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How to Grind Dog Nails | How Often To Grind Dog Nails

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Owning a dog is fun, but it also comes with responsibilities. One of such is learning how to grind dog nails. Rather than cutting your dog’s nails with nail clippers or trimmers, a dog nail grinder is an excellent alternative. The best part is that you don't need to visit expensive animal nail groomers that are trained on how to grind dogs nails. You can learn the process yourself.

Knowing how to grind dog nails is not difficult when you can identify the right grinder to use and the necessary directions for grinding.

Today, we’ll give you a rundown of how to use a nail grinder, the best grinders out there and much more vital information you can’t afford to miss.

Remember the correct dog care keeps your dog happy and healthy for longer and gives you peace of mind

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how to grind dog nails

Nail grinder for dogs usually have a power cord, but sometimes, they come cordless to be operated with a battery. A professional dog nail grinder has a cylinder-shaped body shape and a grinding head on end.

This grinding head helps to shorten and smoothen the dog's nails.Using a nail grinder to grind dogs nails is not really difficult. 

However, the process should be done with utmost care and in line with some safety precautions. Also, there are some relevant techniques you'll need for an excellent dog nail grinding.

How Often To Grind Dog Nails

A Good rule of thumb is you should trim your dog's nails when you see the nails touching the ground as your dog stands up. Remember it's different for each dog. As mentioned in thepets.net, dogs require a lot of care and their safety is the most important process.


Before you learn how to grind your dog’s nails with a grinder, there are some safety tips you must know. First, make sure there’s no hair in the way. In case your dog has a long hair, do well to hold it back, so the likelihood of it getting caught in the grinder’s spinning tip is close to zero.

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If you’re using a dog toenail grinder, do well to trim any long hair on your dog’s paw or between the footpads. Trimming will reduce the risk of an accident. Also, electric dog nail grinder is a good option, but using it must be done with care. 

Steps for Grinding Nails

  1. First, hold your dog securely with his paw in an extended position. Do well to pause for a while if your dog struggles. After he stops to struggle, be sure to position him again before proceeding.
  2. You should work on one nail at a time. Gently apply the grinder to the bottom of the nail tip. Then, slowly bring the grinder up and around to the top of the nail tip.  Be sure to work back down to your starting point after you get to the top of the tip.
  3. Make sure you repeat the process several times till you've removed the sharp tip. However, do not do this so much that you grind into the quick and make the nail bleed.
  4. Immediately you take off as much length you need to, carefully apply the grinder in a circular motion around the tip several times to polish it smooth.
  5. Repeat this process for every nail.

What to look for in a good dog nail grinder

how often to grind dog nails

Here, we’ll give you a review of two top rated nail grinders out there. Dog owners have rated Dremel dog nail grinder and Oster dog nail grinder very highly. Wanna know why? Let’s see.

Dremel dog nail grinder

Dremel is a relatively popular name amongst professional and high-quality nail grinders. The nail grinder is cordless;

This makes movement while grinding a lot easier. In fact, dog nail grinders are commonly called “dremels” - that’s how widely used the brand is. Looking for the perfect nail grinder for large dogs? The Dremel brand is for you.

Features of the Dremel dog nail grinder

The Dremel dog nail grinder comes with the Dremel kit. The nail grinder has two-speed settings, which makes it easy to adjust between working on small or large nails. You can do this with the right amount of control you want. This is great if you are looking for a quiet dog nail grinder.

Dremel dog nail grinder runs on a 4.8-volt battery. However, we advise that if you’re not confident in your nail grinding skills, opt for a nail grinder with slower speed. This is why the Dremel nail grinder is common amongst expert groomers.  

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Oster dog nail grinder

The Oster dog nail grinder is the most common for a professional dog groomer. It is a professional corded pet nail grinder that is an excellent choice for pet owners.

Features of the Oster dog nail grinder

It comes with a host of tools. The nail grinder pack has a medium and fine grit sanding bands, this helps to use the coarse grit for the main grinding, and the finer grit for polishing your dog's nails. Also, nail grinder comes with a safety feature that stops the head from spinning if anything gets wrapped around it.

quiet dog nail grinder

Oster nail grinder also has a whisper-quiet motor that keeps your dog calm during use. It also has an active adjustable safety guard that prevents accidents like grinding into your dog’s quick. Its two-speed feature allows you to control the pace of grinding.

This is the best choice if you are looking for a quiet dog nail grinder.

You can go slowly or faster, depending on the comfort of your dog. The Oster dog nail grinder has a coarse stone, fine band, and two coarse bands for different options of grinding.

Reviews from dog owners have been positive. The power cord of the nail grinder eliminates the need for charging and recharging. Also, with this product, dog owners do not worry about cutting the nails too short or accidentally hurting their pets. However, the sound of the grinder can be scary for your dog.  

If you want a host of options, see this post for the best dog nail grinder reviews.

Grinding dog nails (Advantages and disadvantages of using a grinder)

Grinding your dog nails have some advantages and disadvantages; we shall discuss these two in comparison to using a dog nail trimmer.

Advantages of using a dog nail grinder

The following are several advantages of using a dog nail grinder rather than the basic dog nail trimmer or clipper.

  • Grinding your dog’s nails can be close to painless if it is done correctly. However, your dog has to be calm when responding to the vibration of the grinder head on his nails.
  • Also, using a grinder to grind dog nails offers a beautiful and pretty smooth tip that looks natural. The result is the opposite of the jagged tips that dog nail trimmers leave behind.
  • Using nail grinders reduce the risk of bleeding on the quick of your dog’s nails.
  • Using a dog nail grinder is excellent if your hands are unsteady. Most times, your hands may not be steady enough to use clippers or trimmer, so, it safe to use a nail grinder. Although you’ll need to keep your dog in a still position, the level of precision required when utilizing a clipper or trimmer is not the same with a grinder.
  • Besides, using a grinder reduces the risk of cracking and pinching. Nail clippers for dogs mostly pinch down a dog’s cuticle. In some cases, the pressure exerted by clippers can break your dog’s nails.
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Problems encountered when grinding dogs nails

Regardless of its advantages, grinding dog nails can be a tad bit problematic. Most of these issues occur at the beginning period of use, let’s say the first to the second time. However, when your dog gets the hang of the grinder, the process will take a right turn. Here are the problems:

  • First, the sound of the grinder may scare your dog. So, if this occurs during first use, do well to get your dog accustomed to the sound. You can do this by giving your delicious dog treats while you turn on the grinder. With this, your pooch will start to associate the grinder’s sound with a reward.
  • Also, grinding produces heat that may affect your dog. It’s best you make the process a slow one and allow your dog to take periodic breaks during the first few uses of the grinder. Thereby making your pooch get accustomed to the warmth and the feel of the grinder on the nails. Be sure to work on a single nail at a time; a slow pace will reduce the level of heat production.
  • Getting the perfect grinder for your dog may be difficult. So, if your dog grinder comes with different grit sanding bands and size stones, do well to experiment to know the best fit for your dog.

Now you know all about grinding your dog's nails, proceed to get a useful dog nail grinder. Do well to follow these natural and safe steps for the comfort of your pooch. Make sure the process of dog nail grinding is calm for you and your dog. Don’t forget to reward your dog with delicious treats and praise at intervals.

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