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How To Tell Someone Not To Bring Their Dog To Your House! 3 Proven Ways

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Your home is a sanctuary and should be treated as such. However, some pet owners have been known to take their dogs everywhere. This may cause some problems if they come to visit you at home. But, how to tell someone not to bring their dog to your house? Here are some ways that you can initiate that conversation.

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Dogs Not Invited Tips

While most people may not put up a ‘Dogs Not Invited’ sign outside their houses, there are several reasons why that may be true. One of them is if you suffered some sort of dog-related trauma when you were younger. 

If you were bitten or chased down by dogs, you may instinctively fear dogs now. No matter how cute or well behaved they may seem, you’ll definitely not want someone to bring their dog into your house. 

If you are allergic to dogs, this could be another reason why you don’t want them in your house. Your house may be nicely decorated, which means that you may not want a dog’s fur to mess with that. In addition, having a dog running around your house is risky if you have a lot of breakables.

How To Tell Someone Not To Bring Their Dog To Your House

1. Before the visit

If you really don’t want someone bringing their dog into your house, the best time to tell them is before they show up. You need to let them know that their pet is not welcome in your home in a firm, clear manner. While you don’t have to explain your reasons, it would be better to do so so that they know where you are coming from.

2. During the visit

When someone has already shown up with a dog at your house, there are ways you can take care of that. One of them is to keep the dog leashed outside your house. You can also ask the owner to muzzle their dog in case they become aggressive.

3. After the visit

If you are a pet owner that just can’t stop taking your dog everywhere, you need to make sure that you can control your pet at all times. When planning to visit someone who doesn’t really want to see your dog, it’s up to you to decide the best course of action. 

Some dogs may also not play well with others, so it might be a good idea to stop taking your dog everywhere. You can leave your pet at home, if possible. Another alternative is speaking with your host and understanding their concerns. This way you can make sure that your dog is on their best behavior the next time that you go to someone’s house.

Dogs are beloved pets and it can sometimes be difficult for anyone to understand why you don’t want them inside your house. However, effective communication is key in getting others to respect the boundaries you’ve set in your home regarding pets. Learning How To Tell Someone Not To Bring Their Dog To Your House takes being patient but deliberate.

Also, respect will earn you more results on how to tell someone not to bring their dog to your house. 

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