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How To Keep A Hyper Dog Calm After Heartworm Treatment – 3 Practical Tips

Medication is tough on any living thing, our pets notwithstanding. It can change the most lively creature into a moody or grumpy person or pet around. Seeing your happy pet sick is terrible, but it can kill you with worry when the treatments keep them down.

How to keep a hyper dog calm after heartworm treatment is one of the most sought after answers. If you are struggling with this, you have to the right place for answers.

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Heartworm disease

Heartworm, also dog heartworm is a parasitic infection caused by Dirofilaria immitis. It spreads between pets like dogs, ferrets, and cats through mosquito bites. The mosquito is an intermediate host where the worm lives for a short period while it transforms into an infectious parasite. 

After this, the worm transfers to a definitive host, a dog, ferret or cat, where it lives in the animal’s organs like the lungs, heart, and associated blood vessels. During this period, the worms will grow into adults, will mate, and even have offsprings (microfilariae) while still inside the definitive host. 

The microfilariae are released into the bloodstream of a definitive host where they transfer into a mosquito when the mosquito bites an infected animal. Under the right environment, the microfilariae inside the mosquito become infective larvae within 10-14 days. 

If this mosquito bites a healthy dog, the dog will get the parasite, which will take 6-7 months for the microfilariae to become infective larvae again, and the cycle continues. These worms can live inside a dog for 5-7 years and grow 4-6 inches long for male worms and female worms reaching 10-12 inches long. 

Dogs often have an average of 15 heartworms. However, the number of worms in a dog can vary from 1 to 250. The total number of heartworms in a dog is referred to as a worm burden. 

How To Keep A Hyper Dog Calm After Heartworm Treatment

Heartworm treatment expensive and can be toxic to a dog, which can cause serious complications. It will require regular visits to the vet, constant examination through X-rays and blood tests, and well as a series of injections. In some cases, it can lead to hospitalization. 

To keep your hyper dog calm during this period, try the following:

  1. Training – have some short training sessions with your sog where you keep its mind engaged without involving the body

  2. Keep your dog in its cage with toys and puzzles that will keep him busy when bored

  3. Make the environment peaceful and comfortable for the dog, like playing some calming music

  4. Keep your dog company, so he does not feel the need to move around looking for you 

Heartworm Treatment Symptoms

The heartworm disease has 4 stages, each with different symptoms. The higher the stage the dog is at, the more severe the disease. 

  1. Stage 1 – there will be no symptoms, and if any, they are mild like an intermittent cough

  2. Stage 2 – has mild to medium symptoms like occasional coughing or fatigue after regular activities

  3. Stage 3 – the symptoms get more severe like constant coughing, fatigue and the dog looking sickly

  4. Stage 4 (caval syndrome) – the worm burden is heavy, leading to blockage of blood flowing back to the dog’s heart. It is a fatal stage that’s only treatable via surgery to enable removal of the worms, and the operation is not an assurance that the dog will live.  

Dogs at stage 1 to 3 can receive an FDA-approved injection and topical solution that you can apply on the dog’s skin. These drugs are Melarsomine dihydrochloride and Advantage Multi.

It is hard to know how to keep a hyper dog calm after heartworm treatment. You are worried your dog is not healthy enough or is still in the danger zone. What you can try to keep your dog comfortable, engaged, mind wise, and provide company. 

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