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How Long To Leave Aquarium Lights On Planted Tank – 3 Simple Tips

It’s very important to understand how long to leave aquarium lights on planted tank. If you get it wrong you can damage or even kill your plants and aquatic life within the tank. Finding the balance between too much light an not enough is essential for your planted tank to thrive.

There are 4 primary factors that determine how much light your aquarium needs. These are:

  • What variety of plants you need to grow
  • How quickly you need these plats to grow
  • If you’re using CO2 or not
  • How much time you have for care and maintenance.

Some plants, like Glossostigma Elantinoides, require very high light levels. These need different light intensities to thrive and grow evenly. With more light, you will need to be more dedicated as your plants will grow faster. This means you’ll have to set aside time for maintenance. Things, like pruning plants, helping fertilization and handling CO2, will all take a bit more time to handle.

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How Many Hours Of Light Do Aquarium Plants Need?

How Many Hours Of Light Do Aquarium Plants Need

The most important reason to use additional aquarium lighting is to aid photosynthesis. This is necessary to ensure that all living aquatic plants have the correct amount of lighting both in the day and at night.

Aquatic plants, similar to other plants, use the light they receive to create food (from carbon dioxide and water). As these plants live in aquariums the normal lightning period will need to be increased. All aquatic plants need as much as 12 hour light in the day time. However, the exact estimate of light will come down to the unique aquarium setup and which species of plants you have.

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Remember, if you have NO acquit life in your tank and only have fish then you’re aquarium lighting will be much less.

We recommend having aquatic plants that match the fish type in your aquarium. So for example, if you decide to keep tropical fish then you should have tropical plants. This will ensure that the aquarium is more harbours to nature.

How many hours of light do aquarium plants need:

Here’s our quick check guide:

Coldwater and plants  – 8 hours daily

Average Aquarium – 10 hours daily

Tropical fish & plants – 12hours daily

No plants – less light needed

What types of light do I need?

Usually, the most common types of light are the T8 and T5 fluorescent light bulbs. These are both able to grow plants but the T5 fluorescent light bulbs are preferred. They are more powerful and overall are more equipped to stay long term in an aquarium that is growing and contains more variety of plants. Normally 1 t5 self od bulbs will be enough for most small to medium aquarium but if you have a rather large tank or more acquit life then you may need 2

Don’t forget that LED lighting is still the industry standard and most new aquarium owners swear by them. They are cheaper to run and don’t give off as much heat making them safer all around. They can also last for 5 years and up so they are a good long term investment. You can see more information  about LED lighting here

Lighting Levels Guide

Here is a quick guide to help you understand the different lighting levels and how long to leave aquarium lights on planted tank.

T5 Bulbs Guide:

0.25 Watts per Liter = Low Lighting

0.50 Watts per Liter = Medium Lighting

0.80 – 1.0> Watts per Liter = High Lighting

LED Lighting

Easy 15 – 25

Medium 25 – 50

Hard  – 50+

It’s important to note that the more light you have the more fertilization and CO2 that you will need to add. Your plants will grow faster with more light especially if they are experiencing the different intensity of light. This which help the plants to absorb more CO2 and nutrients.

Remember, too much light without the ad

dition of C02 and the correct fertilisation could damage your plants.

How Long To Leave Aquarium Lights On Planted Tank

How many hours of led light for reef tank

Do not set your lighting period for any more than 8 hours. It’s uncommon for planted aquariums to need any more than 8 hours of light. Try to set your lighting intensity for 6 hours+ if your aquarium is new. In Month 1 your lighting period must be shorter than usual to reduce the risk of algae.

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To reduce algae you must get your lighting period right as too much light will lead to more algae. It’s best to put your lights on a routine or timer so that the plants are able to receive the

exact amounts of light every day.

How long should a UV light be on in an aquarium?

Ultraviolet light is a great addition to most to aquariums. UV lights help to sterilize the water and will kill off most bacteria and even help to reduce algae. However, it’s important to remember that too much UV lighten be harmful if it exceeds what a fish would naturally receive.

How many hours of led light for reef tank?

The recommend LED lights duration for a reef tank is 8  to 10 hours per day. This will helps stimulate the daylight in its natural cycle. Any more time could lead to illness and diseases.  The best way to ensure they get the correct amount o led light is to use a timer. If you have coral or aquatic plants then 10 hours a day or more is enough.

You can even set 1 timer. 1 for the main light to come on and off a certain time of days and the other to simulate the sunrise and set. This will help the transition between day and night and make it more comfortable for your fish.


What about Ambient Room Lighting?

IF you have a room that your acquraim is in that has a lot of ambient light coming through then you may not need any additional lighting. However, this is usually the exception to the rule and most new aquarium owners tend to prefer to add in aquarium lights just in case. Remember if you do have a very bright and ambient room then you will not need to run the entire 12-hour cycle of lights.

Should i turn my fish tank light off at night?

Most fish will need both lightness and darkness each 24-hour cycle. Aquarium lights will change the appearance of your fish tank, decorate your fish and manage the eating and sleeping patterns. To ensure fish get adequate rest you will need to turn the lights off at night to simulate a natural environment.

Some fish need 12 hours of light a day and others need much less If fish do not get enough light they will lose their colour, stop eating and become unresponsive.

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