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How To Dispose Of A Dead Dog – 3 Humane Ways To Lay Your Dog To Rest

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Learning how to dispose of a dead dog is never an easy task. While we know death is inevitable, no one is ever prepared when it comes knocking. Whether it is the death of a friend, family, or even our pets, when it happens, it hits us hard, leaving us vulnerable and overwhelmed, which is why it gets hard to plan the funeral.

Dog pet owners who experience are always faced with the hardest decision, how to dispose of a dead dog. 

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How To Dispose Of A Dead Dog

Many people ask the question: my dog died what to do with body?” They are usually in a state of panic and despair and can find it difficult to cope.

If you are one of the people facing this question, below are some of the disposal methods you might consider;

  1. Burial – while burying a body is one of the oldest methods, you need to take proper consideration of the burial site. It needs to be away from any water bodies in the area to avoid contamination of the water in case of a flood. The ground should also not have a lot of sandy soil. Once you have a burial location, wrap the body in a plastic bag, put it in a box, and bury it.

  2. Incineration – only possible if you have access to an incinerator. It helps get rid of all pathogens and reduces the mass of the body to bury. However, it uses a lot of energy, labor costs, and you might need a professional to help you with the procedure.

  3. Call animal control services – another option is calling animal service control in your area, and they will properly dispose of the body for you.

What To Do When Your Dog Passes Away

If your dog has passed on while at home, the shock of it will need you to take time to process the news. Here is what to do as you plan;


1. Keep the dog cool 


Find a cool place to place the body like the floor in the garage or basement. Use a blanket, and if the weather is warm, use a second blanket on top of the dog with some ice packs. If it is a small dog, you can wrap the body with a cool towel from the freezer or refrigerator.  

2. Call the vet 

Sometimes people are not sure about the status of the dog. Most people will ask, is my dog dead or in a coma? 

Your dog’s vet is in a better position to advise you on this. If the dog is dead, the vet can also advise on burial proceedings or any other issues regarding your dead. On most occasions, one can take the dead dog to the vet for proper storage while looking forward. Many vets know and have access to pet crematories and burial sites, and will give you recommendations. 

3. What happened? 

If your pet’s passing was sudden and your dog was healthy, you might want to know what happened. In this case, you can request the vet to perform post mortem. You should also take the dog to the vet immediately. If there are any expected delays, refrigerate the body but do not freeze since the ice crystals damage the dead body’s tissues. 

The vet might perform a gross necropsy, where the pet opens up the dog surgically to examine its tissues. The vet might send the tissues to the lab for further examinations if the cause of death is not that apparent. 

In case you want to do a funeral for your dog, request the vet to perform a cosmetic necropsy, which has minimal incisions that the gross necropsy. 

Burial and incineration are some of the methods to consider on how to dispose of a dead dog. You can call your vet in case you need a post mortem to determine why your dog died. If you have no place to bury your dog, you can call animal control in your area, and they will handle it for you. 


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