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How Much Does It Cost To Take A Hamster To The Vet? Is It Expensive?

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Learning how much does it cost to take a hamster to the vet is never a straight answer.

Usually, Owning a hamster can be expensive. You have to pay for the hamster, the cage, the food and water, the toys, the bedding, any accessories and of course any maintenance.

The problem with learning how much does it cost to take a hamster to the vet is that your hamster will have different reasons for attending their local vet. For example, a normal check-up and getting treated for heart disease will vary greatly in costs. Also, each vet has their own pricing guiltiness and state to state VET prices can vary greatly.

In this article, we’ll summarise the main costs that you can expect if you take your hamsters to the vet so you can figure out your budget and plan accordingly.

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How Much Does It Cost To Take A Hamster To The Vet?

Usually, when you take a hamster to the vet it can range anywhere between $30 – $300 depending on what you go for. 

Most people recommend around $200 to be a good emergency fund to cover all hamster illness and checkups. If you could stretch it to $400 then that would cover every possible emergency your hamster could have and leave you safe in the knowledge that you have budgeted correctly for a worst-case scenario.

Hamster VET Costs (on average)

Here is the average cost to take a hamster to the vet. Remember these figures are only estimations and each state and country will have different prices. It’s best to get an accurate price list from your local vet before budgeting for VET costs.

  • $20 – $50 Regular Checkup 
  • $70 – Urinalysis
  • $50 – Antibiotics
  • $40 – $80 Xrays
  • $75 – $125 Minor surgery
  • $125 – $200 Major Surgery
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How Much Will A Hamster Cost?

how much will a hamster cost?

Here’s a breakdown of how much a hamster will cost you.

A hamster will cost you around $20-$25 from most reputable pet stores. You can expect $150-$250 for setup costs, cages etc.$150 on necessities like litter, bedding, and food. Also look out for other one-time costs including supplies and toys, which could be $150.

In total that’s around $500 for everything.

Note – Kiplinger states the cost of owning a hamster is actually higher. They say you might spend around for basic costs $345. Then, After that, you will have to fork out $260 annually.

When you calculate the average hamster lifespan and add that into the equation you could be budgeting for around $800 for a hamster that is active and healthy for 3 years.

Knowing how much does it cost to take a hamster to the vet and all the other costs associated with hamsters it’s important you have the correct budget to give your little pet friend the best chance of having a fun, free and happy life.

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