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How To Stop A Dog From Being Aggressive Towards Cats – 3 Instant Solutions

how to stop a dog from being aggressive towards cats? 

As a pet lover, you might want to keep different animal pets in your home. More specifically, you probably have a cat and a dog in the house, or want to adopt both. What most of us do not consider is the different species features between these two animals.

Yes, they are both domesticated, but still have different characteristics. The realization of this occurs when the aggressiveness between these two happens often than we would like to see. When it happens, your tabs are full of searches on how to stop a dog agression towards cats. 

The good news is that there is a way to stop the aggression between your two dearly pets. Even if you are already at that stage where “my dog attacked my cat”.  Maybe you are wondering whether it is already too late. There is something you do to remedy the situation. 

Why dogs are aggressive towards cats

There are many reasons behind the aggression, like anxiety, fear, a show of dominance or out of pure boredom. Sometimes your dog could be showing possessiveness in case your cat is invading on its toys. It could be playtime, and the dog does not differentiate the size between the two of them. 

How to stop a dog from being aggressive towards cats


A proper introduction is needed between these two animals, so they get to know each other well. Dogs use their sense of smell to tell whether it belongs to a friend or a foe. Have a place with a barrier that your cat cannot get through, preferably closed rooms. 

The boundary will give these two a chance to get accustomed to each other’s scent, thus knowing that they both belong together, in the same home. For any closeup interactions, ensure your dog is on a leash and in a space where you have control to ensure the cat does not get hurt. 


Another solution of how to train a dog not to chase cats is through obedience training. This obedience training is to establish dominance, where the dog knows you are still the boss. It is through this training that your dog needs to learn to listen when condoning any behaviour of terrorizing the cat. 

Since dogs have the instinct of acting as a pack and listening to their leaders, your dog will easily show respect and follow your orders. 

While this training is for the protection of the act, you will also be protecting your dog. Cats can become aggressive and dangerous when put in a life or death situation. You need to know that cats have 5 weapons that they can use against your dog if they feel endangered. These are the paws with 4 claws and teeth. A cat’s scratch sometimes causes a fever that has the potential of becoming infectious. 

Safe places

Your cat needs to have a safe space, especially on higher ground and smaller spaces where the dog can not reach. Since most aggressions are based on marking territory and establishing dominance, your cat needs to know there is a territory the dog cannot reach. 

How to read your dog’s body language 

If you can read your dog’s body language, you can easily tell when the aggression is coming. Some of the signs to look out for include;

  1. The tail facing upwards
  2. Snarling and show of teeth 
  3. Growling deep from the throat 
  4. Any biting signs 
  5. Shaking body 

Introduction and training are some of the major ways on how to stop a dog from being aggressive towards cats. When done correctly, these two animals get along well and become the best of friends.

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