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How To Clean Up Rat Poop? How To Clean Rat Urine And Feces

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If you are battling a rat infestation in your home, then you need to make do with learning how to clean up rat poop. Very upsetting, we know, but for your hygiene and comfort, you have to clean after the rat the right way. 

Running a vacuum cleaner alone in areas with rat poop and urine is not enough. Neither is sweeping those areas unless you want your whole house to fill up with unhygienic dust.

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How To Clean Up Rat Poop

First off, make sure you get ready. Rat poop, can stink, be sticky and hard to get rid of. On top of that, it can feel like a violation if you are cleaning up a rat poop that isn’t a fancy rat or domesticated rat. If you know how to clean mouse droppings from carpet, then this will be much easier. 

There is a procedure to clean up rat poop that will ensure there is no unsanitary dust around your home.  

  1. Leave all the doors and windows in that area open for proper ventilation before you start the clean up. You can leave them open for about half an hour before you begin to clean.
  2. Use rubber, vinyl, latex or nitrile gloves when doing the cleaning
  3. Wear a mask. Rat dropping can still transmit diseases, and it is ideal you protect yourself
  4. Spray the rat’s poop and urine with a disinfectant and leave it to soak for at least 5 minutes. Remember to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. You can also use a mixture of bleach and water.
    According to the
    CDC, 1 part bleach and the other 9 part water will make an excellent concoction.
  5. Once the soaking is done, use a paper towel to pick up the poop and the urine. Then, dispose of these in your garbage. ‘
  6. Clean up any areas or items within that area that might be contaminated by the rat’s poop and urine using the disinfectant or bleach. 

How To Clean Mouse Droppings From Carpet

Cleaning one area with the rat’s poop is not enough for your home’s hygiene. The next step is to clean the whole area and remember to use a disinfectant.

  • Clean the floors and countertops  
  • Wash any clothes or laundry with rat’s poop or urine using detergent and hot water
  • Shampoo and steam the carpet and upholstered furniture that the rats might get into contact with when moving around the house 

When the cleaning is over, remove your gloves and decontaminate them using a bleach and water solution or disinfectant. Wash your hands thoroughly using soap and water. If you have a waterless alcohol-based hand rub, you can use it, too.  

How To Clean Rat Urine And Feces (other areas)

Areas like attics, crawlspaces, basements, and any other storage areas are well known as excellent shelters for rats. The cleaning process is the same as discussed earlier. However, for effective results, it is ideal that you fast get rid of all rat infestation before cleaning. You can use rat traps. When you are sure there are no more rats in the area, start your clean up after 5 days. After that, you can proceed to clean using the same procedure. 

Be sure to move all storage containers and items for proper ventilation. It is ideal that you also use disinfectant or bleach to clean the outer areas of these containers as they are likely contaminated. 

If you live in a rat-infested area, you should know how to clean up rat poop. For your health, it is ideal that you use a mask and gloves when cleaning. However, if the rats are in cooling and airing ducts, contact a professional to help you.  

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