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How To Train A Hedgehog To Do Tricks! 5 Simple Techniques

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Hedgehogs are incredibly inquisitive and active pets. People who ask "How To Train A Hedgehog To Do Tricks" usually to get involved and get more hands on with their new pet friend. They are fun to play with and are gentle to the touch. If you are a new pet owner and want to learn how to train a hedgehog to do tricks then follow along with my proven way to teach hedgehog tricks

The reason most people fail at teaching their hedgehog to do tricks is they are not patient enough. They also don’t use the trial and error process that I’ll explain below.

Remember your hedgehog wants to play and have fun with you but you have to learn to incentivise them with treats and food. Just like humans the better the incentive to do something the quicker we run to do it.

Hedgehogs are no different. Once you learn the practical tips below you’ll know how to train a hedgehog to do tricks in no time at all!

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Table of Contents

How To Train A Hedgehog To Do Tricks (Things To Do Before)

1. Mindset

The first thing you need to remember is that hedgehog are not like cats and dogs. They won’t respond directly to their name and they won't come running to when they hear your voice. Getting your expectations aligned with what is real and practical is the first lesson to learn if you want to know how to train a hedgehog to do tricks.

2. Be Patient

Hedgehogs are not accustomed to tricks and as a species, they don’t usually follow commands very well. This doesn’t mean that it won't happen, but it does mean that you will need to be patient in your efforts. Tricks should be seen as an additional fun factor to introduce after you play, interact and chill with them.

3. Don’t try to teach obedience

Many pet owners try to teach their hedgehog to be obedient and expect them to play fetch. When it doesn’t happen they wrongly conclude that hedgehog can’t learn how to train hedgehog. This isn’t true. While some hedgehog may come when called and may show signs of obedience this trial is not a hedgehog trait.

4. Hedgehog personality

Every hedgehog has its own personality and you will have to learn the basics of what sounds does a hedgehog make and what they mean. While it may be difficult to figure out this out, with time it will your hedgehog character will show through. You can learn how to get your hedgehog to like you by remembering certain personality traits that your hedgehog has.

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For example, is your hedgehog an introvert or extrovert?

Do they enjoy cuddles or do they before exploring.

The more willing your hedgehog is to play and interact the higher your chances will be of them wanting to learn how to do tricks.

How To Train A Hedgehog To Do Tricks – Things Do During

1. Use Their senses

Hedgehogs have incredibly astute sensors and you can use this to your advantage Teaching them to follow your hand in a circle, go up and down a ramp or use a toy in a specific way are much easier to do. You can use trial and error and a smart conditioning system to get them to follow your commands.

For example, get their favourite treats out and then place them in your hand and say a command. Then put them down and say the command again but this time incentivize them with a treat and get them to come to you. This works well as they will condition that command (come here or follow me) with the condition of being given a treat.

Now you have introduced a new sound or object that to them means food is imminent.

Remember don’t overfeed your hedgehog. This can be a very easy thing to overlook, especially if they are performing tricks all the time and you are incentivizing them with treats.

2. Use easy to see tricks

Hedgehog has better sensors then their eyes and they rely on their sense of smell and hearing the most. Try to avoid any tricks that are difficult to see or are too small to nice.

3. Watch out for Hedgehog clues

Hedgehog, although shy, will display clues as to what they like and what they don’t. For example, you are constantly rubbing their stomach and then they make a gesture or sound at the same time this may be an indication that they are enjoying it and want you to do it again.

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Positive reinforcement isn’t just about giving your hedgehog treats so be sure to look of for the physical clues they show to help you learn how to train a hedgehog to do tricks.

4. Any trick is a good trick

If your hedgehog likes to stand in the same spot on the floor or in their hedgehog cage and they do this without command then embrace it. Any trick is god trick and you should be sensitive to notice that your hedgehog just wants to play.

Learning how to train a hedgehog to do tricks doesn't have to be the most amazing trick that you’ve ever seen. As long as they are safe and they look like they are enjoying one skill or performance over and over again, you should pat yourself on the back on a job well done!!

One important note is that your hedgehog should stick to a daily food allowance and anything overt this should be noted.

Learning how to train a hedgehog to do tricks is fun so don’t be too hard on yourself or your hedgehog if it doesn’t happy straight away. Be patient, open and just enjoy it!

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