instructions and do not give your dog human pain medication as it could be harmful.

A cause for concern that would make you take your dog back to the vet immediately is if there is blood in your dog’s poop and urine after several days. If you carry out the spaying aftercare correctly and there are no complications, your dog should be back to normal within 48 hours.

Spaying is an essential procedure with a lot of benefits for you and your dog. But how long after spaying can my dog play? With the right aftercare and some patience, your dog should be back to playing normally within two weeks.

If you suspect that it is taking too long then always take him to your nearest vet for a more reliable inspection just to be safe.

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