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How Much Is A Pet Rat? Are Rats A Good Pet?

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For anyone looking to get a pet rat, one of the biggest concerns is how much is a pet rat? Before getting a pet, it is ideal that one confirms the prices the said pet goes at from the local stores. 

As much as rats are messy and dangerous rodents, they also make lovely pets. Rats are intelligent and social creatures. They are also not demanding pets, given that they require little attention and exercise. For anyone looking for a pet that is not the usual cat, dog, or hamster, then a rat will do. 

But first, how much will it cost you to own one of these lovely pets? 

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How Much Is A Pet Rat?

A pet rat can cost somewhere between $10 and $20. However, rats are social animals, and one should keep them as a pair if you cannot afford to have more than two. A couple of pet rats usually go for $25 to $35. All these costs are not fixed and will vary from one state or city to the other.

Apart from the cost of buying the actual pet, you also need to budget for the cage, food, litter bins, and beddings. 

Cages For Rats

One of the additional costs of owning a pet rat in a cage. You need to get a big cage that can fit at least two rats or more if you ever decide to get additional pets. A bigger cage also gives your pet a bigger space to play around. 

Go for a sturdy cage that will stand the test of times. You can have a budget of $100 to $120 for a suitable cage. Also, additional hardware cloth or storage shelves will help keep the rats from esca[ing in case the cage has bigger spacings. 

Rat Litter Tray

You can potty train your pet rat, which is why you need to budget for a litter box. Rats are very clean creatures, even though non-domesticated rats are attracted to unclean places. 

If you have two pet rats, then get two litter boxes and place them in different places or layers inside the cage. For urine absorption and to reduce the stench of the urine, get paper-based pellets.

Litter boxes cost around $7 to $9, but the pellets are a bit expensive, with some going to at least $20. 

Litter Bedding

Your beloved pet will need the right linens where he/she can hide or hide the food. Also, they will increase your pet’s comfort when sleeping or playing. The best linens for rats are the paper-based ones that go for $7 to $20. The price will depend on the size of the bedding package. A package can last for a month. 

Rat Food 

Pet stores have different types of foods for pets. However, buy food that is specifically for rats to ensure your pet gets the necessary nutrients. You will spend between $9 to $16 per month on food, depending on the size of the package you pick. 

Vet expenses

We recommend regular vet checkups if you want to be on top of things when it comes to the health of your pet. Simple checkup costs around $40 while specialized surgeries costs between $40 to $150, depending on the complexity of the surgery. Pet rats susceptible to brain tumors, and one might also need neutering.

Rat Toys

A few toys to keep your pet entertained are necessary. Toys like ropes, ladders, hammocks, chew toys, among others, will make great companions. Most of these toys cost around $5, with hammocks costing up to $20. 

Also, get your pet a water bottle and a bowl, which costs about $5 to $7. 

If you are wondering how much is a pet rat before you get one, then they are quite affordable. However, it is good to have some extra budget for accessories and medical expenses.

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