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How To Deworm A Dog With Tobacco – 5 Actionable Steps For Pet Owners

How To Deworm A Dog With Tobacco? As a dog owner, one of the things you need to be prepared for is worms and parasites. You also need to know anything there is about deworming your furry friend.

Worm infections are common in dogs, but the situation does not always mean digging deep into your empty pockets for the expensive treatment. Sometimes, a homemade dog wormer will do the trick. Among the many homemade remedies, how to deworm dogs with tobacco tops the list.

Common sources of worms 

  1. Soil – happens when the faeces of a dog with worms mix with soil. The faeces might contain larva or eggs, which get into the soil and survive for long. When an uninfected dog swallows this soil, it will easily get infected.

  2. Fleas – the bodies of flies are usually intermediate hosts for many tapeworm species, especially Dipylidium caninum.

  3. Carcasses – carcasses of small animals like rodents, rabbits and birds may contain tapeworm eggs. If your dogs ingest this carcass, the eggs pass onto their bodies and develop into tapeworm.

  4. Pre and post pregnancies – yes, tapeworms can pass from the mother to the unborn puppy through the placenta before birth. After birth, a mother with tapeworms can pass the larvae to the puppy during the lactation phase.    

How to deworm a dog with tobacco

Tobacco contains nicotine, a poisonous element to worms but in small amounts, does not harm a dog. Your dog will most likely not like the taste of chewing tobacco. Simply mix a pinch of it with the dog’s food. The larger the dog, the more the tobacco you should use.

Other home remedies for worms in dogs

Apart from tobacco, there are other home remedies of deworming your dog that you can try. 

These include;

  1. Garlic juice with walnuts – garlic is an important plant not only for humans but also for our pets. It contains antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties that help in eliminating microbes in bodies. Black walnut also contains antibacterial and antioxidant properties that kill the parasite. Press the garlic and the black walnut to extract the juices. Mix these juices and spray directly to your dog’s food. It will help get rid of the worms and also act as a preventative measure for future infections.

  2. Natural herbs – some natural herbs help with digestion and metabolism process, which helps in flushing out worms. One of these herbs is Quassia, which stimulates the dog’s appetite leading to bowel movements. The end process is the removal of the worms through faecal matter.

  3. Carrots – Carrots are safe for dogs, not only as a treat but a health problem solution. Carrots contain oils that lead to the expulsion of the worms through faeces. Apart from this, the nutrients in carrots help in replacing substances and electrolytes your dog may lose during the infection. These replenishments will help in boosting your dog’s recovery, the immune system and help in fighting off the infection.

  4. Pumpkin seeds – these seeds contain an amino acid, cucurbitacin that paralyzes worms. The paralysis makes it easy for the worms to pass through the intestines and out of the dog’s body in faeces. You can feed your dog the pumpkin seeds as a whole or grind them into powder and mix into the dog’s food.

  5. Coconut – dry coconut and coconut oil are a vermifuge agent that helps in expelling worms and other parasites from a dog’s body.

If you were wondering how to deworm a dog with tobacco works, just add the chewing tobacco in your dogs if eating it alone is not an option. If this does not work, you can consider other homemade deworming remedies like carrots, pumpkin seeds, garlic or coconut. If the symptoms persist, seek immediate medical attention.

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