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5 Large Parrot Cages | Large Bird Cage (Reviews) 2020

Owning a parrot is a lots of fun. Every parrot needs a suitable bird cage and a large parrot cage is ideal to keep them active, healthy and secure. 

Even if you let your parrot run free in the house it's still needs a safe environment to call home. A large bird cage is the perfect fit for this colourful pet and will keep you safe in the knowledge that nothing will go wrong. 

Parrots have dynamic and unique personalities so you need to make sure that you leave enough room for mischief. Let's explore the top rated parrot cages that are big enough for any big bird. 


  • Removable divider option to get 2 separate cages if needed
  • Large access doors
  • Flared steel seed skirt help prevent spillage
  • Largest Cage Available 


  • Mansion-like dometop
  • Durable and spacious parrot cage measuring 40” x 34” x 60” (inside dimensions)
  • Incredibly strong and long-lasting wrought iron construction


  • 304 medical grade stainless steel
  • Spacious domed rooftop home for your parrot
  • Natural stoneware food and water cups
  • One of the cheap large bird cages

Their graceful tails are very long and the total length of a Hyacinth Macaw can get up to 40 inches, beak to tail tip. They weigh 2 to 3 pounds and can live for more than 60 years when in captivity.

hyacinth macaw best large cages are reviewed below


The Prevue Pet Products Silverado is one of the best Large Parrot Cages available. The spacious dome-top design gives even your largest bird plenty of space to play and enjoy their home. 

Silverado cage is 46-inch long, 36-inch wide, 78-3/4-inch high with 1-3/8-inchwire spacing and features a double locking 20-inch wide by 43-inch high front door. It is probably larger than you expect, and make sure to assemble it in the room where you want it.

The doors to the feed cups and the opening are cleverly done, and we're hoping our new friend doesn't figure them out. The flathead hex bolts used allow for easy cage assembly and cannot be unscrewed by birds, which is a nice safety feature.

Slip in mesh panel construction combined with the pull out bottom grille and tray make cleaning easy. The rounded corner seed guards will keep your floors clean, which you will certainly appreciate: less time spent on cleaning and more enjoying fun time with your Macaw.

This large bird cage is so big that you probably won’t be able to take it outside and hose it down. You’ll have to hand-clean it using a brush and a parrot-safe cleaner. One big plus to cleaning the cage this large is that you could actually come inside and clean it.

As for the furniture, there are three stainless steel, non-tip bowls and one hardwood perch included. Having in mind the size of this unit, you can add as many toys and perches as you want.

Overall, this is the largest cage you are going to find for the price and has a great reputation for big bird cages It really is a great deal for what you are getting and your Macaw will look small in it. This unit will give him a ton of room to play without smooshing his tail feathers. He will thoroughly enjoy it!

Things We Liked

  • The largest cage available from trusted Prevue Pet Products
  • Large access doors
  • Flared steel seed skirt help prevent spillage
  • 4 swing out feeder doors and 2 breeder doors
  • Sturdy and convenient horizontal and vertical side bars

Things We Didn't Like

  • This cage will take quite a lot of space (more of a warning rather than a con)


Avian Adventures Hacienda Dometop Bird Cage is the perfect home for your blue Macaw parrot. A variety of other widely adored birds among pet owners will also enjoy this beautiful unit, including African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, and many others. 

This large bird cage was built to satisfy both the needs of your pet parrot as well as your needs as a devoted owner. It was designed to be functional, sturdy and yet elegant and easy to maintain.

The safety and comfort of birds are primary concern for bird owners so you’ll be happy to know that this unit comes powder-coated with top-quality materials that have been thoroughly tested and found to be completely non-toxic for your bird.

The main entry door was designed to give plenty of space for entry and exit without risking injury while bolts and screws are not used in assembly to avoid injuries.

Your bird will also be given constant entertainment with bars oriented in both horizontal and vertical directions. The will be happily climbing and playing on natural wood perches and a climbable dometop from the moment they move in.

This cage includes a few features which will make you, the owner, happy as well. Several elegant, beautiful color options are available, including Emerald Green, Pearl White, Platinum or Ruby Red.

As with all Big Bird Cages, the combination of sturdy construction, quality parts, elegant design, and beautiful coloring will compliment any room in the home. Cleaning the cage is easy and quick with the slide out metal grate, the slide out metal tray for waste removal, and removable seed skirt.

You will also have the easy opportunity to provide your bird with new surroundings by taking advantage of the easy glide casters and conveniently move the cage wherever you want.

Individually opening feeder door enable convenient food and water placement and for safety there are patented bird proof locks on front and feeder door. The dishwasher safe bowls are included.

Completely natural wood perches made from yellow cow wood and optimal design for climbing birds, with vertical and horizontal bars, will provide hours of fun for your happy and cheerful parrot.

Things We Liked

  • Mansion-like dometop 
  • Durable and spacious parrot cage measuring 40” x 34” x 60” (inside dimensions)
  • Incredibly strong and long-lasting wrought iron construction
  • Powder coat finish in high gloss non-toxic designer colors
  • Parrot proof door locks
  • Slide out tray and grill for easy cleaning
  • Swing-out feeder doors with new locking system

Things We Didn't Like

  • The quality comes at a price


Heliconia Hideaway large parrot cage is made of 304 medical-grade stainless steel. It features super solid built, plenty of space and numerous cool extra features. Only the best for your blue pal, right?

This large dome-top style stainless steel bird cage measures 36"W x 24”D x 65"H, with the inside height of 52”. It’s elegant, durable, and well-manufactured. It assembles super easily without nuts and bolts and no tools are needed.

It comes with natural stoneware food and water cups, which is an excellent bonus as big birds

 have strong beaks and will easily destroy cheap plastic feeders. Adjustable, swivel loop toy hangers, the bar spacing of 1" and 2 slide out trays and grates for easy cleaning are all really great features of Heliconia Hideaway.

Well-designed for parrots and other large birds, this beautiful cage features bird-proof locks, bacteria-minimizing corner welding, and a built-in rolling stand. The stand comes with lockable casters for easy moving. It also has additional storage space for food, toys, cleaning supplies and other bits and pieces.

We consider it excellent value for money (cheap large bird cages) as not only is it great quality but also comes with plenty of perks, such as natural wood perches and movable toy hangers, and lockable natural stoneware food and water cups.

You’ll appreciate easy access to your pet without compromising safety or cleanliness. What’s more, the four swing-out feeder doors make keeping your pet’s food well-stocked a breeze and the removable seed skirt, grill and tray all minimize cleanup hassle.

A massive cage-length door provides you with total cage access, making this stainless steel bird cage a win-win for both your Macaw and you. This is by far the best candidate for Big Bird Cages as regards to your bird’s comfort and overall cleanliness and convenience.

The exterior feeder, which is an optional but recommended feature, will prevent waist of food and water cups while providing more interior cage space. The sturdy rectangular stoneware dishes encased in a stainless steel frame with sliding polycarbonate cover will stay securely shut with a pin lock which only you can open.

Overall, with features such as 4 swing out feeder doors, removable/locking cup holders, 3 water and food feeders, 2 natural wood perches all safeguarded by 4mm bar gauge stainless steel makes Heliconia Hideaway a safe, cozy, spacious, sturdy and practical unit at a great price!

Things We Liked

  • 304 medical grade stainless steel
  • Spacious domed rooftop home for your parrot
  • Natural stoneware food and water cups
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Spring loaded bird proof locking system
  • Removable seed catcher for less mess

Things We Didn't Like

  • No major cons reported so far


Mahalo Manor Bird Cage features two top options: playtop or dometop. This is a wrought iron and non-toxic powder coated bird cage built to last. It is ideal for large parrots such as Hyacinth Macaws. 

You can pick the rooftop which best suits your bird: give your blue friend extra room with a spacious dometop or keep your bird entertained with a fun playtop. Both versions of the bird cage come with stainless steel food dishes and natural wood perches for your bird's comfort, play or rest.

This roomy parrot cage is simple to set up and maintain. The large access door that drops down provides an extra play area. For your bird's security, there is an advanced locking system which is always a great addition for

 extra large bird cages.

To keep cleaning easy and quick, the featured stainless seed skirt and slide out tray and grate will be of great help. When you need to relocate your bird, the included stand on rolling casters will indeed make transport simple and quick.

There are 4 feeder doors (swing out type), 6 stainless steel water and food feeders, locking food bowls (on both dometop and playtop) and breeder door as well as 2 wood perches. Horizontal side bars and vertical front and back bars make this cage great for birds who like to climb.

Well-priced and packed with features, this top of the line parrot unit is the ideal place for your Macaw to enjoy life and feel at home.

Things We Liked

  • Two top options: playtop or dometop
  • Wrought iron construction
  • Rolling casters for easy moving
  • Durable, non-toxic, powder coated paint finish
  • Large front with safety latch door for easy access
  • Seed catcher helps contain to keep the litter inside the cage

Things We Didn't Like

  • No major cons reported so far


Big Kahuna’s most interesting and practical feature is the divider which is removable and can turn one big cage in two smaller, depending on your needs.

Extra large bird cages like the Big Kahuna's are very hard to come by. There are 2 large doors for easy access a 360 degree debris skirt to prevent spillage, 4 swing-out feeder doors and 2 removable trays and grates (1 on each cage unit). 

Wrought iron construction makes it sturdy and non-toxic powder coated finish makes it non-toxic and completely safe for your parrot.  The cage features a 1″ bar spacing and 5 mm bar gauge horizontal side bars and vertical bars at the front and back.

The front doors safety latches and locking food bowls are additional safety features. Big Kahuna has 4 seed cups, 2 natural wood perches and 6 rolling casters for convenient moving around.

Let’s talk some more about the divider feature. It enables having either a large double parrot cage suitable for medium and large birds or you can remove the divider to get a huge cage parrot cage measuring 80″W X 40″D X 79″H.

Removable divider option is an awesome feature to get 2 separate homes for smaller parrots or one extra large for your Macaw. Because of their size and strong beaks they can be destructive so it is important to provide with a sturdy cage which will last years on end.

The Big Kahuna cage is a really solid bird cage that is large with a sturdy feel to it, but also it was very easy to assemble in about 45-60 minutes. The assembly screws are big and although the instructions are clear, you will not have to look at them too often.

The locking mechanisms on the front doors and on the feeding bowls are good quality so there’s little to no chance your parrot will be able to escape.

You’ll also find the bottom grates and pans to be a lot more solid than previous cheaper and smaller cages you might have had. This is one of the best extra large bird cages to easily accommodate your big bird or parrot even when you fill the cage with perches and toys.

Things We Liked

  • Removable divider option to get 2 separate cages if needed
  • Three stainless steel, non-tip bowls and one hardwood perch included
  • Flathead hex bolts for easy assembly
  • Pull out bottom grille and drawer for easy cleaning
  • Rounded corner seed guards for less mess

Things We Didn't Like

  • Occasional reports of some parts arriving bent

Extra Large Bird Cage - What to Look? 

Since their wingspan of up to 4 feet is one of the largest in the parent family, it’s essential to provide them with as big a cage as you can afford - a much bigger then the usual best bird cages. If you do so, Macaws will live happily and stay active for decades.

The Bigger The Better

Now, don’t go stingy on your macaw cage: you are probably going to buy a cage once, maybe twice in their lifetime and the Hyacinth Macaw experts recommend getting a minimum cage size of 36” wide, 48” deep, and 60” tall for a large macaw.

Expect Hyacinth Macaw best large cages to be on the pricey side but your lovely, big blue companion deserves a comfortable home. They will feel safe and cozy and you will get the added value of security and durability. A cheerful parrot in an impressive cage will certainly make you as happy as they are and your guests will admire the sight, too.

Bar Spacing And Overall Quality

Go for bar spacing of ¾ inch to 1 inch for smaller and 1 inch to 1.5 inches for larger Macaws. Bear in mind the quality and the strength of the Hyacinth Macaw best large cages. Macaws are really strong birds and you need a solid, sturdy and well made cage to accommodate them rather than worry whether the bird will destroy the cage and hurt itself in the process or even escape.

A few useful Large Parrot Cages features

All parrots are creative and will eventually find a way to open doors and get out of their cage. What you need to do is look for doors that have safe locking mechanisms to prevent an accidental escape. Two good latches instead of one is always a better option.

Also, buy a cage with slide out trays and grids because they are easier to clean than solid cage floors and you do need to clean the cage regularly to keep your parrot healthy.

Extra large bird cages in the upper price range come equipped with seed guards around the base of the cage. This will keep the mess inside of the cage until it’s time to clean it, rather than let the seeds and bits of fruit fly around the cage.

Get them enough toys so they can play as much as possible. All parrots need toys to keep them entertained and make them stay alert and Hyacinth Macaw parrots are no exceptions. They will certainly benefit from a wide variety of toys and activities in the Hyacinth Macaw best large cages for the buck. It will make them even more cheerful and lively. You can re-position the toys from time to time to keep the parrot’s environment changing, like in their natural habitat.

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