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Macaw Price | How Much Is A Macaw?

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Learning the correct macaw price is the most important starting point before owning one. If you've flirted with the idea of getting a macaw and you have decided that owning a macaw is the best choice then you’re probably wondering how much is a macaw bird? and can I afford one?

It’s an important question and most people are shocked when they realize that macaw care, a macaw cage, macaw food are all pricey by themselves.

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Macaw Price Table & Comparison

The macaw price varies depending on the color, the personality, the macaw species, the age, the breeder and the bird's health. From a wide variety of sources, we estimate that the average macaw will cost somewhere between $1,000 to above $11,000. The better condition the bird is in the higher you'll pay.

Macaw Species

Price Range

 Average Price

Smaller Macaw

$650 - $950


Hybrid Macaw

$1000 - $4500


Scarlet Macaw

$2000 - $3000


Blue and Gold Macaw

$1200 - $1750


1. Decide what type of macaw bird you want

There are 19 species of the macaw and not all of them are available to buy. The most popular birds are:

Blue and Gold Macaws

how much is a macaw bird

These are the most popular macaw species and are characterized by the beautiful blue and gold feathers/ They are very smart and very social. They are also very loud so make sure you have ample space and tolerant neighbors.

Greenwing Macaws

How much is a blue macaw

These are very attractive and respond pretty good to being trained. Smaller then their larger cousins they do well with encouragement and still crave attention.

Hans’s Macaws

how much is a macaw

One of the smallest and sweetest of the bunch. These macaws are intelligent and friendly. The still need social interaction but can be more manageable especially for new owners of those who lack space.

Scarlet Macaws

scarlet macaws

Scarlet macaws has a thick white face, with bright red plumage covering nearly all of its body, it’s wings and very long tail. It is certainly the most attractive with bright blue and yellow feathers around it’s lower wings. It has a very strong beak that can crack even the hardest nuts so beware!

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Hyacinth Macaws

how much does a hyacinth macaw cost

The largest and most expensive of the bunch. It’s the most difficult to care for and they demand a lot of attention. If you are a new bird owner then it’ probably best you pick out a more low-key bird.

Each is slightly different in size and have distinctive personalities. So your first question should be which type of macaw do I want to buy. Once you understand this you can then delve deeper into the price of each bird and where to buy them from.

2. Tame Birds vs Non-Tame

Friendly birds cost more money. The cuter they are the higher the price. Everyone wants the cute, sweet, friendly bird that is picture-perfect.

The bird that seems a little bit more reserved and less willing to participate will naturally cost less. You will need to ask yourself if you are willing to pay the higher price for a more friendly bird or a slightly lower price for one that will need a bit more tender loving and affection.

Either way, the price will vary depending on the parrot’s temperament and history. It’s not uncommon for there to be small bidding wars for very attractive and compliant macaws.

3. Age

The age of the bird will also be an important factor when thinking about the macaw price overall. A younger bird that is more manageable has thick, quality plumage, (feathers) and will grow with their owner will cost more than a slightly older macaw who may have picked up marks, scratches and even worse bad habits.

Many first time buyers will prefer to pick out younger, healthier birds as they plan to have then for most of their life. With the expectant lifespan of macaws being 30 years + it’s not hard to understand why buying a younger macaw makes all the difference as you will enjoy more time together.

4. Location

Your last determining factor on price is location. If you hunt Nationwide you’re bound to find a cheaper and more attractive deal, but you’ll need to be prepared to travel. (Ensure you pick up a travel cage and travel pack to make any long journey with your new bird manageable)

It’s also common for pet breeders to offer more attractive prices than your local pet store. This comes down to a variety of factors but usually if you buy a macaw from someone you know or a friend of a friend they will be more inclined to charge you less as a favor.

Pet stores, on the other hand, will charge top dollar as they have multiple customers that usually are after the same macaw.

How Much Is a Macaw?

How much is a blue macaw?

The Hyacinth Macaw is in the top 10 list of the most expensive animals worldwide. Being dark blue and origination from South America it’s estimated to be worth up to $40,000. 

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How much does a hyacinth macaw cost? On average, however, you are more likely to find a young and friendly Blue Hyacinth Macaw for between the $8000 – $12000 range depending on where you buy it from and how old it is.

How Much Is A Blue And Gold Macaw?

The blue and gold macaw is a very popular macaw and is usually priced between $1200 to $1500 with an average price of around $1350. Similar in price the African grey parrot, most pet owners will still have to factor in the birdcage, bird food and other bird accessories.

How Much Is A Green Wing Macaw?

A green-wing macaw is one of the most popular macaws to own due to their personalities. They are usually priced $1500 – $2000 but can cost more depending on location.

How Much Is A Scarlet Macaw

The Scarlet Macaw is characterized by its beautiful dark red color and costs around $2000 to $3000 with an average price of $2500. Surprisingly this isn’t the most expensive macaw to own.

How Much Is A Hybrid Macaw

The Hybrid Macaw boosts beautiful mixed colors and therefore boosts higher prices amongst its family. The price range sits $1000 to $5000 but on average they cost around $3000.

How Much Does A Mini Macaw Cost?

On average you can buy a mini macaw from a pet store for several thousand dollars less than their cousins. Averaging in around $700 to $1200 they are very affordable and manageable for most new pet owners.

Macaw Frequently Asked Questions:

What To Know Before Buying A Macaw (Warning Signs)

When doing your research on finding out the macaw price you should always check to make sure they have a bird band on their leg. All reputable stores or breeders will be able to supply this information at request. This will show the history of the bird and all the information that should come along with your purchase. If you want to buy a macaw and you don’t see this bird band then it’s recommended that you look elsewhere as something illegal could be happening.

If the price of the macaw is very very high or very very low then you need to be cautious again. This could mean that something suspicious is happening or even worse being sold a diseased bird.

Why Are Macaws So Expensive?

The price of Macaws is notoriously expensive. Like the African Grey Parrot, this has to do with the way they are breed, the time it takes to nurture and support them and the ability to tame them. Furthermore, they are much harder to come by then most other pets which means finding a young, happy, healthy one will be even more expensive.

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With the added costs of a birdcage, bird food, bird accessories and other maintenance bills these costs can all mount up.

Are Macaws Good Pets?

Learning How To Care For A Macaw is an adventure. All Macaws pet birds are fun, sociable, active, funny and will make you laugh. Even better is that they are loyal and have long lifespans of 30 years +.

This means you will be enjoying their company for years to come, which is another reason not to worry about the price too much. Remember they are still birds and they do squawk and shout a lot. If you prefer a more quiet household then it’s best to look elsewhere.

Do Macaws Bite?

Yes, but there’s usually a reason for it. Usually, it’s not out of aggression or anger but fear or agitation. In the majority of cases, your bird may just be using their beaks in a functional way. i..e preening, eating, climbing etc

If you do get bitten then the area will be tender and may take a bit of time to heal. Your fingers are the most common body parts to be affected but remember macaws beaks are not strong enough to break bones.

Do Macaws Love Their Owners?

Yes! Macaws are very sociable, friendly and playful birds and will always be inquisitive when you are around. They feed on attention so will try “constructive” ways to get it from you. Sometimes that means a gentle whistle or a high pitched scream. Either way macaws love to bond with their owner and the relationship will always be reciprocal.

Why Do Macaws Scream?

Macaws scream out of stress or anger. Sometimes it’s to get attention but usually, prolonged screaming is a sign that something is wrong and they need help. They could be fearful about a smell, a person or just be upset that they bored.

Alternatively, other pet’s can cause your macaw to scream through jealousy. Whatever the reason be sure to give your macaw lots of attention and the screaming sessions should pass.

How Much Does Macaw Eat Per Day?

An average a healthy macaw can eat around 10 – 15% of its bodyweight ever day. For example, a bird that weighs around 950 grams will eat around 125 – 150 grams of bird food per day (or around 100 pounds a year)

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