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How Often Do You Feed A Guinea Pig | Guinea Pig Diet Plan

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How Often Do You Feed A Guinea Pig? This question is very popular amongst new and more experience, pet owners. A guinea pig is one of the best pets you can ever have. Not only are they small and cuddly, but they are also pretty low maintenance. When it comes to food, guinea pigs have a particular diet with a few treats here and there. It would be best if you also fed a guinea pig as often as two times a day. 

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How Often Do You Feed A Guinea Pig?

Learning how often should you feed a guinea pig is fairly simple. Follow these guinea pig feeding plan methods:

Feed your guinea pig on a regular schedule, two times per day. Either in the morning, day or evening. Guinea pigs will eat too much if given the opportunity, so to stop obesity, take away pelleted food that is not eaten after 60 minutes and throw away any fruits or vegetables that are not eaten once every 24 hours

To stay healthy, here’s what should be a constant in your guinea pig diet plan.

1. Hay

The digestive system of guinea pigs needs hay to function properly. This is why you need to make sure that there’s fresh hay available daily for your pet guinea pig.

2. Fresh grass and vegetables

A guinea pig’s teeth are continually growing, and one needs to wear them down to prevent accidents or injury. This is where fresh grass and vegetables come in. By constantly chewing on those, the guinea pig’s teeth will remain the correct length and ideal weight for it. 

Fresh grass and vegetables should be fed to your guinea pig daily. Guinea pigs also eat certain types of weeds, though you should always be careful not to feed them something poisonous. Leafy greens, like kale or spinach, are also great for your guinea pig’s health. Make sure that you wash them first before feeding your guinea pig to avoid nasty infections.

3. Guinea pig pellets

Guinea pig pellets are grass-based and are readily available at pet stores. They provide your pet with a requisite amount of vitamin C. Pellets are an essential part of a guinea pig’s diet, and you should make sure that your pet consumes them daily. 

You don’t even have to fill the bowl! Just add a little and make sure that it’s all gone before adding more. Portions should increase if your guinea pig is pregnant, nursing, or seems a little underweight.

4. Water

Guinea pigs need a lot of water to survive and stay healthy. That means that you should give them fresh, clean water at least twice daily. Make sure to check whether some droppings or leftover food has fallen into the water, in which case you need to change it. Also, signs that your pet is not drinking the water could mean that they are sick, and you should call a vet immediately.

5. Treats

Treats for your pet guinea pig are a great way to bond with them and get them used to you. Some of the best treats include pieces of carrots or fruits like apples. Make sure that you stay away from citrus fruits, as they are not suitable for guinea pigs. Give your pet treats sparingly to avoid them getting overweight.

How often you feed your guinea pig may also depend on other factors, such as if it’s underweight or nursing. However, you should also carefully monitor their droppings as this will tell you whether they’re eating well. If the droppings become less, then there may be a problem, and you need to call a vet immediately.

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