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How Many Babies Do Mice Have At One Time? Baby Mice In House

The size of mice and their number in your house always leads to one question, “how many babies do mice have at one time?”

A mouse is usually smaller than the hand size of a fully grown adult. They may make it seem harmless, but that is not often the case. In fact, having mice in your house can quickly become an infestation, depending on how many babies they have at one time.

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How Many Babies Do Mice Have At One Time?

A litter of baby mice can have between five and twelve pups at one time. Female mice can get pregnant up to ten times a year, and carry their young for about three weeks. This means that they are ‘in heat,’ known as a period of estrus, every four or five days.

How many babies do mice have in a year?

Throughout their 2-3 year lifespan, female mice can give birth to about 300 baby mice. Also, they can mate immediately after giving birth, and sometimes end up different nursing litters at once. 

Having a male and female mouse in your house means that they could theoretically give birth to  60 mice in a year. However, about 20% of these don’t survive to adulthood due to many factors. It could be predators or the female mouse killing any young ones that are not likely to survive for the others to have a better chance.

The Danger Of Baby Mice In House

Mice are born blind and hairless, which makes them helpless creatures on their own. They are also deaf, as their ears develop when they are a week old. Baby mice are weaned on their mother’s milk for three weeks before moving to solid food. 

They will chew up and eat anything in your kitchen. Very soon, you may have ten or more mice running around in your house unchecked. As if that was not enough, baby mice mature very quickly, and the females can start breeding within a month. They can also mate in all seasons, especially if they are indoor mice. 

Due to this, you may soon have a pest problem in your home, especially if you do not have a plan to control the mice population. 

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When Baby Mice Become A Problem

When left unchecked, a litter of baby mice can make a complete mess of your home. If the females also mate again after a month or so, it can quickly become unmanageable. The best way to prevent this is to get rid of the parent mice. Do this immediately when you see signs of mice in your home. 

These can range from shredded clothes to chewed up food and mouse droppings everywhere. One way to get rid of them is by setting baited traps along walls where mice like to travel. You can also try to make sure that they can’t get inside your house by sealing all the cracks on the exterior. Also, keep your home clean and store food in plastic containers at all times. 

Once your home becomes uninhabitable for mice, then you won’t have to worry about the many babies that mice can have at one time. 


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