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Owning a guinea pig is fun. You get all of the joy of watching your pet grow, learn and enjoy life. But many pet owners frequently ask “how to make a guinea pig happy”?

Sometimes with so much going, it can seem that your Guinea Pig seems a bit bored or uninterested in their cage or with their toys. It’s important to keep your Guinea Pig stimulated and keep them active.

Learn how to make a guinea pig happy with these 7 practical tips

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How To Make A Guinea Pig Happy

1. Balanced diet

Your Guinea Pig will show signs of being unhappy and disinterested if they are eating the wrong combination of food. They need strict meal plans to keep their digestive system happy. It’s relatively straight forward to make your guinea pig happy if you combine good food hygiene with a diverse dieting plan.

  • Make sure they have as much hay as possible and hay clean for dental hygiene
  • They need water and lots of it,
  • Lettuce is usually a Guinea Pig preferred food but you can use other vegetables as well. 
  • Guinea Pig pellets also form apart of a healthy diet but it needs to be in proportion.

2. Nutritional treats

data-preserver-spaces="true">Guinea Pig loves to eat nutritional fresh treats and the best option is to make them yourself as it’s cheaper and better for your Guinea Pig. Fresh treats are lower in sugar then storebought packs. Give our Guinea Pig at least 4 servings per week of fresh fruit (not more than that as some fresh fruit are acidic)

3. Bonding time

Guinea Pig is very sociable pets and they love attention. Petting, stroking and holding a Guinea Pig, in moderation, is the perfect thing to learn when thinking about how to make a guinea pig happy. 

Try to aim for around 20 minutes of social time and if you can do it every day it’s a bonus. A great additional reason for doing this is it means you can check their fur, bodies and face over for anomalies.

4. Keep their cage clean

Learning how to make a guinea pig happy involves keeping their houses clean. They spend almost all their time in there so it needs to be a place for activity, fun, but also peace and relaxation. With so much going on inside their cages things can easily get out of hand. Keeping their environment clean will mean they are better looked after and will contribute to them being happier. 

Here’s a list of things to do:

  • Keep bedding and litter clean and clear 
  • Tidy and clean water bowl
  • Declutter the hay feeder and top it up
  • Change out the toys, clean them and put them back in
  • Ensure there are no sharp edges or broken parts in the house
  • Replace old toys with new ones
  • Clean down the cage

If you want to learn how to make a guinea pig happy then you should do this once per week. 

5. Location Location

Guinea Pig can get stressed just like us and putting them in an area of the house with lots of abrupt noises, like next to a TV, or with access to open windows or open and closing doors is a surefire way to upset your Guinea Pig and will probably end up with them getting sick. 

However, keeping them locked away upstairs in the most distant bedroom or in a quiet conservatory is equally not great for your Guinea Pig temperament. Guinea Pig is social animals so they want to feel like they are involved in the household activities but still need an environment that allows getting some quiet time. 

Think about the best place in your house that is balanced and remember, you can have them in a quiet area in the house but you will need to remember to take them out and have them with you in the living room from time to time. 

You can even combine social time with playtime and that is a great tip to learn how to make a guinea pig happy.

Ask yourself these questions 

  • Will my Guinea Pig be safe here? (away from other pets)
  • Are there any dangerous chemicals overhead or nearby?
  • Is there enough warmth for them in the night?
  • Are they being exposed to a lot of sunlight?

6. Guinea Pig playmate!

One of the smartest ways to learn how to make a guinea pig happy is to add a Guinea Pig friend into the cage. Guinea Pig is very sociable and by having another Guinea Pig in the cage you will be increasing the likelihood of interaction, play and togetherness time. The best part is looking after 2 Guinea Pig is very similar to looking after one and your food costs will usually stay the same. 

7. Checkups and VET

Last on the list is probably the most obvious but it still needs to be mentioned. IF your go is healthy then they are likely to be happier. A sick Guinea Pig will undoubtedly be more stressed, upset and depressed. 

Avoid this by bringing them to a specially trained vet for exotic pets and keep an eye out at least weekly on their health. 

An unhealthy Guinea Pig may:

  • drink to much
  • have trouble eating
  • make strange noises you are not used to
  • start more fights in the cage
  • become sluggish and tiresome at times when they are usually active
  • shows signs of fatigue and wear and tear 

How To Make Your Guinea Pig Happy? Advanced Strategies

There are also other tips that you should learn when thinking about how to make your guinea pig happy. You don’t have to implement all these tips but if you can it will make the world of difference!

Advanced Tip 1 – Take them outside

A Guinea Pig natural habitat is outside remembered so whilst it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming it is also a hub of activity, smells, sights and even tastes. It’snormalforyour Guinea Pig to be active quite a lot around dusk or dawn so try to arrange your adventure around that time of day.

Remember to check the weather and ensure it’s not too hot or too cold of course. 

Why not try using a Guinea Pig playpen! It’s the perfect way to set them up outdoors and will help to keep them happier for longer.

This is the best how to make your guinea pig happy” tip I’ve ever used!

Advanced Tip 1 – Take them on holiday!

You're probably thinking of you kicking back on a beach sipping pina colada with your Guinea Pig best friend, but that’s not the ideal definition of a holiday for your adorable Guinea Pig. 

Instead, bring them to relatives houses or weekend trips away (in the same country) The best types of trips are those that only last a few hours and you won't need much planning besides a general route one to avoid busy areas. 

It’s a fun way for you both to get out of the house and will certainly help to ensure they are highly stimulated. Again this is a powerful “how to make your guinea pig happy” tip. 

How Do I Know If My Guinea Pig Is Happy?

Once you’ve adopted the strategies above the next practical questions most pet owners will ask:

  • how do I know if my guinea pig is happy? 
  • how to get your guinea pig to like you?
  • how to know if your guinea pig likes you?

Figuring out whether or not your Guinea Pig is reacting positively to your new changes can be difficult but here are 3 clear signs that tell you if your Guinea Pig likes you or not. 

how do I know if my guinea pig is happy?

Vocal clues

Many Guinea Pigs will make specific noises to express themselves. If you can figure out what some of these vocal clues are you will be able to figure out if your guinea pig likes you. The top 3 are:

  • Whistling – This is usually a high pitched excited while that a Guinea Pig makes when they are happy or are anticipating something cool is about to happen
  • Purring - This sounds similar to a cat and is a deep and relaxed vocal clue that your Guinea Pig is contented 
  • Chirping – this is a sign of an active Guinea Pig and while it may not suggest that your Guinea Pig is happy with you it shows they re-engaged and simulated which are both important.

how to get your guinea pig to like you?

Physical clues 

Many Guinea Pigs will express themself physically to show their emotions. If you know what to look out for you'll able to see clear signs that your guinea pig is happy and contented. 

  • Body language – If your Guinea Pig rapidly hops up and down then it’s a great sign that your gup likes you and is very happy. Also, look out for if they rub noses as this is a great friendly sign they are happy and like you.
  • Social signals – Does your Guinea Pig run towards you in his cage when they see you after a long way away? IF they do it’s a good sign that they like you and are excited to see you. 

how to know if your guinea pig likes you?

General wellbeing. 

Learning how to know if your guinea pig likes you involves understanding what makes your Guinea Pig happy. If you follow the tips above you will already be 90% of the way. Sometimes it’s easier to tell when a Guinea Pig doesn’t like you, i..e if they are aggressive, hiss frequently, are withdrawn or show irrational or irritable behaviour. 

Check to see if they have clear eyes and a dry nose. If they do then that’s a good sign as a healthy guinea pig is a happy one!

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Guinea Pig Love

We all want guinea pig love, but Is there anything that you can specifically do to promote guinea pig love? Here’s how to get your guinea pig to love you 

1. Be gentle and go slowly

If you are too excited and too over eager you can scare your Guinea Pig away. This applies to new owners who are still naive in Guinea Pig care. Don’t over hold your Guinea Pig and try to stimulate their enjoyment by making sure they are eating and playing with Guinea Pig toys correctly first.

2. Handle with care

One guaranteed way to mess up guinea pig love is to hold them incorrectly and not securely. Make sure you reach into the cage and hold your Guinea Pig by their shoulders whilst putting the other hand under her to support her backside. remember that Guinea Pigs can jump so be firm in your grab but also gentle. 

3. More treats! 

Learning how to get your guinea pig to love you involves giving them the right treats at the right time. As mentioned above fruits, that are natural in sugars, are a great way to encourage Guinea pig love. Try carrots, apples, banana’s and cucumber to start. 

4. More toys

Guinea Pigs are social pets and love to play and interact with others and with toys. Smart strategies for Guinea pig love involve getting the right toys for your Guinea Pig to stimulate their brain and keep them active. Balls, wheels and ramps are perfect and you can even do so DIY toys and add them in to mix it up a bit. Cardboard paper, towel tubes and small boxes will work perfectly.

How To Get Your Guinea Pig To Love You

There are a few more tips that you can adopt to learn how to get your guinea pig to love you. These are great to implement after you’ve tried all the other tips above. Remember guinea pig love takes time and patience so don’t rush it! It's a relationship like any other and needs lots of time and attention to get right.

  • Let them nibble on your shoes or toes. If your Guinea Pig nibbles at your feet it’s a good indicator that they love you. Nibbling is a simple way for animals to show their affection.
  • Hold them in a special way. If your Guinea Pig lets you pick them up without jumping, fighting or trying to get away it’s a good indicator that they love you as they trust you. Remember, in the wild, they would never do this so if they are very friendly with you and allow you to play, pet and pick them up al the time it’s a great sign that they love you.
  • Feed them from your hand. Try to feed your Guinea Pig from your own hand as this is a good way to test how comfortable they are with you. This is a good tip for new pet owners as well as you can use it as s gauge to see how far along your relationship is.

Why Does My Guinea Pig Lick Me?

1 important questions that many Guinea Pig owners ask is why does my guinea pig lick me? It happens very often and sometimes can catch you off guard. It's important to remember that Guinea Pig’s use their tongue for grooming and to lick themselves primary. They also use it for social purposes, like licking other Guinea Pigs and grooming rituals. 

Therefore if your Guinea Pig does lick you it is actually a good sign as they see you as a member of their social pack and they are trying to clean you. They are showing affection and it’s a natural part of grooming for them.

Remember, sometimes you have just eaten and the taste is on your fingers then they could be licking for taste and not comfort. Either way, it’s always enjoyable to get the odd lick or two from your Guinea Pig so take it as a compliment!

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