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How To Deal With Neighbors Aggressive Dog – 3 Powerful Solutions

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As a pet owner, it is easy to know your dog’s behavior and handle many situations. When it comes to other people’s pets, though, this can be a touchy subject. For example, how to deal with neighbors aggressive dog. 

You want to ensure that you keep a diplomatic relationship with your neighbor but still point out the dog’s behavior. Here is how to go about it:

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How To Deal With Neighbors Aggressive Dog

1. Be diplomatic

Diplomacy does a long way in every situation. The last thing you need is your neighbor assuming you are against their dog, in which they will quickly jump into the defensive. Everything will go downhill so fast for you, and you will be stuck in an annoying situation. 

Instead, invite your neighbor, have a friendly sit down, air your grievances, and let the neighbor explain. You might be surprised that the neighbor is already aware of the situation and is doing the best to resolve the issue. 

If this is the case, a little patience never hurt; give it time and see if the situation will improve. 

2. Face to face meeting 

Leaving a note, no matter how politely written, is not diplomacy. A face to face meeting is more personal. It is also how you ensure your neighbor hears your grievances. If you leave a note, your neighbor might miss it or assume it is an annoying neighbor. 

While at it, avoid yelling or being dramatic. Again, maybe the dog is already enrolled in aggression classes and needs time to learn. 

3. Record the aggression 

If it is a habitual behavior, and maybe your neighbor does not believe you, try recording the incident as proof. You can take videos and even pictures to help support your claim. 

If things got worse and you have to file a lawsuit or contact animal control, such proof will help your case. 

4. Are you innocent?

Sometimes, we can be the root causes of our problems. We might not know it, and instead of evaluating our actions, we place blame on others. Maybe your dog, other pets, your kids, loved ones, or even yourself, are triggering your dog’s aggression. 

Before you go pointing fingers at your neighbor, you should evaluate yourself and your family to ensure you have no role to play. If there are spaces between you and your neighbor, consider fencing to avoid their dog crossing over to your property or your pets crossing to your neighbor’s property and causing the aggression.

If the neighbor dog charges fence then you should let them know and try to record it so you have evidence

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5. Contact animal control

As a last result, you can contact your area’s animal control office. Remember, diplomacy is good because it ensures you still have a long-lasting relationship with your neighbor. If it fails to work, and you are sure you have nothing to do with the dog’s aggression, talk to animal control. Contacting animal control can also be your first action if you have no idea who the dog owner is.

It can be challenging when looking for solutions on how to deal with neighbors aggressive dog. While diplomacy is the right way, it might not work. In that case, you take videos and photos for proof and contact animal control.

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