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How To Train Guinea Pigs | Can You Litter Train A Guinea Pig

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Learning how to train guinea pigs is fun although a lot of people get it wrong. To make sure that everything goes to plan you need to make sure that your guinea pig is ready to be trained and they sticking to a routine or schedule.

Every Guinea Pig is unique and some will take longer to train the others.

Patience is important and just like in the human world, the more you positively reinforce something the quicker it is learnt and the more fun you will have doing it.

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How To Train Guinea Pigs

How to train guinea pigs – Tip 1 – Come when called

This is definitely the most popular training questions and can come times a little trickier to do. You should use a treat or their favourite food to motivate them to come when you call them.

Try to always use your Guinea Pigs name when you call them to ensure you feed them the treat as soon as they come. Don’t associate the wrong feeling by teasing them as this will build up the wrong habit.

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As they run towards you place the food on the floor and then reward them for listening. Over time this will turn into a habit and they will hear their name and be incentivized to come running!

How to train guinea pigs – Tip 2 – Stand up

This is another popular command and works on the same principle of command and treat. Here you hold your treat up so they learn to stand up on their back legs to get it. Use the words “stand up” as you are doing it so they associate that sound with the correct action.

It’s a simple rinse and repeat process but you will need to patient, especially for younger Guinea Pigs who are still learning to master their own motor skills.

How to train guinea pigs – Tip 3 – Circle

This is a more advanced training technique and involves a bit more patience. Here you will need to take your Guinea Pig out of the cage. Have them safely on the floor and when they are in front of you place your hand just above their head. As they watch the treat they are about to get moving it around in a circular motion. This will have them moving around in a small circle.

Once they complete the circuit you can give them a treat. This one is a bit more difficult to teach as the curricular movement is solely down to you moving in that way.

Try to create a small track or mini obstacle track so that the circle is clearly defined. If they can feel the circle track they are more likely to move in the correct direction when they are not incentivized with food.

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Guinea Pig Tricks

Guinea pig tricks are not difficult to teach, but you will need a lot of patience if you want to them to remember how to do it time and time again.

Learning how to train guinea pigs  & how to teach guinea pig tricks is very similar to learning how to train a guinea pig.

The perfect example is teaching them how to do trick by pushing a ball or going through a hoop.

How to teach a guinea pig tricks – Tip 1 – Pushing a ball

Try to buy a ball that is not too heavy. Yoru guinea pig is not able to move every heavy ball even they are easy to roll. Instead finds something light (like a tennis ball) and put it inside your Guinea Pig cage.

Now get along treat like a carrot stick or a vegetable stick and place it on the bottom of the ball (underneath it) the trick here is to get them to push over the ball to get the treat. This is the trial and error process that you are teaching them and as they push the ball over the treat more and more times they will learn that jumping up and pushing a ball will lead to a reward.

Over time this will build up a pattern and habit in their head and they will get used to pushing the ball and attributing it to something fun.

How to teach a guinea pig tricks – Tip 2 – Jumping through a hoop.

This is actually one of the easier tricks to teach your Guinea Pig. Most guinea pigs are used to going through toys that may have large holes or small confined areas that look like entrances. This makes going through a hoop more routine for them.

Get a hoop about 7 inches wide and ensure there are no sharp edges or anything that could hook their fur. Hold the loop on the ground and have a treat on the other side. Say your Guinea Pig name and then as they move towards the hoop say something like, “go through the hoop” or ”jump through the hoop”.

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Once they are familiar with the process of going through the hoop you can praise them and ensure you give them the treat. Over time your Guinea Pig will learn that going through the hoop gets a reward and will continue to do it even without any treats.

How To Potty Train A Guinea Pig

Learning how to potty train a guinea pig can take time and patience. Younger go are still learning their environments and the do’s and don’t s of the world. In the wild they will use the potty anywhere and everywhere so to have them confined to1 spot in their cage can be tricky.

To litter train, your guinea pig make sure that are prepared for accidents and ensure you don’t punish them for getting it wrong.

  • Place the littler bod in the ara of the cage that your Guinea Pig usually goes toilet the most
  • Put a small handful of hay and some pellets in the box to show them where you would like them to go
  • Be patient and let them figure out what it is on their own
  • Once they use the litter box once rewarded them heavily so they link using the litter box with a good feeling
  • Repeat over and over again until they have learnt
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