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How Long Can A Rat Live Without Food? Can You Starve Rats Out?

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Most people wonder how long can a rat live without food. Maybe you want to keep one as a pet, and you travel a lot. Or perhaps your home is infested with rats, and you are wondering if you can get rid of them by getting rid of the food.  

Whichever the reason for seeking the answer to this, we are here to give you the best answers. 

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How Long Can A Rat Live Without Food?

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this question. For starters, the survival of the rat will depend on its organisms. But, for most rats, they will survive for a week or two without food. Rats are good at storing food such that cutting down their supply will not kill them in a day or two. 

What about water?

We know many animals cannot survive for long without water, but the duration differs from one species to the other. Humans, for example, will only for a few days without water. Dehydration will kick in sooner than you think. 

Rats, on the other hand, can survive longer than humans without water. They do not require a lot of water to survive, thanks to their small size. Also, rats can easily get water from the food they consume. 

Rats are more likely to survive longer without water than they would without food. 

The lifespan of rats

An average rat has a lifespan of 1.8 years. But, depending on the health, care, and environment, rats will even live for four years

The lifespan of pet rats

 If you are not trying to kill a rat as a pest, then you are probably trying to keep one as a pet. Their lifespan is an excellent place to start, so you know how long you will have your lovely pet around. 

With proper care, a pet rat can live up to three-and-a-half years. Some will even live up to 4 years, depending on their health and species. However, if your pet lab is from a lineage of rats used for experiments (lab rats), then their life span will be shorter. These types of rats tend to develop tumors, thus reducing their number of years. 

What about sewer rats?

Sewer rats, on the other hand, will not live long enough like pet rats. Although rats can resist many bacterial infections, the outside environment is still unhealthy for their survival.

How long will a rat live after eating poison?

If you are battling a rat infestation in your home, then poison is one way to achieve this goal. But how long does a rat live after eating poison?

For starters, it will depend on the type of poison. There are three types- vitamin-based, anticoagulants, and bromethalin poisons. Anticoagulants and the slowest reacting positions, and prevent the blood from clotting. The full effect of these will take a few days. 

Vitamin-based poisons will flood the rat’s systems with fat-soluble vitamins. The rat will die within a day.

Bromethalin is the strongest and fastest of the rate poisons. The poison will attack the rat’s brain and liver, and kill it within hours. 

How long can a rat live without food is a question with no definite answer. Depending on the environment, species, and health, rats will live up to 4 years. If you are trying to rid your home of rats, then you can use potions.

Try and step back and figure out the reason why you are asking the question in the first place. If it is for rat deterrent then there are other ways to get rid of mice, that are easier and faster.   

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