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How To Make Dog Ears Stand Up – 5 Simple Tricks For All Dog Owners

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Many pet owners love the sight of their dog standing up with ears pointing upwards. But learning how to make dog ears stand up isn’t as easy as it first seems. 

If the dog breed has ears that stand up, it might take a while before you see it happening

When it comes to dogs, you never run out of situations that make them mysterious, cute, and lovable. For example, a dog’s standing ears is something you will not experience in all dog breeds. Some breeds have ears flopping downwards while others will have ears that stand up.

Here is the biggest puzzle for dog owners, do my dogs ears stand up and what can I do to help?

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How To Make Dog Ears Stand Up

1. Your dog’s diet

Believe it or not, your dog’s diet can be a catalyst to getting its ears to stand up. Puppies start to teeth at the age of 3 to 5 months. If your dog’s diet lacks enough calcium, its cartilage might not get enough calcium to enhance its growth. 

You can feed your dog some cottage cheese or a teaspoon of yoghurt together with the food. These will give your pup some extra calcium. Some raw bones are excellent sources of calcium, but you have to do this under supervision to avoid your dog choking on the bone. T

he chewing process will help your pup build muscles at the base of its ears, which might help the ears stand up.

2. Taping the ears

It is quite a controversial method that differs from person to person. If your dog’s appearance is important to you, you can proceed with the process. Some taping methods include to consider are surgical taping, masking taping, electrically taping, and duct taping.

However, duct-taping and electrical taping are too adhesive and might lead to severe damage to your do’s ears.

3. The breed

A dog’s breed is one of the strongest indicators on whether there is a chance of its ears standing up or not. Dogs inherit the shape of their ears, especially the price type, from their wild ancestors, aka wolves. Wolf-like breeds with standing ears include Samoyed, Siberian husky, and the  Alaskan malamute. 

Some breeds like Chihuahua’s, French bulldogs, and Welsh Corgis have round ears but still stand up. Some primitive breeds also have ears that stand up, like the Basenji, Pharaoh hound, and the Mexican hairless.

Breeds that do not have standing ears include boxers, Doberman pinschers, and the Great Danes. However, you can have the ears stand up by cropping the ears surgically. Pups from these dogs will not inherit the standing up ears, though. 

Alternatively, look at the parent’s ears if you are not sure of your pup’s breed. If the parent’s ears stand up, you might be in luck. 

4, Check the dog’s ears

Some pups will have standing ears when excited, which signifies that the ears might stand up permanently. If your puppy is a German Shepherd and still has floppy ears at 9 months of age, there is a possibility the ears will never stand up.

You can also tell if the ears will stand up based on where they are placed on the head. Ears that are likely to stand up will be close to each other and on the higher side of the dog’s head.

Some dog breeds do not have standing ears, which leaves their owners searching for solutions on how to make dog ears stand up. Check out your puppies breed or whether its parents have standing ears.

You can also consult a vet and find out if there are ways for this to happen.

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